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Comment 11 Jan 2017

Terrible idea in my opinion.

Ohio State recruits, generally, 25 of the best high school prospects each year. And, on average maybe 10-15 actually are drafted. And that is Ohio State who is a top producer. Most power 5 schools probably are closer to 5 a year. But for the 10-20 players who don't get drafted (or free agents) at least they have an education to fall back on. Kids that go to this league will probably make $25,000 max a year (which is what the NBA D-league max is) and very few will actually make it to the NFL. What do they have to fall back on? No education. No alumni base. No job training.

EDIT: I missed that the salary is 50k. Still the point remains and I find it unlikely most high school players will earn that.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Shout out to Nick Fink (@finkn23) for documenting the story. Also huge shout out to the bride's best friend. I'd like to take you out to a nice steak dinner. 

Comment 21 Dec 2016

Little known fact: Because Ohio runs very strict liquor sales all liquor is regulated as to where it is sold, you can look up what stores carry a certain kind of bottles here: https://www.comapps.ohio.gov/liqr/liqr_apps/PermitLookup/AgencyBrand.aspx

That being said Franklin county is pretty tough because people love bourbon. You can give a call to the liquor store to see if they have one in stock and they will usually pull one off the shelf for you.

Generally though I will try to go to the most random place that carries it. For example, last week I was up in Seneca county and grabbed two bottles of Eagle Rare because I checked that website and they said the store carried it.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

I'll go in order of price for moderately priced bourbons:

Eagle Rare (About $35 a bottle and really good stuff. Just picked up 2 bottles myself)
Bulleit (about $40)
Basil Hayden's (about $45)
Angels Envy (About $50)
Blanton's (about $55)

Comment 18 Dec 2016

I missed this thread but if I had to pick three options I would go: Tasi for breakfast (not a dive but small and local; breakfast is legit); Hot Chicken Takeover for lunch in North Market; Condado tacos for dinner. 

Or you could go Skillet for breakfast; Ray Ray's for lunch; Ringside for dinner (better/comparable burgers than Thurmans and you won't have to wait an hour). 

Or Superchef's for breakfast; Katzingers for lunch; Harvest Pizza for dinner. 

Or to go classy-- Lindeys for breakfast; the Carvery for lunch (this place is legit. One of my favorite lunch spots); Martini for dinner. 

Basically there are  a lot of good restaurants in Columbus. 

Comment 12 Dec 2016

Josh Myers has a chance of being very very good. I feel like we forget about the local guys sometimes but his size and athleticism are pretty unique.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

That doesn't really work with the Big 10 scheduling. Just look at last year.. the two best teams (IMO) were Michigan State and Ohio State. But, because of the Big 10 scheduling, Iowa was undefeated without playing Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State. Was Iowa one of the two best teams? Who knows... but undefeated is still undefeated.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

The Committee also wants to ensure tickets are sold to these games. Do they push for a geographical view of the games? If so, we could very easily see Bama/Clemson in the Peach Bowl (played in Atlanta) and OSU/Washington in the Fiesta Bowl (played in Tempe).

OSU will travel well no matter what. Clemson and Bama in Atlanta will sell out. Washington fans are probably more likely to go to Tempe than Atlanta.

I also still think the committee's dream is for a Bama/OSU championship game.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I think we look at our own system to make sure we shore things up on that end before looking at other teams. It will be interesting what order the committee places teams. I don't think they will push for a OSU/Bama first round matchup with the hope that a national championship game with those teams would be off the charts. 

Assuming they will give Bama a "home" game with the Peach bowl we would be going out to Arizona. Do they go geographical with Clemson (Peach) and Washington (Fiesta)? That will be the biggest question. Or if Clemson or Washington lose, does Michigan, PSU, or Wisconsin slide in against Bama? 

Comment 26 Nov 2016

I honestly don't know if I want Penn State to win or lose. I think we beat Wisconsin (again) but the team is going to be drained a bit and I think we are automatically in the playoff right now. 

Bama, Ohio State, Clemson, Washington (assuming the latter two win out). 

Comment 26 Nov 2016

For a kid that is actually pretty good he seems to get destroyed by Ohio State. Every year he seems to make the highlight reel for the wrong reasons.