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Comment 26 Jun 2016
I don't think 15 guys are going early. Maybe 2 or 3. That's still a lot of scholarships that aren't available for this incoming class.
Comment 25 Jun 2016
If we end up with 21 we will essentially have to cut quite a few players to make the scholarships jive.I hope all of the people that crushed Alabama for doing the same are ok with that.
Comment 25 Jun 2016
I wasn't disparaging anyone's work here at 11W or intending any kind of disrespect what so ever but if you are trying to pretend that recruiting updates on a daily basis hasn't changed you are being disingenuous. I've been following recruiting since 2001 and I've gone through the gauntlet of recruiting sites. I've found a nice home here at 11W and it will always be my go to but no matter where Birm goes I'll still read his work provided it's not pay walled. 11W develops writers just like OSU developes players. Just because they move on it doesn't mean we can't still support them. By the way you are completely overreacting over a joke that was tongue in cheek.
Comment 25 Jun 2016
I'm loyal to 11W. I'm even rocking their track tee right now. I don't see any problem directing people to Birm until his replacement arrives. This place has been quiet as a mouse fart since he left. Once things go back to normal I say F every other site.
Comment 20 Jun 2016
I've been following 11W for a long time now. One of the things I noticed that in situations like this when comments are used like "drifted apart" or "the staff decided to go in another direction" it usually means there was a character issue with the recruit. More often then not that recruit ends up having issues at the school they end up choosing. So have some faith in Thad. Remember where the program was before he got here.
Comment 15 Jun 2016
Good news is that he has at minimum 2yrs to put on muscle before he sees the field.
Comment 06 May 2016
I remember Bobby Bowden saying things started to go downhill when he started taking more out of state players than in state players because the out of state kids didn't have state pride. He said in the beginning the in state kids which were the majority set the tone for the rest of the team. I'm not sure that's why things started going bad for Bowden but I found that theory interesting.
Comment 08 Feb 2016

I was impressed with Keandre's highlights. There is a lot to like about him. I do think he needs a year under Mick before he sees playing time at LB.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Remember, We missed out on a shot at a National Title over players trading their own stuff for Tats. Louisville is only going to miss the tourney for one year???  What a total crock of sh*t!!!

Comment 19 Jan 2016

The only thing I don't like about this site is all of the forum snobs. Almost every day I see two or three people shi**ing all over someone else's forum topic. If your don't like it don't read it. No reason to act like a pompous  jerk about it.

Comment 27 Dec 2015

The reason why many WWE stars died young is because they were stacking cycles of steroids and using pain killers. Using HGH is a completely different animal. HGH doesn't have the side effects like juice. The only side effect I've ever heard of is numbness is the hands but that usually only occurs if you use 8AU's a day or more. The biggest downside to HGH is that it is super expensive. If it was cheap there wouldn't be much of a market for steroids. I don't see why the NFL doesn't allow injured players to use HGH, it really helps in the healing process. Just by looking at Peyton I find it hard to believe he used it. 

Comment 25 Dec 2015

I don't get why Apple or Powell would go pro. Right now Apple is maybe a 4th or 5th rounder and I don't think Powell would get drafted at all. With another year I could see Apple moving up into the 2nd round. Powell still needs a lot of work. He seems like a great kid but he gave up a lot of big plays due to horrible angles and poor tackling. I hope they both decide to stay.

Comment 20 Dec 2015

I think sometimes it's easier to pedal hope and change to recruits. New coaches promise kids the chance to lay the foundation of something "historic". I've seen huge recruiting spikes many times at schools that hire high profile coaches. It happened with OSU. It even happened with Hoke. The question is can the coach deliver. We've seen by year three that Urban can and now he can sell reality instead of a vision. Harbaugh may too but I wouldn't be surprised if he has major success by year three that he jumps ship to the NFL. Don't think for a second it doesn't bother him that his brother has won a Super Bowl and he didn't. I'm not too worried about Michigans class because Urban has been landing top 5 classes for going on 5 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Even with their class there will still be a large talent gap between OSU and UM.