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Comment 18 hours ago

FSU's passing attack vs. our pass defense was the matchup I was worried about.  But I agree with the premise that we were still a very good team that could compete with anyone.  FSU wasn't some unbeatable team despite lots of talent.

Comment 24 hours ago

Thinking back to the Clarett situation, the whole thing unraveled starting with Clarett wanting a waiver for OSU to fly him back for his friend's funeral.  Travel is definitely a big part of the equation.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

Part of his success was in making it a seamless transition due to his years in the band and as an assistant director.  The one good thing is the OSUMB produces a lot of band directors but maybe they don't want a former TBDBITL member to replace Waters... in which case the band as we know it is in flux.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Tom Herman is to Mensa as

Craig Krenzel is to genecular moletics / pre-med / molecular genetics / biology / biogenetics / chemology / quantum home economics

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Since everyone loves analogies this is like a Tatgate investigation and report if they only talked to Ray Small.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

With regard to your link and first statement I think this link is relevant:


(For the didn't click crowd: the existence of a two month investigation and 23 pages of text doesn't imply anything about the quality/breadth/depth)

You have also repeatedly created links from the items in the report where Waters is attached and implicated (existence of rookie names, midnight ramp) to the aspects which he had nothing whatsoever to do with such as the sexualized tricks.  The report relies heavily on some slippery slope logic and you gobbled its "logic" right up.  

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I think MSU would've been underdogs to Bama, and FSU and on equal footing with Auburn if that was the foursome in the playoff from a Vegas perspective.  And I pretty much agree with Vegas.  OSU was a more talented but defensively flawed team last year while MSU was solid in all phases and excellent on defense.  Matchups certainly matter as I think we would've handled Auburn's 1 dimensional attack but had tons of trouble with FSU's passing game.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Hearing from former Wisconsin band members about the repercussions of their scandal -- sounds like their band is now a shell of what it once was. Don't want that to happen to us.

 And this is what would have happened if Waters took DJ's advice and "fixed" it all on day one with a single meeting.  Not to mention it wouldn't really fix it all.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

As director, he could have ended it with one meeting

This is so naive and ridiculous of a statement.  If DJ had been a manager at McDonalds with one direct report he would realize how ridiculous that is let alone a director in charge of 220 band members, a large staff, and an enormous and active alumni network.  If as a leader you suddenly release a memo saying "hey stop doing everything you have been doing and do this" you will quickly lose the band and become a meaningless figurehead.  

Comment 26 Jul 2014

Without regard to the conclusions about Barbour, I found it pretty hilarious that Dickey cited Dykes' offensive philosophy not being compatible with the PAC12 as the reason he had a poor first season.  The PAC12 which is home to more offensive variety than practically any other major conference besides perhaps the Big 12.  The conference that Chip Kelly dominated for several years with an innovative uptempo spread to run system.  Lazy inferences imo.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

The report stretches the truth with regard to "participated in".  Midnight ramp is taken out of context (think Mirror Lake jump or other such traditions).  He called a band member "Tiggles".  Go survey 38 year olds on the street like Jimmy Kimmel and tell me how many of them think that is a reference to anal sex.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I'm really not sure what you used to post on twitter and what that has to do with modifying traditions within a complex organization.  At least you did not use moral equivalence with the Jerry Sandusky case (talk about people that need to walk around the block...).

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Didn't say that.  Just saying the pattern seems to go back for a long time.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Similarly let's look for a bit more context for some of the "smoking guns" used against Waters in the report.


He was aware some were sexualized, but they would reprimand people if they heard any of the overtly sexual nicknames.  The report claims he called someone by a sexual nickname but if you actually read about that incident it was calling a girl by the name "Tiggles" which I had absolutely no idea was a sexual nickname and I would bet a bajillion dollars that they fooled the director in this case.  I would guess they use the secretly "only know what it means if you are under age 25" sexual nicknames around the directors and keep some of the obvious ones like Tits McGee hidden.  Like Andy said below, it is not as simple as "he should just ban all nicknames then" if he did not want a complete revolt.

Midnight ramp:

Only seems sexualized in the context of the rest of the report.  It is equivalent to the Mirror Lake jump.  The only murky area is that it is a surprise to some rookies, many of which are warned per the report.  Recall what happened when they put a fence around Mirror Lake.  Something similar would happen here.


Clearly some of these are awful and disgusting.  If he was aware of some of these I think there would be people kicked out of the band.  Clearly changes need to be made here to ensure band members are respected.  There is an inference made that he condoned this behavior due to allowing things like midnight ramp.  I think that is a stretch.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Thanks for posting this Andy I was too busy plugging my internet back in after my walk around the block.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Pretty sure Jon Waters didn't know what "Tiggles" means.  I had to look it up on Urban dictionary and I'm 31.  Changing on the bus most likely did not involve stripping down naked and every high school band does it.  Midnight ramp only seems sexualized in the context of the aggregation of all the other dirty/practical jokes and nicknames which also happens in high school band.  Remember what happened when they tried to put a fence up around Mirror Lake?

Comment 24 Jul 2014

This is actually more akin to the Jonathan Martin scandal.  While this is collegiate vs. professional, NFL locker rooms are treated like fraternities.  AFAIK there is no case of physical harm but at least one case of emotional harm and anecdotes of several cases where someone realistically could be harmed emotionally.