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Comment 13 hours ago

Not sure if he's a downfield target. And I worry about his hands. He's really a runningback, he's just small. He doesn't shy away from contact, actually think he takes too mant hits. I want to see if he is able to make same cutbacks that Zeke was making last yr. He does that, he's a big play machine

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Maybe I'm biased cuz I'm a Brooklynite but I can't believe Braxton stars over Curtis at a position he just learned 2 months ago. And Weber is now the #2 RB over Curtis as well? Does Samuel have an actual position?

I think Braxton will do well over time but I think people are really overplaying his early impact. He's basically a freshman at this position now.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

All these guys busting Guarantano's chops forget the fact that these guys are trying to go pro. We delude ourselves into thinking they're 100% here for our entertainment and ego-boosting when they win titles/conferences. Look at the situations guys like Coker (FSU/Bama), or basically every USC Qb in the last 5 years find themselves in. Yea, you're at an elite program, but so are 4 other dudes.

I mean, were there other elite Qb recruits at Vandy or Purdue or Tennessee when Cutler, Brees, and Peyton got to their respective schools? Gabbert at Mizzou? Luck at Stanford? Don't think those guys didn't choose those schools cuz they knew there would be little competition.

I mean, it's great that Danny Clark and Joe Burrow are Ohio lifers but its likely one of them is never the starting QB of the Buckeyes.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I guess a better assessment would be percentage of attempted tackles missed? Also, pace of the opponent you're playing means less or more attempted tackles. Tackles is such a misleading and inaccurate stat sometimes.

Comment 17 Aug 2015

well other than Jonathan Hankins, whose the last big time DT to leave tOSU and get first or second round money? I think that's part of the issue. Auburn/Alabama/LSU can all say we've produced first round picks at that spot in recent memory.

We might see a shift in the next two or three years depending on what happens to Adolphus, Schutt, and these new guys coming in.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Last season he had 724 all purpose yards (383 of those on the ground) and 6 TDs (all rushing). He didn't return any punts, only kickoffs.

So yea, 1000 all purpose should be attainable, especially with Jalin/Dontre out in the opener and a patsy 5 days later when Hawaii comes into town. The question is if 700 yards/10 TDs can be reached on the ground.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Yea, sometimes I thought he was hitting the line before the lanes shifted in front of him, something Zeke had down pat last year. Hopefully a second year in this system will make things move slower for him and we'll see more big plays from him.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Been waiting for a article on Curtis all offseason. TBH, I think he's the real X-factor in the offense. If EZE ever comes off the field or splits out wide, that might telegraph exactly what the offense is doing. But if Samuel is productive, that means the defense can't take a break on any snap.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Yea, I don't care how loaded the roster is, starters START for a reason. The possibility of switching out Jalin Marshall for a 2 stringer makes me nervous

Comment 27 Jul 2015

They win a lot of games but they have a lot of Clemson in them (loads of NFL caliber talent, lose one or 2 games they shudnt lose or practically run the table and lose to Florida in division or Bama in conf title).

I mean, u'd think with Florida being down, UGA would have stepped up but they've let Missouri steal the division.

Last yr they gave up 35 points to Florida. That team was awful all yr on offense.

Richt is a good recruiter but I still don't get the feeling he's locked down his state and he doesn't win certain games u must win.