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Comment 22 Jan 2016

I don't think there was ever chance, not even the slightest, that he was leaving that state.

Also, I thought OSU's 4-3 was supposed to be an advantage for Lawrence, but he just said "Aranda is a mad genius", the guy whose gonna run a 3-4.

Buckeyes get dudes from south all the time but this one particular state is entitled to basically every top player in it smh, its crazy.

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Honestly, I don't know why anyone thinx Craig-Myers or Victor are coming here. They've never leaned totally this way, only flirtations. Especially NCM. Unlike Grimes and DPJ for next year, two guys who have had OSU leading all the while. We got Mack this year and the roster is a bit packed at that position.

Now this Haskins talk really does have me surprised. I was actually really disappointed when OSU fell off his radar and he comitted to the Terps and we ended up with Wallace (a guy who needed MAJOR work). Haskins reminds me of Watson ALOT, so I hope they snag him. 

Comment 31 Dec 2015

Honestly, I doubt that's enough to flip Haskins. I think what matters more is how often Meyer QBs get banged around and how his QBs/WRs do in the draft.

As for this game specifically? It's another less talented opponent with a bad secondary. Hopefully Beck/Warinner learned their lesson from the MSU game. They must show confidence in JT through playcalling.

Comment 31 Dec 2015

I am very worried about players being un-motivated or flat.

I agree that Samuel is probably a lowkey option that should hurt ND while they're focused on Zeke/JT/Thomas. Aside from the QB issues, I think forcing the ball to Braxton, at times, hurt the opportunities of Samuel and Marshall, playmakers who already knew how to play their positions. Hopefully Samuel and Marshall get their touches tomorrow.

Never worried about JT. Should have been the starter from jump.

Comment 27 Dec 2015

After the natty title game ppl were on here basically trying to take the Heisman away from Mariota. I love my Bucks with all my heart but Mariota was CLEARLY the winner that yr (4400 yards passing, 44 TDs?). "Leadership" lmaaooo

Comment 27 Dec 2015

I think you mean "regression" but yeah, I'm thinking this too....Beck comes in and suddenly the 5th place finisher in the Heisman vote is on the bench and the "starter" can't throw the intermediate range and missed open receivers. And when they finally went back to JT, they didn't have the same confidence in him as they did Cardale.

Hopefully the above responder is correct: Beck is acclimated in his second year, JT is The Guy Without Question, they know exactly what they want to do offensively, and they go out and do what we know these athletes can do.

I'll be absolutely shocked if Haskins flips to OSU but if he does, I think he's the type of program changing/boosting commit, similar to Bosa or Vonn Bell. His tape just looked THAT good, sometimes looking like JT, other times like Deshaun Watson or Bridgewater. I was really shocked Maryland was able to get him.

Comment 24 Dec 2015

I think we'll be pleasantly surprised. They'll be running routes for JT Barrett, who I expect to be more focused and confident now that it's clear no one else can delude Beck/Warinner into thinking they're a better option at QB.

They know the stink of failed expectations and missed opportunities. They should be rearing to go next season.

Comment 24 Dec 2015

Marshall is a redshirt soph or true soph? I didn't know he was eligible

With that said, I totally see why he'd leave. He's a shifty, fast ball handler. I think scouts are looking at him as a Randall Cobb type, can be placed at any point on the field and you just get him the ball. And I don't see how him staying will improve anything. OSU will always try to get the RBs the ball and make the QB a distributor to multiple players. Putting up more numbers won't matter too much.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Can't agree with this dude. Cardale misses open receivers more than he should. He sails quite a few passes high, particularly in the intermediate range. His mobility isn't good enough to make defenders choose between him and Zeke. And his pocket awareness is lacking too. Many times, there are open receivers and he's holding the ball. He doesn't step up in the pocket or slide to avois pressure.

Is the o-line perfect? No. But you can't always expect 9 full seconds to survey the field and pass. Sometimes you have to know where the ball is going fairly quickly.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

That might be a product from lack of winning tradition. Beating Bama at any point in the season is a big deal, but how you handle it is whats important. If you believe you can win a natty or even a conf title, you have to handle big success just as well as little ones. When Bama or LSU beat a good team early, they tend not to implode later on.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

I think what the OP is saying is that Cardale's deep ball strength is almost fool's gold. He doesnt have Smith to catch contested jump deep passes and he doesn't read defenses well enough to make the throws on time. Thats why so many plays r "left out there".

Having the deep ball is great but we saw even WMU could make plays on the ball. Against better teams that might be an issue.

Comment 23 Sep 2015

I don't think its a coincidence that those guys still have their stripes though. They're the highest rated in the class, they have the most to prove. If this class pans out, then those top three players become stars and leaders. I think to set a standard for everyone in the class, it has to be tougher for them.