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Comment 10 Dec 2014

Well who really buys that 80 year old Gil Brandt who works for the NFL network has the inside scoop on Michigan's coaching search? He also said Schiano could be the front runner for the job only 4 days ago despite everyone else saying all the interest is coming from Schiano's camp and that Michigan hasn't reciprocated it. I mean when it comes to info on Michigan's coaching search who are you going to trust? People who actually are Michigan insiders or random NFL guys like Brandt and Rapaport?

Comment 17 Sep 2013

Because the ball was actually spotted for the first down and when they reviewed it they determined he was down short. The clock then wound up not being a factor because that last play was 4th down. Even with more time left it's Michigan's ball.

Comment 17 Sep 2013

Well Hoke has been doing a great job of recruiting offensive lineman, but you have to remember they're all young at this point. The first real class of his and the one where he first took a bunch of them was the 2012 class. The 2013 class then had even more highly touted guys. But that makes them all either redshirt freshman or true freshman right now at the position that takes the longest to develop.