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Comment 3 hours ago

Were people really saying we need to throw to skinny Dontre and Evan Spencer more down field last year?  I think people would have been happier with Herman if we ran Carlos Hyde 40 times against MSU.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

This is not a tough decision or situation.  If Braxton is 100% healthy he will be our QB and if not JT will be our QB.  It is not complicated and it isn't that risky a situation as if Braxton proves to be unhealthy or rusty we can just call JT from the bullpen.

Comment 23 Oct 2014



People seem to forget that the offense was nigh-unstoppable last year.  We were less "balanced" but more productive on an opponent-adjusted basis.  Short memories and all sorts of biased thinking.  Add a more balanced and effective group of WRs to last year's team and we put 50 on Clemson/MSU.  The coaching staff has also evolved strategically and realized how to attack outside of the tackles in a more sound way.  If you are giving JT all the credit for this offensive explosion then you don't really understand how the offense works.  He is making a lot of good decisions when facing almost 0 adversity.  Very impressive for a first year player in the offense but Braxton would be lighting the field on fire this year.

Without being a coach and watching cut-ups of every play/throw I would guess that Braxton would make a similar play or better on all but a handful of plays all year.  We saw him carve up bad defenses through the air with worse receivers last year.  We stopped throwing in the 2nd half of those games which is the only reason he didn't throw for 300+ on top of more called runs for the QB.  But Braxton would also make spectacular plays that JT cannot make both through the air and on the ground.


Watch that a few times as Braxton flicks his wrist and the ball goes 40-50 yards and hits a receiver in stride.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Go back a couple weeks when Greenberg called Auburn-MissSt the de facto national title game (not a direct quote but close). 

Comment 22 Oct 2014

The defense last year was very hot/cold.  The weaknesses were big play coverage breakdowns and horizontal passing/screens.  But at times the pass rush was dominant such as against PSU.  And it was a very good run defense.  But I think Michigan actually exposed a lot of the fatal flaws in the coverage schemes/execution that were only hinted at prior.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Nit pickers gotta pick nits...  when we have more playmakers more guys are going to get touches so the accumulation stats will be lower for everyone but the QB.  We aren't really running that many jet sweeps or bubbles anyway since teams are anticipating those plays so much.  Like Ross described in his breakdown we are avoiding some of our base stuff to put more of our play action passing on film.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

The offense is more well-rounded than last year from a strategic standpoint.  O-line is worse obviously but the offense's strengths are completely different which results in a different game planning approach.  There's a lot more quick passing concepts being used particularly to the backs/TE/H than last year.  It's not an apples to apples comparison but I like the way JTB is playing overall.  He is a good fit for what we are doing this year but Braxton would be too.  It's amazing how anti-Braxton some people are.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

They are meaningless but they are better predictors than the AP poll in February/March after a season of "hey they lost move them down, hey they won move them up" bias.  The preseason poll in basketball at least captures the perceived quality of the rosters unlike the late season polls that are biased toward pure win loss records.

For more detail here you go:


Comment 16 Oct 2014

Uh, if the worst penalty you can face is $1000 fine, then paying a lawyer $1001 to fight the power is a bad decision.  But the bar association is a marketing superpower. ($ amounts made up, I'm actually curious whether he paid more in legal fees than he could even avoid in court costs/fines)

Comment 16 Oct 2014

I know they always say "you need to get a lawyer" when you are facing charges like this but is this really a complicated enough case that he couldn't just be convinced there was a 100% chance he was going to plea to criminal trespassing and save himself a couple thousand bucks?

Comment 16 Oct 2014

If I analyzed it closely I would say we are probably in the top 3-4 teams preseason on paper.  Considering all the stuff that can happen in a basketball season that puts us in the category of contender.  We have as much upside as any team with our young guns.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

Hopefully Barrett can recognize a double corner blitz out of a double A gap blitz look because that looks like either a sack/incompletion/fumble or a touchdown and practically nothing in between.