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Comment 16 hours ago

They win a lot of games but they have a lot of Clemson in them (loads of NFL caliber talent, lose one or 2 games they shudnt lose or practically run the table and lose to Florida in division or Bama in conf title).

I mean, u'd think with Florida being down, UGA would have stepped up but they've let Missouri steal the division.

Last yr they gave up 35 points to Florida. That team was awful all yr on offense.

Richt is a good recruiter but I still don't get the feeling he's locked down his state and he doesn't win certain games u must win.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

My word choice is poor there. I'm not implying that Bama is still better but lost, I can conclude that the Bucks were better. I just remember the feeling early in the game, when Henry seemed to be able to run through the defense for big chunks, that I felt like "they cant stop thos guy, how r they gonna win?"

then later on, they kept dropping back and while Cooper worried me, Sims didn't lolll

Bucks still gave up 35 points, that defense wasn't lock tight by any stretch. But situationally, they came up big and thats enuff.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

I doubt its a minority. If i had to guess, the fan base is split 50-40-10/Cardale-JT-Brax, simply cuz Cardale has been healthy and has a stronger arm. But we all saw what happened last yr: an adequately mobile Buckeye QB was finally poised and accurate in the pocket from early in his career, especially on third down. I have no shame in saying JT is the best of the three and unless Cardale shows he's consistent with his accuracy, he should start.

Comment 07 Jul 2015

True. What worries me is if they start slow and have to play further into the third than they'd like? I mean Hawaii is trash but we've seen teams who had no business winning hang around with superior talent. That's the first trap of the yr IMO.

with all that said, I can't wait to see Collier get some burn loll

Comment 07 Jul 2015

I think 7 of those points were on a pick 6 but still, I agree. Va Tech was 9 of 17 on third down and in all 4 of their red zone chances, they came away with TDs. Neither of those things can happen again. Michael Brewer isn't that good and the Buckeye D needs to reinforce that.

Only thing that concerns me is the game is in Blacksburg and once again, Va Tech will have all offseason to prepare. They will have the postseason tapes picked apart.

Bucks win big if Bosa & Co. do what they're supposed to do and the O-line/Zeke does what its supposed to do.

Comment 06 Jul 2015

I dunno bruh...Baugh's high school tapes show him running away from dudes AND playing defensive end as a junior (he actually has a pick 6 from that position and basically gallops into the end zone). We're now 2 yrs down the road, with him in this weight training program? With this staff? During his recruiting, there's no doubt they saw him and said "Hernandez" (on the field I mean).

Now I don't know if he can block like Vannett. And Vannett can run a bit too. But not like Baugh. 

Comment 05 Jul 2015

I always had lukewarm feelings about Tressel and they officially became room temp when I realized he had no consistent good plan for TP's development and didn't like putting the dagger in teams. When tOSU kneeled at the 5 yard line on Miami a couple years back, I was like "Finish them!" Wasn't gonna happen with Tressel. 

Comment 01 Jul 2015

The first time I said to myself "oh, he's special" was during the Cincy game. They had driven inside the 30, up....15 I think? And normally, that's a comfortable lead against anyone but Cincy had shown they could score quick thru the air. And there were two consecutive penalties, like a delay and a false start. And before u knew it, it's 3rd and 14 at like the 35 yr line. And I felt the drive stalling and a field goal or pooch punt coming. But JT dropped back and just picked out Devin and hit him in the end zone with a strike.

I'm sorry but if that's Braxton out there, he scrambles around and sails a ball over somebody's head and they don't convert. JT's ability to keep drives going with his arm is something Ohio State really hasn't had....well, maybe ever?

I trust Urban in this decision. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't partial to JT starting this season.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

Thank you. This whole "JT never beat Braxton for the job" talk is nonsense because nothing JT would do in practice would unseat Miller anyway. The job wasn't available. But in game, we can see th offense runs better when JT or Cardale is starting. And no, it's not because of more weapons, it's because they are more accurate and poised in the pocket. I really don't understand why there's any debate.

Comment 07 Jun 2015

The most important issue, IMO, is if Gibson and Meyer are on the same page as to what he is to become. If Meyer wants him to become the starting QB at Ohio State, then Gibson needs to be committed to that. I think that requires at least 2 years on the bench. He needs to watch how JT handles the film room and how Cardale absorbs what the coaches are telling him (clearly he got that down pat during the postseason). And most of all he needs to be patient.

But if he and Meyer are on the same page as him becoming a receiver, power to him.

It would be nice to finally see one of these freakish athletes learn the QB job and take control. I still feel like TP would have been way better if Tressel's staff was a bit more new school as far as QB's are concerned.

Comment 05 Jun 2015

Eh, I don't know if its a joke. Mariota had over 4400 yards passing, 40+ TDs to 4 picks. That's an outstanding year.

I agree, if the award was given out say after the semifinal game, Zeke is definitely invited to NY.

And that's the problem in and of itself. Once bowl season is under way, coaches don't want their players distracted like that.

Think of it this way: almost all MVP awards in the pros are regular season awards. I'm ok with it. Mariota was the best player in last yrs regular season. Elliot was the best player in the playoff.