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Comment 05 Jun 2016

I hear you. But I think that line of thinking is why Tressel didn't have enough horses come bowl time against the elite SEC schools and, at times, OOC (the USC home and homes were eye opening as well). For Urbz, talent takes precedent over everything. We'll see if it's sustainable but for now its working.

I do agree that they should have known earlier that Sibley wasn't rated high enough in their eyes and shouldn't have offered him. It's such a waste of he and his family's time. 

Comment 30 Apr 2016

Jalin and his camp probably figured that if Braxton (who wasnt as productive as him at the same position and only a short time period) is a 2nd/3rd round pick, how can I go undrafted?

And I know ppl are gonna crush this post but still: Braxton ran 68 plays from scrimmage for 8.8 yards per and 4 TDs. Jalin was 38/13.3/5, respectively. 5 yards more per play! And he was losing touches.

In a way, I don't blame Jalin for leaving. His thinking was probably: "why stay another year, where I now have to share the ball again with Curtis, Weber, Parris, Austin Mack, Torrance Gibson, and JT? They just put a green H-back over me (a decorated one, clearly). I'm out." Is it a risk? Yea. But if he gets on a roster (which I think he will) it was worth it.

Comment 06 Apr 2016

Fair enough. I guess what I mean by "big miss" is that he was a 5-star guy and it takes a lot of time and effort to secure a commitment from those types. So if he doesnt pan out, you'll be left wondering "man, that recruiting effort could have gone elsewhere". Of course, that'll be in hindsight.

And I'm probably jumping the gun, he's a redshirt freshman lol. He gonna take his lumps on the field. I really hope he gets some kickoff/punt opportunities.

Comment 19 Mar 2016

The fact that teams inferior to OSU threw on MSU with ease was missed by Beck and Warinner. I truly, really, believe that either Beck or Warinner didn't have the same faith in JT as they did in Cardale. I don't know if it was old school "Cardale is a big kid, big arm, prototype" stuff or whatever, but the leash on Cardale was way longer than on JT it seemed.

Comment 19 Mar 2016

No Devin Smith. And being the week to week "QB of The Ohio State Buckeyes" is a different animal from "be ready for these 3 weeks".

Add in Herman's departure and the nonsense with forcing the ball to Braxton, you got the herky jerky offense we saw last year. By the time JT got in against MSU, the playcalling was still out of whack and he wasn't in tine with the receivers. I'll never get over the missed opportunity of the 2015 Buckeyes.

Comment 22 Jan 2016

I don't think there was ever chance, not even the slightest, that he was leaving that state.

Also, I thought OSU's 4-3 was supposed to be an advantage for Lawrence, but he just said "Aranda is a mad genius", the guy whose gonna run a 3-4.

Buckeyes get dudes from south all the time but this one particular state is entitled to basically every top player in it smh, its crazy.

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Honestly, I don't know why anyone thinx Craig-Myers or Victor are coming here. They've never leaned totally this way, only flirtations. Especially NCM. Unlike Grimes and DPJ for next year, two guys who have had OSU leading all the while. We got Mack this year and the roster is a bit packed at that position.

Now this Haskins talk really does have me surprised. I was actually really disappointed when OSU fell off his radar and he comitted to the Terps and we ended up with Wallace (a guy who needed MAJOR work). Haskins reminds me of Watson ALOT, so I hope they snag him.