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Comment 09 Sep 2012

Thanks! I made the sign and that's me holding the right edge (looking to my left). It was an idea I had when Miami (Fla) came to town a few seasons ago. It actually was on TV more than I expected (probably 3 or 4 different shots of us). I think this pic was taken after the long interception return by Cam Heyward.

Comment 15 Sep 2010

Yep. I'm the doofus in the scarlet visor with my head turned to the side. I have never taken a sign in beofre because I was afraid of getting kicked out of the stadium. I just couldn't resist this time! The "Florida Speed" crap really drives me nuts, so I decided to make a statement...I'm kinda' shocked so many people have commented on it (including the booth announcers).

Comment 14 Sep 2010

If I was more industrious (and had thought of it prior to 2am on Friday nght), I would have gone with T-shirts instead of just the sign...

Go Bucks!

Comment 14 Sep 2010

I visit this site occasionally, but have never posted before. I am a LIFE-LONG Buckeye and was trying to think of a sign to express my frustration with the mainstream media bias against the Big Ten and OSU. I hope you guys liked the "OHIO SPEED" sign! I have received TONS of positive comments. My second choice was "Buckeye Swagger". I think I'll go with that sign next year in Coral Gables!

Keep up the great work and Go Buckeyes!