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Comment 30 Apr 2016
Honestly I think after three years everyone should be eligible to be drafted but you should be able to wait and see then decide if ypu want to go to back to school. I would increase roster size in NFL and games. Stretch season out another 6 weeks or so but give 2 more buy weeks. 2 pre season games at most. When you play on Thursday night you do not play the Sunday before. Leading to longer season, more bye weeks to rest up, more players on teams, more games on TV, bigger contracts. Win for everybody imho.
Comment 26 Mar 2016
I honestly like baseball rule for college. You can turn pro right after high school or go to college for three years. Some guys who are top picks like Simmons and Okafor know they're lottery picks. College hurts stock for some. So either no college or minimum 3 years.
Comment 21 Mar 2016
Honestly we have no true scheme. Find players who fit our scheme. We need people who will come and work hard for four years. People are way too comfortable. Smaller schools and less talented schools get quality players for a scheme and mold them. We have to much isolation and poor decision making.
Comment 10 Feb 2016
I think Clark can be a great qb. It takes time and he has it. No one is expecting him to start from day one. In my opinion he will probably redshirt and then then wait a few more years. He can work on mechanics and mental part here with the rest of qb. It's just takes time. Hopefully he understands that.
Comment 26 Jan 2016
Nick Bosa and Malik Barrow are dt. Bosa is great at ssde but at dt he's a monster. If Barrow can play nt no worries. We need another db and this class is finished.
Comment 22 Jan 2016
Imo I think Nick Bosa plays 3 tech dt. He's shorter and more solid. He's a 3-4 a de or 3 tech in my honest opinion. He obliterated centers and offensive guards in his highlights. I can see him up to about 295lbs with his frame. He's not finished growing and he's 270 lbs. Coach Mick will put the right weight on him. I also think Hawkins ends up at de. Three te in this class is a logjam. Picture Cooper, Bosa, Barrow, and Hawkins. Barrow plays nt like Washington did last year.
Comment 20 Jan 2016
I more concerned about will lb. Most lb on the team are small at about 235lbs. Perry was 255 lbs. 20 lbs matter when disengaging from o line.
Comment 13 Jan 2016
Cleveland isn't as far away as one would think. Playmakers at wr are paramount. Rt and rg upgrades. A qb upgrade and depth on defense. Wr playmakers are most important. If I'm Cleveland I'm trading down. Maybe get an extra pick or two. Get a wr and o lineman.
Comment 16 Oct 2015
The power run game that Stafford is using against UCLA is the same tactic ttun will us against us. Run with 6 o lineman, fb, te, hb, and one wr. Secondary has to be fundamentally sound and to combat power run into recommend a 46 bear.
Comment 05 Oct 2015
Michael Hill imo should and has received more playing time. He's controlling the point of attack playing the nt. Schutt is playing well at times but is inconsistent.
Comment 05 Oct 2015
I think our top 5 dlinenan has been Washington, Bosa, Lewis, Hubbard, and Hill. Schutt is good but Hill takes on the double teams better. I see an increased role for me but I'm not sure if he will start this year.
Comment 05 Oct 2015
If you recorded or you can rematch the game Michael Hill number 77 played great. We stopped the inside run with him and Washington.
Comment 12 Sep 2014

People need to understand that we will contend for an national championship next year. Four new starters on the o line,new qb,new rb, new wr,new te since Jeff Huerman is hurt a rs freshman  qb. That's a whole new offense not to mention  the new defensive scheme and six new defensive starters.This a year to gain experience. Next year begins the run where for several years we will be in national championship contention. Fifteen new starters is alot to replace with a new scheme.

Comment 28 Feb 2014

Lower tier teams should play on Thursday or Friday. BIG ten needs to evolve and get more exposure asap. Purdue, Indy, Minny, Illini, Rutgers, and even Iowa could all benefit. I've seen some kids look at a school because they were on TV when no one else was. It's big to kids and that's more exposure which is good for the conference. Perennial cellar dwellers could gain a lot from this. No way BIG Ten schools should be ranked lower in recruiting than most of MAC schools. Shaking my head in disbelief at some of these rankings.