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Comment 29 Dec 2013

I actually think Hoke is trying to run an offense he doesn't want to but is limited by his personnel. If the offensive line develops (they have the high recruiting rankings to think they should) and he finds a steady pocket QB who limits mistakes there's no reason to think they can't soundly beat everyone but OSU in the BIG. Hate to say it but the talent is there, if they put it together they can go from 7-6 to 12-1 very quickly.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I will never understand not giving the ball to Carlos Hyde on either 3rd or 4th down. 20 years from now I will be wondering what could ahve been. I'd have given it to him both times.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

Terrible ejection, rule needs to go period. Much like the flagrant foul inadvertent contact above the head went in basketball. It's a slippery slope football is on and we're headed towards using flags. Trying to enforce player protection with silly rules will kill the game. The consequences of playing the game are obvious, advertise them with 100% full disclosure and get back to playing football at your own risk.

Smoking can kill you too, we still do it.

Comment 27 Aug 2012

I'm gonna call it now and say Arkansas St gives Oregon a better game than most think. Oregon starting a Frosh QB and Arky st. has a senior Obrien Watch list player in Aplin back. He can run the ball too which is a great option for a team looking to pull off an upset. You can bet Malzahn will throw the playbook at Oregon which is exactly what you want from a 35 point dog. Just my 2 cents for the week.

Comment 28 Nov 2011

Does anyone know if Nate Williams will be returning for a 5th year?

Comment 26 Nov 2011

worst game winning drive play calling...............................................ever.