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Comment 7 hours ago

Read the article, 2 things stand out to me:

In a small number of cases, the committee believed players were incorrectly disqualified from games. The elements of targeting that replay officials will watch for include launching and forcible contact to the head, among other factors.

“The targeting rule is serving the game well, and has enhanced player safety,” said Bob Nielson, chair of the committee and head coach at the University of South Dakota. “Because this is such a severe penalty, we are instructing replay officials to review plays to ensure that the required elements of targeting exist. We are also adding the ability for the replay official to stop the game when a potential targeting foul is not detected on the field.”

Ok, if the 1st paragraph is true, then the rule needs to go ASAP.  1 innocent player ejected is too many.  As for the 2md, ummmm WTF?  What exactly were they looking at during review before this change then?

 First, the rules dealing with low blocks were adjusted to prohibit a player who leaves the tackle box from blocking below the waist toward the initial position of the ball.

So now you're gonna call a PF if a blocker goes low, and you're gonna call targeting if they go high.  Basically, outside of the tackle box the area you can make contact with is smaller than the MLB strike zone.

The people who make these decision are so out of touch with reality, it would be funny if it wasn't killing a great game.

Comment 7 hours ago

Those same trained officials upheld BS Targeting calls on Roby, Corey Smith and Bosa, that's reason enough for me as to why not.  Until the rule is applied consistently and correctly, they shouldn't be ejecting anyone and they damn sure don't need another avenue to throw BS flags.

Comment 10 hours ago

The right coach can do a heck of a lot in a year.  I once saw a guy turn a 6-7 team into a 12-0 team in a year, said coaching staff took numerous undeveloped talents and made them top tier B1G players in less than 12 months.  I guess Jimmy H just isn't on that guys' level.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

I don't see it as a bad trend in the sense that it isn't a sustainable recruiting model and I love to see scUM failures, but you're kidding yourself if you think this isn't Jimmy finding a loophole to buy recruits. 

Comment 08 Feb 2016

If we were in the habit of pushing players out the door, why was Rod Smith given the chance to earn his way back into the lineup?  He and his father had one of those "frank discussions" with Meyer, yet Rod chose to remain on the team and work his way out of the doghouse.  How was that possible if we're in the habit of booting guys for spots?

Comment 08 Feb 2016

IMO its only oversigning if Meyer doesn't know who's spot is going to be available on NSD.  Its likely, imo, Meyer already knows who the 2 players leaving are so he planned the class accordingly.  Just like last year when he took Arnette because he already knew Dean wasn't cleared medically. 

Comment 08 Feb 2016

They count as Championships, but obviously not Super Bowl wins.  They should be weighted equally though unless the prevailing thought is that the NFL was founded in 1967.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Well his issues actually started in his small town in PA when he was in HS.  I'm sure college contributed, but I doubt its easier to get X in Columbus than it is in Richmond, KY.  Columbus was also the environment where he was able to get his issue under control too, so I'm not sure I'd say a change for him was needed but that's jmo.

Recreational drugs aren't policed by the NCAA/Conferences, only PED's.  So if a scUM player failed 2 drug tests for coke it would be on scUM to discipline them.  Just like Spence failing 2 drug tests for X should have been on Meyer to discipline him, but the B1G overstepped here.  Had Spence actually tested positive for PED's, I'd have no issue with the B1G coming down on him but the sad reality remains that they booted him out of the conference for failing a PED test when he never actually took PED's.  That's why imo he was screwed over by the conference. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

The reason I vilify the B1G so much here is that him leaving OSU could have actually made his issues worse.  Meyer was the one who straightened Noah out, got him into treatment, got him clean and on a sober path.  Then the Conference booted him for failing a PED test, for which he never actually took PED's.  So then Meyer contacts Dean Hood, who he grew up with, and gets Noah into EKU to further his career while also continuing to help Spence beat his issues in any way he can.  The B1G booting Spence for BS reasons not only screwed him out of 2 years of eligibility at OSU, it also removed him from the structured environment that Meyer created to get his life in order.  It was a BS move by the conference on both levels, and thankfully Meyer is sincere in his affection for these kids and continued to help Spence after he was forced out.  The end result is the Noah Spence we all remember from 2012/2013, but the B1G gets absolutely no credit for that.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Pandering?  Were Woody, Earl and Tressel also pandering?  Meyer emulates Woody in a lot of ways, and I wouldn't say Woody pandered to anyone.

As for the 10/1 comment, we played Illinois on 11/14 last year.  Would you really say the Illinois game was just as important as the scUM game?  Yes, all wins count equally but beating down scUM transcends wins/Losses and reaches into CFBP Decisions, Recruiting, National Media Perception and things like that.  Beating them is way more important than beating any other B1G team other than maybe MSU right now.