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Comment 29 Jun 2015

Thank you. This whole "JT never beat Braxton for the job" talk is nonsense because nothing JT would do in practice would unseat Miller anyway. The job wasn't available. But in game, we can see th offense runs better when JT or Cardale is starting. And no, it's not because of more weapons, it's because they are more accurate and poised in the pocket. I really don't understand why there's any debate.

Comment 07 Jun 2015

The most important issue, IMO, is if Gibson and Meyer are on the same page as to what he is to become. If Meyer wants him to become the starting QB at Ohio State, then Gibson needs to be committed to that. I think that requires at least 2 years on the bench. He needs to watch how JT handles the film room and how Cardale absorbs what the coaches are telling him (clearly he got that down pat during the postseason). And most of all he needs to be patient.

But if he and Meyer are on the same page as him becoming a receiver, power to him.

It would be nice to finally see one of these freakish athletes learn the QB job and take control. I still feel like TP would have been way better if Tressel's staff was a bit more new school as far as QB's are concerned.

Comment 05 Jun 2015

Eh, I don't know if its a joke. Mariota had over 4400 yards passing, 40+ TDs to 4 picks. That's an outstanding year.

I agree, if the award was given out say after the semifinal game, Zeke is definitely invited to NY.

And that's the problem in and of itself. Once bowl season is under way, coaches don't want their players distracted like that.

Think of it this way: almost all MVP awards in the pros are regular season awards. I'm ok with it. Mariota was the best player in last yrs regular season. Elliot was the best player in the playoff.

Comment 05 Jun 2015

Also, having a QB who is consistently accurate helps as well. Cardale was mostly great in a short term, simplified version of the offense. But against the likes of MSU, who will have, by then, at least 13 tapes of Cardale? He'll need to be fluent in the whole playbook. Being dominant offensively is not a guarantee by any stretch.

Meyer should coach him up tho....

Comment 03 Jun 2015

And while this is laced with sarcasm, I have a hard time disagreeing with most of it. Quite simply, tOSU probably won't repeat because many of the things that went right last yr won't happen. Now of course, I can counter that with "it's unlike both of tOSUs starting QBs take a personal L before bowl season" but still.

The other element left out of this piece? No mention of the Selection Committee. If they didn't choose tOSU at 4, only Buck fans would have complained. Talking heads would have mostly been ok with TCU over Ohio State. 

Comment 31 May 2015

He's not going to do that ever tbh. Don't think he's not "keeping his options open". I don't expect to him to leave, for the various reasons already listed in the article. But these ppl who think they're gonna get some big official press release saying he's staying for good? Forget it. You have absolutely no idea what his conversations were like with people trying to lure him away. So yea, until fall camp starts and he's still in Columbus, the rumors will swirl.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

Yes, losing the Big 10 title game and the Orange Bowl counts more than winning against Purdue or Illinois or the worst Michigan teams in recent memory during the conf schedule.

The defense gave up 35 and 40 points in those games because the offense couldn't convert third down and keep the ball (on top of the 4 second half turnovers in the Orange Bowl). Not saying the defense is completely unaccountable but we've seen good defenses give up scores after the offense turns the ball over (momentum changes, the defense is tired, etc).

And this whole "they would have played Notre Dame in the title game" stuff? You're making a big leap there. They were undefeated but didn't play in a conf title game, so no guarantees they win that game.

I'm not saying I don't appreciate those 24 wins at all. I do, to an extent. But when looking at the situations that matter the most, in the games that matter the most, he leaves something to be desired.

Braxton is a career 47.8% completion on third down. That is textbook average to below average quarterbacking.

Comment 27 Apr 2015

^^^This. Somehow, the offenses struggles let the defense off the hook during that game. I was really disappointed in how they couldn't really lay the wood on Brewer. A second pass rusher has to emerge this fall if Bucks are gonna flirt with repeating.

Comment 27 Apr 2015

Braxton completed 64% as a third year starter and was only 50% on third down, the down that matters most. JT on third down? 65%. The games that mattered when Braxton played? MSU and Clemson? Bucks only converted 3 of 23 third downs. That is how he limits your team against the best competition.

Tbh I really don't understand why people can't see the deficiencies in his game.