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Comment 02 Jun 2017
Andrew clearly knows something but out of respect he won't reveal it until after tonight's announcement. Juding by this post I'm going out a limb and say Andrew has heard that the Supreme '18 will have 12 members after 7pm tonight
Comment 25 Apr 2017
You don't think having sex parties with women you don't know at 3 am while intoxicated may have the potential of putting yourself in a comprising situation? Especially when it's well known that you're about to be taken in the first round of the NFL draft. Of course he can have a personal and private life. He does however have to be smart about it.
Comment 25 Apr 2017
Guilty or not it was boneheaded on Conley's part to even be in this situation. I hear coaches and ex players talk to young players about making good decisions and not putting themselves into compromising situations. I think this would definitely fall under the category of putting yourself into a compromising situation.
Comment 24 Apr 2017
Insane to think there are currently four defensive ends that definitely will be drafted on the roster in Hubbard, Lewis, Bosa and Holmes. It's entirely possible Cooper and Young will also end up drafted as well. Just crazy
Comment 15 Apr 2017
Crazy that yesterday quite a few thought it was possible that we might not land anyone this weekend. 24hrs later Urban locks up two more top 100 players. Honestly, at this point how can anyone doubt Urban? We are so blessed to have him as our coach. The guy is unbelievable. Saban and Dabbo are the only coaches in college football that are on his level. It's mind blowing to think he might top last years class which was the best class OSU has ever brought in on paper.
Comment 31 Mar 2017
I can't wait until the annual "we're going to throw it to the TE more this year" article comes out. That hype train is never late
Comment 28 Mar 2017
The hottake is that missing on this kid would cripple OSU recruiting. Give me a break. Urban is recruiting on an unbelievably high level. He has been hitting on just about every Ohio guy he wants and has also been cherry picking from Texas, Florida,Nevada and California. He just signed one of the best recruiting classes of all time. It'd be nice to land Carman but if he goes to Clemson OSU football will be just fine.
Comment 21 Mar 2017
Kind of bummed that Jashon Cornell's name isn't even mentioned. I really thought he'd at least crack the two deep by now. I never thought my two favorite Buckeyes would pass him up considering both Landers and Hamilton were last minute, 4th choice, 3 star offers. It's getting awfully close to being time to move Jashon into the bust category. 10 star Wednesday seems like it was a lifetime ago.