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Comment 27 Mar 2015
Spoken like someone suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
Comment 17 Mar 2015
Thanks Squirrel
Comment 17 Mar 2015
I've been following recruiting pretty hard since 2001. I'm actually kind of embarrassed I missed that one. Thanks for the kind words. I'll make sure to triple check next time so I don't make myself look like some newbie douche nugget. Thanks for not beating me up too bad.
Comment 17 Mar 2015
He actually committed the day my grandma died. I'm guessing I never caught the news because I wasn't really paying any attention to recruiting for a week or so. Sorry if I wasted your time. My bad.
Comment 16 Mar 2015
The first article that popped up said although he is committed he is still listening to Maryland. I guess that's something to keep an eye on. Thanks Dave. Not sure how I missed this one.
Comment 13 Mar 2015
I'd say the lack of development by the upper class man is the problem. I'm not overly impressed with Thad's ability to coach these guys up. It seems like the longer kids stay in the program the more they regress. The big men are soft and lack any kind of aggression. All in all one of Thads worst coaching jobs since he's been here. He can however recruit his ass off.
Comment 23 Feb 2015
I really like Thad. He is an awesome recruiter and he had won a lot of games. That being said I haven't noticed any significant development in any of the upper class man. In fact a few have actually regressed. I would love for Thad to bring in a new assistant that could toughen up our big men. They are as about as soft as they come.
Comment 10 Feb 2015
I just got in trouble with my wife on this topic. I tried to compare my grief of finding out Jon was leaving to the passing of her parents dog.
Comment 06 Feb 2015
What's bullshit is that you would be crushing Harbaugh if he did this to an Ohio kid but because it's OSU it's OK? Is it or is it not a fact that the kid was mislead? He certainly seems to feel that way. And if coaches deceived my son I would be upset as would any parent. Don't be a complete homer and pretend what happened was on the up and up.
Comment 06 Feb 2015
This was a shady move period and if that was my son I'd be furious with OSU's staff. If Harbaugh pulled this move everyone here would be killing him. If Weber wants out of his commitment they should let him. I hope he chooses to stick with it but I couldn't blame him if he wanted to back out.
Comment 28 Jan 2015
A few people said the same about Zeke when he visited Missouri right before NSD. Losing Weber would be a big deal. We need a true RB in this class plus it would definitely increase our chances with 2016 recruits from his school.
Comment 26 Jan 2015
Birm, I have a few questions about how this Prince situation went down. Did the staff contact you or did Prince about keeping this hush hush? Did the same person contact other recruiting services and make the same request? Are you and other guys that cover OSU upset with the person that spilled the beans?Do you think the person that let it out will have issues with the staff and recruits in the future as a result of breaking that trust?