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Comment 25 Sep 2016
For the love of God, don't hire Ed Ordgeron (or however the hell you spell it) to your staff! Dude is bad luck. People get fired when he's on staff so he can become interim head coach.
Comment 19 Sep 2016
The defensive TD ratio will be broke by Indiana, and the points ratio will be broke by the fighting Chris Ash's. Let's hope that JT doesn't let that offensive/defensive points ratio happen by having a horrible game against Rutgers.
Comment 16 Sep 2016
I would also like to add that I predict the defense will have 17 interceptions this year, but the defensive touchdowns are only going to be around 5 total for the year. It's damn hard to score a touchdown defensively in college. If a players knee is down after a pick he can't get up and run, so it makes defensive scores that much more difficult. The 2 defensive touchdowns we have after 2 games is definitely an outlier, but I can see them getting 3 more over 10 games.
Comment 16 Sep 2016
He will. I foresee some heavy A-gap pressure to knock him off his rythm, and their receivers are in for a surprise when they see how athletic our corners are. They don't have the studs that we have in the Big 12.
Comment 16 Sep 2016
Oklahoma is going to score a touchdown, so there goes that. I do think they will only score 17 points, of course I would love to see them pitch a shutout. Honestly, I think Wisky is going to put up the most points on us this year, and are our only true threat of a loss. We are very thin at D-tackle, and we all know how Wisconsin loves to run the ball 50 times a game. Luckily we play them a little later so that gives them a little time to develop depth. One more injury could be critical. I think this year's defense is going to be one we will remember for quite a while. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this defense only gives up 110 points this year through the regular season - postseason excluded.
Comment 16 Sep 2016
I have always thought the cover-1 defense was hard core, simple or not. It is basically saying to your opponent, my eleven are better than your eleven, let's do this man to man. I love that Shiano feels that Ohio State has the type of athletes in the secondary to play that style of football. Most teams can't do that, they have to make up for deficiencies with scheme.