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Comment 16 Jan 2013


Barry Bonds home run record>>>>>>>Manti Teo's girlfriend

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Pretty shocking Ohio state is the favorite...with that said shut up this Burke not going to Ohio State talk shut him down Craft

Comment 02 Jan 2013

That's not desperate as Sean McDonough said its Muschamp being a great the same way a 14 year old boy gets excited by seeing his first breast

Comment 02 Jan 2013

I would say I'm surprised by this first half beat down but Florida has been skating on thin ice all year with bowling green and UL-Lafayette making it games against them late in the 4th. Muschamp needs to utilize his playmakers on sweeps and screens...with that said I am thoroughly enjoying this beatdown

Comment 12 Feb 2012

 William's father is a very good guy, atleast with my experiences from him coming into the company I worked for. He just knows his son does not have the drive to succeed in basketball with his current work ethic. It is not too far of a reach for a father to admit the truth. Watch William on the court and it is obvious to see. 


Comment 11 Feb 2012

I agree but Ohio State is not North Carolina with talent and the ability to get players in basketball. Ohio State should be using some of these top recruits and a 9 or 10 man bench though

Comment 11 Feb 2012

With all the Matta hate going on look at Roy Williams up until his first Championship with UNC. He was spoken of the same way of not being able to win championships. Many great coaches take time to win their first Championship. 

Comment 11 Feb 2012

Encouraging your team during a timeout is no longer acceptable? The Big Ten has the worse officials ever

Comment 11 Feb 2012

I agree. My best friends father works with William's dad and William's dad specifically said he will never succeed because he does not care or put in enough work. 

Comment 08 Oct 2011

Not winning this game is on Fick and Baus...IF it is broken fix it because apperently Bauserman is not the answer. Try something new when the plan fails time and time again Nebraska was not the better team, Just never gave up, unlike the Buckeyes 

Comment 08 Oct 2011

The D fell apart? They were on the field for 26 of the 30 second half minutes....I never wish injury on college athletes but since Bauserman is as old as me, I say burn in hell. Make a single good throw on !st, 2Nd or 3rd down. Seriously Luke must be blind or afraid to be a head coach, because any, I mean any FBS QB's could have managed that team to a win. I was upest over the 2 losses this year, this hands down is the worse. I will not watch another game where Bauserman is atleast potentially entering the game.