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Comment 03 Aug 2015
People that are extremely successful, like Urban Meyer, pay attention to every detail and think progressively. There is a reason behind everything he does. He is the CEO of Buckeye football and he is the fucking master at his job.
Comment 02 Aug 2015
I thought the "does anyone want to ask coach Beckman another question?" was pretty funny. If I was a recruit and recieved an offer from him, I would probably choose an FCS school instead. That guy is a douche.
Comment 02 Aug 2015
Bring back the skull with the helmet stickers shirt in gray. That shirt was badass. And more shirts about kicking Bama's ass in the Sugar Bowl. I love wearing that stuff living down south. I rub their nose in it every chance I get.
Comment 02 Aug 2015
Just got mine Friday!
Comment 02 Aug 2015
Wow this is tough! If I had to narrow it down, I guess I would go with; 1) Michael Jordan 2) Joe Montana (And I freaking hate the 49rs.) 3) Jack Nicholas 4) Muhammed Ali 5) Pete Rose 6) Bo Jackson 7) Michael Phelps 8) Jimmy Johnson 9) Serena Williams 10) Usain Bolt 11) Ronda Rousey
Comment 02 Aug 2015
Rousey knocked Corriea the f**k out! That woman is a freaking bulldozer. It's impressive that she has brought women to the for front of MMA. What she is doing for women athletes is amazing.
Comment 30 Jul 2015
I saw Gwar a few times back in their hey-day. They pretty much did the same show each time, but it was still fun as hell.
Comment 30 Jul 2015
My four year old son is absolutely obsessed with the Beastie Boys. I have never seen anything like it. He dresses up like them and puts on a show. He tries to re-enact their videos.
Comment 29 Jul 2015
I've had some doozies in Germantown back in the day.