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Comment 27 Feb 2017

If you were a QB, and at halftime you were supposed to hit dummies with the ball.  You wouldn't try?  Is that your argument?

I was there, watching in the stands.  And commented out loud just how poor JT's accuracy was.  

Free throws are like open goal shots (soccer) are like throwing to dummies at halftime:  easiest possible scenarios.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

seriously?  I'd fire Beck, Warriner and Smith shouldn't be included as they've delivered at high levels in the past.

Beck was bad at Nebraska, bad at Ohio State.

Comment 14 Nov 2016

The No. 24 Ohio State women’s soccer team survived and advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament with the 3-2 defeat of Dayton Saturday night at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. 

Sammy Edwards got things started for the Scarlet and Gray with the first goal of the game at the 14 minute mark to put her team up 1-0. Just one minute before the half, West Virginia put one in the net to tie up the game at the halfway point.

After the break, Dayton scored the first.....

Where does West Virginia come in to the game between Dayton & OSU?

Comment 26 Oct 2016

+1 so much I agree with here.  

Baugh has been solid, but checking to him for 5 yards, when we need 10 yards, is frustrating.  I typically tell myself through the first few drives that we must be trying plays that will never work, to attempt to use the same look later but attack the defense in a different fashion, which we rarely do.  A speed play to the short side of the field?  Brilliant.  Long ball to a wide open receiver?  Overthrown.  Long ball to a wide receiver that doesn't even have one step on the corner?  Sack.

Our play calling lacks creativity, and at some times, common sense.  Perhaps we now know why Nebraska was so happy to be rid of Tim Beck.  And on the assistant coach topic, fairly disappointed with Studrawa as well.