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Comment 30 Jun 2014

If he's persuaded by a guy posing as a pretty girl on the web, he belongs at Notre Dame.

Something tells me Hilliard is way too smart to fall for that though, hence why he'll fit in well with the good guys.

Comment 26 Jun 2014

I'm fine with the advance rules, what I really can't stand is the arbitrary aditional time added to the game by the refs.  If the game is 90 min, then the game is 90 min.  Adding time the way they do seems way to subjective to me, especially the way it went down at the end of USA/Portugal.  We're gonna add 4 min, no wait 5 min.  Not a huge fan of that practice at all.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

So Ace Williams really thinks John Harbaugh will resign as the Ravens HC to coach at scUM?  Seriously?!?!?!?!

Outside of that fail, please god let it be #10 on his list:

10. Lloyd Carr, retired Michigan head coach

Far-fetched? Not as much as you would imagine. Carr still has ‘it’ and would be able to coach the team for 3-5 years while grooming a replacement internally. Bill Snyder of Kansas State is 5 years older than Carr (Carr is 68) and returned to KSU with a bang after 3 seasons of retirement. KSU has been to 2 BCS games since Snyder un-retired.

This would be a bit wacky, but, do NOT count this out as a possibility. It has legs.


Comment 10 Jun 2014

I actually cheered when Sam opens the door and Ghost is there looking at him.  I thought he was going to check on his girl, and then got the great realization that he was unleashing Ghost on those wildling facks.

The wall guillotine was badass too:


Comment 09 Jun 2014

You are correct sirs


Lists him at MLB


Comment 05 Jun 2014

Can't watch the vid at work, can you tell if Lewan pops a pimple on his forehead right before he throws down to make himself look tougher?

Comment 04 Jun 2014

5 beers  over 5 1/2 hours and failed a field sobriety test?

They're college kids, so its a good bet it was 5 Natty Lites too.

Freakin lightweight.


Comment 02 Jun 2014

Hopefully whoever casted Annakin in 2 & 3 had nothng to do with casting these movies!!!

Comment 02 Jun 2014

My personal favorite:

Not unlike the rest of us.

I contend that Michigan gets a different kind of recruit. For the most part, we have kids that do better in the classroom and are more involved with community service. Great talent with a propensity for bad behavior is not welcomed at Michigan like it is at Ohio.

Convicted felon on the team, rapist kicking field goals for them, sociopath at LT.......... Oh the irony.

Comment 02 Jun 2014

Hoke told recruits like Kalis and Thomas that we were getting heavy sanctions and would be terrible for years to come and they shouldn't have to suffer those sanctions, etc. While Hoke to a degree was being honest about those recruits not deserving sanctions

The irony is, the only sanction they would have endured was an undefeated season without a bowl game while The Fat Man subjected them to an 8-5 season and a loss in the ever prestigious Outback Bowl.

Seems to me having Hoke as a HC is a far greater sanction than anything the NCAA did to us.

Comment 30 May 2014

No true Buckeye fan would ever respond "Who?" when asked about Tressel, I don't care if its 50 years from now.  No one forgot Woody, nor will they.  Legends never die.

Comment 27 May 2014

Dymonte Thomas comes to mind, but he can never be a legit villain.  After watching Braxton punk him during the scuffle last year, the best Dymonte can be is Scott Evil.  Not sure who the Dr Evil of that team would be, Gardner maybe?

I know who their #1 henchman is though:


Comment 30 Apr 2014

Deflect, deflect, deflect....... It truly is sad what you guys have been reduced to up there.  And yes, for the record, Gibbons was expelled because the University of Michigan found enough evidence that he was guilty of rape.  At least you can claim he's not a felon though since he was never convicted in court, so you've got that going for you.

Comment 30 Apr 2014

Yeah, no you didn't but you thinking you did follows the same logic of the rest of your points in this thread.  You're consistent, I'll give you that.

Comment 30 Apr 2014

However you want to rationalize what goes on up there is your deal man.  If you think Pleading Guilty to a Felony, then not getting it put on your record because of a technicality or whatever justifies how Hoke handled it more power to you.  We seem to have higher standards down here.  You don't ssee us rallying around our players convicted of Rape by the University, or players who directly or indirectly threaten to rape women, or players who plead guilty to felonies...etc.  We're above that.  You seem to not be, which again is your perogative.  Its just sad to see that this is what a once proud football program has been reduced to.