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Comment 27 Jun 2015

From what I understand, the player was informed some time ago that he needed to do something or he would not be able to enroll. He didn't get it done (way back in April it was known that at least 1 signee was on the edge academically). To say OSU did not 'work with him' is not accurate.

If you tell a kid "in order to get in, you need to do X, Y and Z" and he doesn't follow through, it's on him, not the program.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

For perspective, Ohio State was 12th out of 14 teams in most penalty yards (428) and penalty yards per game (53.5) in the B1G. They were tied for 11th in number of penalties (48) and penalties/game (6).

OSU Opponents had the 2nd fewest penalties (35) and penalties/game (4.4), OSU opponents were 10th in penalty yards (322) and yards/game (40.2).

It isn't like refs favored OSU over the rest of the conference.

Comment 26 Jan 2014

He just tweeted that he is not visiting UCLA


BIG ❌EECH ‏@Meech_Dream14 2h
"@uclabruinsfan16: @Meech_Dream14 you still coming on the ucla OV next weekend?" no, sorry man.

Comment 16 Dec 2013

Kudos to all. Welcome to Columbus.  Hope you become a great Buckeye.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

Guys need to use proper technique to avoid these kinds of penalties. . .

1) His head needs to be up. For those who don't think he contacted the helmet of the Iowa receiver, look at the picture and explain how the guy's head is snapped around and his mouthpiece comes flying out.

2) He needs to open his arms, wrap up, and run through the guy.

3) He needs to go more forward than up.  Opinions differ, but it appeared to me that he launched up at the guy. If he doesn't do that, he doesn't hit the guy with his helmet. 

Comment 25 Aug 2013

Division change is not until 2014.  tOSU in the same division with scUM this year, so it is a rare opportunity to beat the wolverweenies twice in 1 season.  That is, if scUM can win their division.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

The only problem I see is that DT got the rebound, passed to Craft, then jogged up the floor. Craft could not have passed to him if he wanted to. Every other Buckeye became a spectator. Craft outran every one of them.

Comment 03 Sep 2012

My favorite:


My goals for today (in this order):

1.  Avoid Floyd Mayweather.

2.  Avoid OSU and MSU fans.


Comment 25 Mar 2012

Thank you, Syracuse, for being too dumb to foul Shannon Scott in the final minute after Craft fouled out.


BUCKEYES TO THE FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 29 Jan 2012

that was a stupid foul by Smith, but it was a foul

Comment 29 Jan 2012

Based on what? The refs going to actually call fouls when he gets the crap beaten out of him?

Comment 29 Jan 2012

Fat Sully had Diebler and Lighty who could shoot from the perimeter so teams couldn't triple team him as much.

Comment 29 Jan 2012

Ravenel, Thompson, Scott and 'Spoon all see time in the first half. Is Thad changing his style?

Comment 29 Jan 2012

I get that he didn't hit him, but how was that a foul on Thomas?