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Comment 12 Dec 2014

It's interesting that individually the assistants appear underpaid but together they're in the top 10 as a staff.

Meaning there are schools who have one or two highly paid assistants but other guys not getting their fair share. This is probably the issue at Wiscy and other Big 10 schools. There are 3 SEC schools in the top 8 in staff salary. And we wonder why the young energetic minds/recruiters get plucked.

It's not about the def or off coordinators, its those position coaches who also seal the deal on the recruiting trail or have good regional connections. Until Big 10 schools (outside of tOSU) treat their whole staff right, the collective mediocrity will continue.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

I think some people just want to see tOSU play lights out against a ranked opponent. There's a strange validation in going on the road and killing an opponent in the middle of the 2nd quarter (like Oregon does or FSU did last yr).

Also, the turnovers are alarming. Generally, turning the ball over on the road == loss. 

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Yea, it's tough cuz these Minny rb's aren't going to put the ball on the turf but also, minny's QB isn't goign to take chances.

Comment 01 Nov 2014

People accuse schools of paying players on here all the time. I don't understand why the post got downvoted because I find it funny that people on this site think tOSU (or people connected to tOSU) is above paying athletes.

I was literally asking "why has his recruitment stalled with other schools?" That's it. If his recruitment has been done all this time, why has he not committed already? What is he waiting for?

Comment 01 Nov 2014

Not really. Barrett will be a redshirt sophmore next yr, with Burrow and possibly Gibson as either true freshman or redshirted. Then if Haskins or Guarantano come in 2016, we're talking Barrett's redshirt junior year (unless he's gone after next season). They'll be true freshman or redshirts. They won't be ready to play until 2017, when Clark arrives. Barrett's precense shouldn't scare away any player unless they think they should be starting as a true freshman and that usually doesn't happen at big time programs who expect to win.

What JT hopefully does for tOSU is finally show recruits that this program can turn mobile QBs into well rounded QBs whose accuracy and football IQ aren't in question. 

Comment 31 Oct 2014

Dare I say $$$$$$ ? Why would schools drop off from him?

I worry about his accuracy and reads. Hopefully JT is here long enough that Gibson gets his film work down and he ups his game because of competition from Collier and Burrow.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Sadly, these "non-football plays" are more common than we realize. Robert Reynolds choking Sorgi? That MSU player twisting Denard Robinson's head in a pileup a few years back? Brandon Spikes eye gouged a guy when he was at Florida. Not that it's ok (if a ref sees it, they should be penalized immediately). But this eye gouge/choking stuff happens. It seems they haven't given stiff enough penalties to prevent players from acting out in such a way.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

The thing is, sometimes Miller has to use his legs because he doesn't see open receivers or he escapes from clean pockets.

Yea, sometimes the playcalling is lame but the offense is way more efficient when the QB knows where his receivers are going to be and where the defense is.

Comment 02 Oct 2014

Yea, I was just thinking, that the reason this year's class has been--in some people's eyes--not up to snuff is because since JT, tOSU hasn't gotten a blue chip QB. Maybe Burrow doesn't move the needle for recruits.

I know you think it's crazy that people aren't trusting Urban's eye but tOSU hasn't won a BCS game since the 2011 Sugar Bowl. Some of these Buck fans are just antsy....

Comment 02 Oct 2014

Do you worry at all about the QB position (for the future I mean)?

Comment 02 Oct 2014

Thing is, Notre Dame gets NFL caliber receivers and tight ends every year also. And they're in the same region of tOSU. ND defensively doesn't kill in recruiting but they do get themselves weapons.

Just saying....there's something about tOSU that big time receivers aren't interested in. It's not just "the big 10 sucks, so I don't want to go there".

Comment 02 Oct 2014

In Ole Miss' case, I believe it. And I didn't realize, they're actually under investigation right now lolll....