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Comment 22 hours ago

I don't mind it but its not appointment television for me. I feel like I need a little more depth into the stories lines and I think an hour would help with that. I'll watch it but more as a casual watcher than a die hard.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

I think Russell ends up with LA. Wouldn't be a bad fit there and maybe Kobe can help teach him how to play some defense when it counts.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

I don't know Love or Lebron but I don't buy the "they don't get along" story. It is only out there because ESPN came up with it. Lebron personally selected Love to come and play with him. They have played a bunch together for team USA. They know each other and in my opinion like each other. I'm not going to let three instagram pictures change that opinion.

If he wants to go to LA he could have done it last year. Instead he chose to come to Cleveland. Plus if Love wanted to be the number 1 option then he wouldn't have left his old team. He simply wants to win and knows Cleveland is his best option for that to occur. Also, as others have pointed out, the Cavs can offer him the most money/years. But both LBJ and Love will likely both set themselves up to opt out after 16 to resign under the new CBA.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

What happened? He got hurt and couldn't play? There is no doubt the Cavs had a handshake agreement that he would resign with them before they agreed to trade the number 1 pick they just made. You don't rent a guy for a year for that price. Both Love and LBJ will opt out in order to make more money but both with be with Cleveland for the next 5+ years. 

Comment 24 Jun 2015

Personally I love Andy but I don't think he is necessary for this team (and for his contract). To me he is not as good defensively as TT or Moz and definitely not as good offensively as Love. He does add a bit of a spark but I think TT started to fill that role with his offensive rebounding.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

The fact that Orlando doesn't have "Orlando's House of Pancakes" diner on the Ohio State campus yet is mindbottling.

Comment 11 Jun 2015

I have a feeling Jon will be stabbed in this upcoming episode. I am also starting to think more and more that Daenerys, Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister are all Targaryen and will be the dragon riders. If he is stabbed I could see him leaving the wall and being sent out to join Tyrion and Daenerys 

Comment 08 Jun 2015

Outside of all the people who make the "Stars don't really matter" argument (which I partially believe) I do think it sucks for the kid. He presumably has worked his tail off to become the best in their position and I think they should be treated as such. Plus, there is a good reason why Urban and Saban will offer scholarships to punters/kickers/long snappers. A good one can go a long way for a team.

Comment 28 May 2015

The last two times I have been to Thurman's I walked right in with no wait. It was amazing. If you go at an odd time it seems to help out. Saturday and Sunday I'll go there around 3 and usually can grab a spot right away.

Also in Columbus I love the burger at the Rossi.

Comment 26 May 2015

I hate to be this guy as I have a lot of family and friends who coach high school sports but I think a lot of recruiting is put on the coach. They might be a great teacher and actual coach but aren't as good at marketing their players. The kid needs to have a talk with his coach about what he wants to do with his career. Coaches tend to look at prospects a lot more when another coach gives them some recognition.

Comment 18 May 2015

Yea... I think I could have used a closing shot in the conference room... maybe over his shoulder with him in a suit and a board with Coke and the slogan on it. Then cut to the song to show he was back at it.

Comment 18 May 2015

I didn't completely hate it. I actually would say I liked all of the story lines except for Don's. I feel like it is an episode I will have to watch again and try to pick up the little hints of things that bring some more clarity to Don's ending at the colony. I am guessing they are trying to say he left there and went back to the agency to do the Coke ad. I would have like to have watched him make that pitch to Coke or at least start on it. That is what the show is based on but it seemed to fall off a bit. I think the other thing that hurt was there were so many story lines to try and wrap up.

Comment 09 May 2015

I would recommend using Hotwire for a spot in downtown columbus. You can walk down to high street and jump on a bus. I live in that area and always take a bus down to campus. By far the easiest and fastest way to get there on game day. 

Comment 06 May 2015

I have this feeling this game will be one of those weird playoff games where a team just dominates. I could see the Cavs blowing up tonight and winning by 15-20. I don't think the Bulls will be on fire and I could see a weird game from someone on the Cavs (like a Mike Miller) where they put up 20+. Add Kyrie and Lebron having a big game and I think they can handle business tonight.

Comment 06 May 2015

I always wanted a reappearance of the gypsy family in California. That was a weird episode.