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Northwestern Class of 2010, OSU Master's , now working on my PhD at Northwestern. Born and raised in Columbus, now live in Chicago/Evanston. Researching the colonization of the US and its influence on the motivations for the Civil War, specifically from the perspective of a southerner. Love college football. Support the Buckeyes, but am and will always be a Wildcat.


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Comment 06 Oct 2013

I can see it from an OSU fan's perspective in that it was a 'too class for comfort' game and a rematch would present similar problems. If NW can get to Indy then I think it benefits OSU, NW, and the B1G. I think you'd have another prime time match up for OSU to add to its resume if they are unbeaten and attempting to win votes to get to the BCS title game. NW would be in a position to get either the automatic or at-large BCS spot which then puts 2 B1G teams in the BCS, something that didn't seem likely going into this year.

Comment 06 Oct 2013

I think if NW can play like they did last night for the rest of the season, they should meet OSU in the B1G title game with only 1 loss. Now, that may not happen as the Cats have to pull of a few tough wins down the stretch beginning with a trip to Madison but I believe it will and I think it'd be a hell of a rematch. Obviously hypothetical, but think about an 11-1 NW team vs a 12-0 Ohio State team in the B1G championship...thats SEC-caliber folks. 

Comment 06 Oct 2013

Hard to recruit kids to...M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i. Particularly a more SOUTHERN portion of that state. Favre still wants some snaps, so Southern Miss shoud give him a call.

Comment 02 Oct 2013

The big (or B1G) story this saturday will be Mark/Colter vs the OSU rush defense similar to Wisconsin this past weekend. I think the Cats are more of a balanced attack than Wisconsin so preparation for our offense will be slightly more complicated. If Mark can get some momentum early on then the Cats have a solid chance at pulling the upset. If he struggles and NW is forced to rely on the pass, itll take secondary miscues on behalf of OSU for NW to move the ball and put up points. Turnovers of course will be key but I am really interested in seeing Mark vs OSU's rush defense.

Comment 01 Oct 2013

Interesting, no Charlie Strong. Suppose he'll be top dog for Texas if/when that becomes available. 

Comment 01 Oct 2013

I'd expect a more efficient passing game from NW than Cal showed OSU which is where the Cats can put up points. Turnovers will be key and NW can create those if Braxton forces things. Venric Mark is a fantastic RB and should cause problems for OSU if the Cats establish a solid passing game. Tyler Scott has been a beast on the DL so it will be interesting if he continues to have success this week going up against the OSU O-line. Lot to look forward to.

Comment 22 Sep 2013

Them Cats be climbing. I think both polls are decent reflections on how these teams have performed. Although Michigan is playing like an unranked, middle of the road team. 

Comment 15 Sep 2013

Berkeley is gorgeous, definitely one of the better away games to go to.

Comment 15 Sep 2013

Goff is going to be the next big time QB in college football, especially in that offense. I don't think they beat Oregon but don't be surprised if Cal ends up 2nd in the Pac 12 north. Their defense is below average but they can put up enough points to beat most of the teams on their schedule. Nobody likes giving up a ton of yards and points but to Cal its expected from a B1G defense. Its a good thing to play teams like that because the defense will play faster against slower teams due to the experience. Didn't watch the game but from the summaries Ive read, its not something to be overly bothered about (the points and yards). Guiton looks poised and confident in there for Ohio State, I'd almost suggest he is more confident and sound as a QB than Miller is, at least in the passing game. It may turn into one of the more intriguing national questions by seasons end but for now I will just wonder how many teams Kenny G could start for and lead to wins. 

Comment 15 Sep 2013

About what I expected. Im not sure how this is a poor reflection on the B1G. UCLA is a very good team, ASU is also a very good team. Michigan didn't care and it almost cost them but they still won. UCF is a better team than PSU so that loss is not a surprise. For the most part, yesterday happened as it should have. Amazing how Nebrasksa just laid over and died after that Martinez pick six. The pollsters won't be impressed with the Cal win but I think they should be. I refuse to turn on ESPN or look at their website except for NFL specific coverage today, Im sure there is some sort of story about this and how the B1G is horrible. Itd be an interesting statistical analysis to see how often ESPN has had a top story regarding the B1G's horrid performance on Saturday, its almost like they forget Tennessee and Kentucky are SEC teams.

Comment 14 Sep 2013

I think Texas A&M beats Alabama. I had Bama out of the BCS (bowls too) in the preseason and I'll stand by it. I think Bama's defense was exposed a bit vs VT and their O-line looked like crap. I don't think itll be Texas A&M's defense that wins the game, but Bama's offense isn't all that exciting. For some reason Manziel just fools every single defense he goes against. I like Texas A&M to beat Bama 28-24. Although, I despise the fact that there is a Johnny Cam.

Comment 13 Sep 2013

42-17 Buckeyes...halftime score 21-14 Buckeyes; things settle in the 2nd half, OSU outscores the bears 21-3 the rest of the way. I think you'll see Dontre Wilson have a big game, especially if he gets touches in open space. Cal's defense is suspect to big plays. I think OSU would really have to shoot themselves in the foot defensively to give up anything more than 3 scores. 

Comment 12 Sep 2013

The big question will be, Did Saban know? If he did then they will get slammed with probation, bowl ban, and he will get fired with perhaps a show-cause and itd be a long way back for him and Alabama. If he didn't, and Bama does somehow get into trouble, itll just be vacated wins, including the national title game he played in.

Comment 12 Sep 2013

Not sure if anyone else has heard about this but apparently they wont be cooperating with any NCAA violation and have written the piece just to expose the crap system of the NCAA. I do not have a link to this story but was told about it by a close friend last night over some beers. He read something on his phone and told us about it. I hope that thats not going to be the case because that would be a complete 180 from the way the media handled the OSU and USC cases; I think you'd have to seriously wonder how corrupt sports journalism is if they do not cooperate here.

Comment 10 Sep 2013

Cant beat the beach. Although I dislike LA, I think USC is a great place. Kids want to come play there, they just dont want to play for Kiffin. If you were a respected coach, itd be easy to consistently draw the best players and put together a top team every year. USC should win the Pac-12 south every year, even with UCLA's recent success. I'd like to coach at Texas too, but that heat is just brutal and I wouldnt want to have to start using 'Y'all' exclusively. 

Comment 09 Sep 2013

I think Cal's offense will be pretty fantastic in a year or two when Goff gets more experience. If you guys can get a little pressure on him, Roby may get a pick 6 and I'd expect Shazier to end up with one as well on one of the short passes. In my opinion, in the NW game, they reminded me a lot of some of the Pac 10 offenses from about 5 years, pretty predictable but can be very efficient at what they do in the passing game. I think Dontre Wilson is due for a big game against the Cal defense is he can get the right touches. Right now I'd predict you guys to win by a couple TD's, maybe more. I wasn't wowed by Cal, so if Urban gets the boys ready this week, it should be an interesting game, but other for the first half and then OSU pulls away. Not many people seem to really view this as a measuring stick for OSU outside of Columbus, I definitely think this week's game will tell you a lot about your young team and where this season could be heading. Disregard Cal's performance against Portland State, theyll be ready and I'd expect OSU to be too.

Comment 09 Sep 2013

Colter and Co. will take care of business before then. I also think Northwestern's D is pretty tough. Not to toot the horn too loudly but there will be some hits delivered. I dont think the D will stop michigan's offense throughout the game, but I do think michigan will have to earn points. The pro-style offense fits well with NW's defense.