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Comment 15 Sep 2014

Before we go handing the "starter" label to JT b/c he threw 6 TD passes against Kent St....can we please see if he can complete a tough, ballsy screen pass to Dontre midway through the 4th quarter of a tight game against a good team with the game on the line. When he can do that (or Anything like that with the game on the line, late!) then I will be excited about  him as a player. I love him as a human being (and a child of God) because he is a great kid and wants to get better. He is a freshman, so I expect him to improve in his abilities as a player and as a leader...we shall see.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Not sure I would go so far as to call this an "epidemic" though. Every crime should be treated as an individual situation and prosecuted according to the merits of that particular case. This is particularly true in racial crime, be it black on white, white on black or asian, hispanic on black. These crimes should always be treated as equally as a white on white or black on black crime. The sad truth is they are not. Fortunately, they are not as common as everyone thinks, it is just that now every one of these stories is picked up and tweeted about by someone so we hear about them more often. It is only when we treat and prosecute all  equivalent crimes equally that races (and sexes) may begin to feel they are not getting shafted.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

For most of the summer, I have paced the sidelines of this website...wanting to get excited about this team and the coaching staff. I have read all the updates on player development through summer camp, and I recall what I witnessed (in person) in Indy last December and (on t.v.) last January. With a few minor reservations (offensive line, linebackers), it is fair to say I am excited about this team.

What I have seen from this team is..

#1: An offensive co-ordinator who is so smart he is stupid. Sorry if that word is too strong, but it is obvious that he out thinks even himself with his play calling. I never thought I would long for the Jim Bollman days. If this team can not block straight ahead and succeed in the run game, then maybe these guys are not as talented as we give them credit for or maybe they are inexperienced. Either way, it is frustrating as hell to watch.

#2: A group of "Stud" athletes who can not tackle, block, catch, throw, get past the 20 yard line on a kickoff return (WTF!), snap the damn football consistantly, cover a crossing tight end...shall I go on?

#3: Coaches, whose job it is to make game time adjustments, apparently confusing overly complicated "psycho babble" schemes with real adjustments (which should be simple if you have talented athletes.)

So here is my conclusion:


#1: The players  we have are very good...but not great. Therefore we should expect a solid season but probably a couple of losses along the way.

#2: The players are, in fact, great, but the team lacks  real leadership. Leaders are not just the first guy in the weight room every day. A Leader is the guy to whom defeat in literally makes him vomit when he thinks about it. Say what you want about Tim Tebow, but after that loss he stood in front of a crowd of reporters, apologized and promised that "This team will not lose again"....they didn't. That---is a Leader.

#3. The coaching staff is making things too difficult for this team in terms of schemes. In which case, they need too simplify the offense (block straight ahead and run the damn football...pass block...drop back...and throw the damn football). If your athletes are as good as advertised then this is the answer on offense. On defense..we either have the athletes to run "Bump and Run" coverage or we do not...which is it?????!!!!!! If some of our better players are on the sidelines, b/c the person starting in front of them is a junior or senior, this needs to stop now! Today! We do not have the luxury of holding back athletes who could contribute to victories...we are not deep enough at any position. Cincinnati will throw all over us....they will throw the ball 70 times...I am not kidding.

It is my humble the end of the day...that this is a group of talented young men who do not yet believe in themselves and do not have a leader (John Simon) to look to and emmulate. Maybe....these guys just are not really not that good. It is fair to say they have not looked impressive. I prefer to think that they are young and inexperienced, which is why we need to simplify our schemes and let the chips fall where they may. Nobody loves Ohio State football more than I do, but it is like watching your child go down the wrong path. As a parent, you can not sit on the sidelines and just watch that train wreck have to go in there and kick his or her ass and talk some sense into them. It really hurts to watch this team  and the coaching staff under-achieve...very disappointing.

Sorry for the son says I preach too much...let the down votes commence...but if things do not change inside these men...we will see more games like this. Win or lose, fans will walk away wandering...what did I just watch...that was not a "playoff" team. If we need to lower our expectations then so be it, but I thought we were going to be at the top of the B1G  this year, or at least groppling with MSU for the spot.

Comment 03 Sep 2014

Buckeyes find their mojo late...OSU 26 Va Tech 23

Comment 18 Jul 2014

For those who may be interested, Tom Clancy's last novel (God rest his soul) Command Authority is eerily close to all of the things that are happening in the Ukraine and Crimea right now. Great read if you don't mind 800 pages. May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with the families of those affected by this heinous act.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Here's a dream (hopefully not pipe)

UFM lays out a litany of things that Sprinkle must do to be re-instated to the team and his scholarship. Let us assume he beats the biggest part of the wrap (the possesion of coke, which was in the car but not on him) but the entire ordeal is indeed life changing for the young man. He gets serious about his work, fires whatever bad elements are trying to pull him down and keep him down, and his team mates vote him back on the team. He comes back, eager and humble, and plays with reckless abandon, eventually winning awards for his efforts (All Big Ten, All America, etc.)

I am not saying it will be easy for the young man to do this (and near impossible if he stays in Loraine), but how far would a story like this go with recruits and their families. Not to mention the satisfaction it would have to give to the coaches and players who never gave up on him.

Just sayin.....

And I vote for c.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Keep in mind Sam Hubbard can (and I believe should) eventually be a linebacker at OSU. The only other position they should consider for him is free safety. He has great speed for a tall guy and man, can he bring the wood. Think David Fulcher. Frankly, he is such a good (and smart) athlete he would succeed anywhere the Bucks needed him, but I think some of his natural ability to hit is lost on the offensive side of the ball. That said, I hope Jerome makes a great long term decision for his playing career and his future. Nothing like winning national championships and eventually being part of the best Alumni Assn in the U.S. C'mon, Jerome, pull the trigger and become a will not regret it.

