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Comment 17 Jan 2017

I go every summer to Gburg - The thing I find most fun is hitting up each of the distilleries, maybe even the same one multiple times a day =).

Sugarlands is by far my favorite...and they are all free tastings!!!! I haven't paid for a drink in Gburg in 4 years! You easily get 3 to 5 shots of shine per distillery.

Comment 05 Dec 2016

Would you trade this years playoff birth in order to get last years team into last years playoff?

I'll go to my grave claiming last years team would have ran away with the title. This year I don't know how we'll stack up to Bama...if we even get that far.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Its not that we lost, its that we lost to the one team on our entire schedule we couldn't lose to, and that occurred on home field. Nobody's upset about going 11-1, they are disappointed that this season was supposed to be a BIG championship and a playoff birth. Not even making the BIG championship game when compared with expectations equals the definition of "disappointment".

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Like the show a lot, just not happy with how the main characters continue to be so thoughtless. For example, when the main female lead is in the school with the kid (SMART) gathering supplies is told by the kid to "stock up food" she says "we have food already". I assume she is thinking of the couple canned goods pretty much everyone has in there pantry that they never eat. She is completely oblivious to the possibility that this thing will change everything in her world, and just the basic necessities will be worth killing for. Shortly after leaving the school (and killing her boss for that matter), she goes home and sits around waiting for the other group to come back. Not packing, not sitting her stupid daughter down and explaining the already two zombies she's encountered. And while on the topic of "zombies" I don't think that word has been used once on the show. Which to be honest is absolutely unbelieveable, that word would be thrown around continuously in today's society if a youtube video was posted showing cops blasting away at a homeless dude while he's is completely unaffected by 10 to 20 chest shots. 

I understand they need to walk a line between the characters not understanding like we do whats about to happen, but there's some simple things any ordinary IQ'd person would quickly comprehend put in the main characters position in this story. They need to "smarten up" the characters some, they act too frustratingly dumb.