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Comment 13 Jul 2016
I never believed a thing Paterno said either. He knew what was going on, he heard the whispers. If he really wanted to know, he would of found out. I just think he didn't want to know. Of course Paterno died shortly after, which may or may not have any bearing on the investigation, but I don't believe he has ever been found culpable in a court of law.
Comment 12 Jul 2016
This whole situation at Penn State is so sad. I pray that the victims find peace. The fact that more information continues to come out after Penn State has already been punished, then the punishment reduced, shows me that this whole thing wasn't handled properly from the beginning.
Comment 28 Jun 2016
I would be surprised if he did, Franklin may have done irreparable damage to that young man's confidence and mechanics. I will be curious to see how his NFL career pans out for sure.
Comment 28 Jun 2016
The "mean old bastard" attitude stopped being politically correct around the time of Bobby's fallout with Indiana. At this time, I had already spent several years as in the construction business where attitudes like his were commonplace. I always had a strange affinity for mean old bastards like him. You just can't take anything they say to heart, and they are always fun to mess with. Harbaugh, is just wierd. He's an attention whore. It's his game and he plays it well.
Comment 28 Jun 2016
Everyone I know that met Ozzy loved him, of course that may me more of an indictment on the company I keep. ;-)
Comment 28 Jun 2016
I heard she was in bad shape yesterday but I didn't expect her to pass this soon.
Comment 28 Jun 2016
Bob Knight was a winner, and winners get to do whatever the hell they want. Harbaugh? That boy ain't right. Now get off my damn lawn!
Comment 27 Jun 2016
Damn FP, it looks like you've got someone pissed off following you around. Someone has a Internet vendetta against you. Lol! The price of mod stardom!
Comment 27 Jun 2016
There was this kid that always sat next to me in class growing up. His dad was a punter for Michigan back in the late 70's, early 80's. Whenever I hear the term "douchebag," I think of that prissy little fucker.
Comment 27 Jun 2016
I'm a guitar player as well Mad dog. I bounced back from my right shoulder pretty quick, didn't have any trouble picking after a couple of months. Both of my shoulders were done "open" instead of arthroscopic because the tendon was fully torn, so the surgery is painful. I think this one was worse because I knew what to expect. Get it fixed brother, if they do it right you will be fine after. If it's a partial tear you can get away without surgery, if it's a full-tear, like both of mine, you have to get it fixed. The tendon is torn off the bone and will retract and cause all kinds of problems.