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Comment 21 hours ago

It doesn't have to be bad player evaluation.  Sometimes bad/ok things happen with good people and good methods/intentions.

This blame-seeking is an annual occurrence even in very good seasons.  I don't really get it.

But to respond to the rest of your comments, Turner definitely got a lot better from his freshman to junior year so while lots of credit goes to him (and maybe a proportionate amount of "blame" goes to the current seniors unfortunately), some goes to the staff as well.  If Lighty and Lauderdale were on this team instead of Amir and Trey, we would be a much better team.  Not sure why you disagree with their quality/development as college players.  Both were plus defenders/rebounders and Lighty's offensive game developed a ton.  Shot 40+% on a large number of 3 point attempts his senior year and was a good slasher.  Lauderdale was terrible outside of a 4 foot circle around the basket but amazing inside it despite being an undersized center.

Comment 23 hours ago

Someone should sneak a reference to him here at some point:


Comment 29 Jan 2015

You were more optimistic than I was.  I thought we'd see a massive improvement in offense and a significant decline in defense.  Overall I thought we'd be slightly better than last year's team and still lacking contributions from the center position.  But like you I was hopeful Lee could be a huge contributor but it sounds like nagging injuries have hampered him.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

Busts happen.  And sometimes guys are who they are.  He took a shot on a bunch of raw guys in that class and none of them really developed their weaknesses.  There are tons of guys who developed under Matta.  Look at that Diebler/Turner/Lighty/Lauderdale class.  All 4 improved a lot in their time.  Deshaun improved as well.  We are coming off of a period of multiple sweet 16s and a final four, but this is definitely a lull.  Not sure it will end this year but definitely next year as that class is more well rounded than this one, particularly with what Giddens will bring.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

We can build a highly functional offense around him even if he can't throw more than 10 yards.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

There was the ridiculous thread about not benching guys who fumble the ball.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Like he has said in an interview, he often would release vertically on a route which would take a defender out more thoroughly than blocking.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

He's big and strong and had some good games but his problems were not just restricted to pass coverage and quickness.  He frequently made mistakes jumping in the wrong gap or allowing himself to be blocked too easily in the run game earlier this year.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

They tried to use trips to the boundary like against FSU where FSU could not get lined up properly (quick screen 3 on 2 or fake screen with tempo).  Lee blew a few of those plays up and we shifted our formation like you described in the article.  You'd think they would go second level and anticipate that we would be prepared for those type of looks but they just seemingly thought tempo and crisp execution would get it done.

Comment 19 Jan 2015
We telegraphed when we kicked Devin into the slot that we were taking a shot. Jalin can easily become the deep threat out of the slot that can exploit safeties with his speed. I feel confident we will replace Devin with a committee. The catch percentage on those shots will go down but the threat will be from anywhere on the field once the kids grow up.
Comment 19 Jan 2015
The players matter. With those guys out we had big advantages at all positions except qb. Oregon might've had more success with explosive plays which might have opened up the run. But in any teams 15th game there will be guys missing. Dontre wilson, Johnnie dixon, Noah Spence come to mind besides the qbs. We clearly were the deeper team.
Comment 19 Jan 2015
Darron Lee's versatility really became a huge asset by the end of the season. I think having one personnel grouping for basically all first and second down situations allowed the team to really get good at the base concepts and tackle better than they have in years. Hopefully guys like Sam Hubbard and others can provide similar versatility into the future. It feels like hybrid players on both sides of the ball are where the sport is going. A lot of people say we don't use the tight end but having a dude like Jeff heuerman that can wham block a de and run the whole route tree is so huge.