Comment 02 Jul 2014

I remember in 1985 missing my Bio-Chemistry class to stand in line to get my folks tickets to the game against #1 Iowa. My dad could not get off work so I gave the tickets to a friend of my mother's. After the game, we were so excited. I called my dad to tell him about the game and he said, "I know what happened son, I watched the game on t.v." No enthusiasm in his voice, no energy. I realized at that moment the value of "being there" and told myself I would never miss attending a game if I had a chance to go. I do, however, still tape every game (even if I go to the game) b/c I love replays and slo-mo....tough to get that at the game..too busy cheering.

Comment 02 Jul 2014

Just got my info from the Alumni Assn...2 Tix to the Va. Tech game will run me $240.00. Oh well, I guess I don't need a new Driver as much as I think I do....after all, there really is something about being in Columbus, Ohio on Saturdays in the fall. Those memories last forever.

Comment 02 Jul 2014

Stop it man...i just fell out of my chair in my office. I am laughing so hard, my wife thinks I'm watching Key and Peale on you tube.

Comment 02 Jul 2014

When I came to the site this morning after reading the Cincy Enquirer, I knew it was a good omen that the site was down...went over to and at least got the news about the commitment. Funny thing was my son texted me the info at 10:08am and I got that text at 9pm this evening. I guess AT&T did not want to reach out and touch me. awesome day to be a buckeye fan and thanks Birm for the extra years "prescription". That is a little pharmacy humor for all my customers that come in to get their "subscriptions" refilled.

Comment 02 Jul 2014


Congratulations on making a great decision for your future. I am a member of "The Long, Blue Line" as you soon will be, and a 1988 Graduate of The College of Pharmacy at The Ohio State University. I am really excited about you becoming a buckeye...the sky is truly the limit for you. I was blessed at St. X to play football for Coach Steve Rasso. He used to tell us that being a "Man for Others" was not just a motto at X, but a way of life. Keep that in mind as you talk to other recruits and best of luck to you. And one more thing. You had a brother go thru X, I had six. Do not ever take for granted the sacrifice your folks made for you to go to X and prepare you for success in the future, Trust me, most parents are not willing to do it (or just can"t). I hope your Mom and Dad are your heroes. Let's win the G.C.L. this year, o.k. 

Comment 23 Jun 2014

When reading last week about Michigan's issue's selling their student tickets, I started thinking about why I bought tickets as a student. Frankly, it was not pyrotechnics or Bon Jovi opening the game for ABC. It was about tradition. It was about waking up on a crisp, cool, saturday morning, making bacon and eggs (beer being our normal beverage of choice) and getting ready to watch The Ohio State University play football. Sure, we brought leather satchels filled with Jack Daniels to pass around after touchdown's or big defensive stops, but we never got drunk, because, how then could you remember what happened during the game.

That is what it really comes down to folks....the memories. My father made me promise I would never sell my tickets (especially Michigan) because he always said, "The hundred dollars will be blown in a week, but remembering where you were sitting when Keith Byers lost his shoe, or Pepper Johnson and Chris Spielman stopped Ronny Harmon on 4th and 1 or Matt Franz kicks the winner against Michigan (yes, that was at the Big House, my senior year...what a great ride home that was!)...those memories will NEVER be lost, pete, and you can tell those stories at reunions and parties and especially to your children and share something very special that one hundred dollars will never bring.

Hopefully, the kids will get it. Tradition and memories. A shared experience with your friends that no one can ever take away. If they ever invite Beyonce or Snoop Dog, or even Bon Jovi, I think I will puke!!!!

Sorry if this rant is a little long, but it seems like students (and some adult's, I suppose) are so myopic these days, maybe a not-so-old codgers perspective could be appreciated.   

Comment 18 Mar 2014

Great athletic skills, but (as is true of many talented, running, high school QB's) is easily dissuaded from throwing the football by the mere presence of a defensive player in the area. In high school, you can get away with that. At the next level, you must be able to make your reads quickly and throw the ball. Sure there are times when it makes sense to run, especially when a play has "broken down". But even Braxton has found that fast, disciplined defenses will not allow you to run all over them. At some point in the game, you have to prove to that defense that you can thread the needle or make the back shoulder pass. All that said, this young man is a junior in high school with a terrific upside. If he is coachable, the future is very bright for him (given the right QB coach).

Comment 16 Mar 2014

They have to move Mark Loving to the 3....he is too small to play the 4 and he looks lost everytime he tries to defend that position. He could be more versatile from the 3 as well. Hope Thad makes that move b/c the kid can play.

Comment 16 Mar 2014

Hang in there folks...a lot can happen in 11  months. I never get too excited about a kid commiting to a school this early unless they are a legacy or a local kid b/c sometimes it makes sense for a local "high school hero" to pick an in-state school (Christian Hackenberg is an example). I am sure Urbs will be in touch through the summer anyway.

Comment 12 Mar 2014

Too late...The Patriots will take him in the 6th round and in 5 years (when Brady has been retired for 2 years) he will be an all-pro QB for them. At Cleveland, he would start his first game as a rookie, show flashes of brilliance and get hurt before the season is over, never getting a chance to develop into the player he could be. How do I know all of this...easy...I'm a Bengal's fan!!!