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Comment 18 May 2016
Very well written. Fantastic job, Ramzy.
Comment 25 Apr 2016
Beck was in over his head. Most other places there is the ability to have a learning curve, but the standard of success is very high at Ohio State. That was one of the most talented teams in Ohio State history, and the fact that it didn't win a championship is pretty heartbreaking.
Comment 22 Apr 2016
The thing that upsets me, is that the roster was so financially mismanaged that they are rebuilding, and they didn't even win a playoff series when they were loaded with talent.
Comment 21 Apr 2016
I think the refs said something to them at halftime, because they stopped doing it in the second half.
Comment 20 Apr 2016
All I'm saying is, it's time to cut the dead weight. Besides us, and Michigan's 1/2 of a national championship in 78 years, no one else has won a championship in over 50 years. Purdue, Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland, Iowa, Northwestern, Minnesota, Penn State, and Illinois are not good football teams. Michigan has stunk for a while, Nebraska and Wisky are ok, and Sparty is pretty good. It's time to can some of these dead weight teams that aren't contributing squat and bring in some better schools.