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Comment 10 Jan 2017
Good point. Beck, the guy everyone on here wanted fired, goes to Texas to be the OC. And Warinner ends up taking a demotion and going to Minny. Ed ducks the media after the Clemson game, while Beck man's up and faces the media. Then Herman claims it was common knowledge that Beck hasn't been calling plays all season. It's seems all of the hatred for Beck was misguided. Warinner was the one responsible for the terrible play calling and game planning, not Beck. Seeing where Warinner and Beck ended up and the positions they took tells you everything you need to know.
Comment 09 Jan 2017
Unfortunately the difference is Saban never gets beat 31-0 at Alabama...ever. I never thought I would see an Urban Meyer coached team, with a month to prepare, get beat like that. Saban never allows a problem to fester very long. He addresses it immediately. Our offense has had problems for 2 years now. I think beating Bama and winning the title in 2014 took the edge off the players and coaches. They felt they "arrived" and got complacent, while Savanna adapted and kept on fighting.
Comment 09 Jan 2017
There seemed to be discord ever since Ed moved to OC. I saw Meyer visibly upset on the sidelines several times because plays weren't getting called in fast enough or the tempo wasn't fast enough. Too many timeouts were wasted because the plays weren't getting in in time. Ed isn't going to go back to coaching the line. He was promoted, and if he isn't performing up to par then unfortunately the only other way to go is out. That is probably why he is making the lateral move to OC at Minny.
Comment 03 Jan 2017
Let's see what a competent QB coach can do with JT this spring before we write him off. I firmly believe good coaching will get him squared away.
Comment 03 Jan 2017
Scout had a article yesterday saying Warinner was going to Texas. If Warinner was calling the plays this year then he needs to be demoted immediately.
Comment 03 Jan 2017
Funny, I read another article that said Warinner was going to be the next OC at Texas. I'll believe it when I see it.