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Comment 11 hours ago
I agree. I have the feeling that if Smith commits Tuesday that Wilson is more likely to be a Buckeye. OSU has a lot of momentum after Browning commitment. It's really going to snowball if Smith joins too.
Comment 02 Dec 2016
Browning's long ball looks like a punt. Hooker would've had at least 2 picks if he was in Colorado's secondary. I'm not impressed with either one of these teams.Too bad we won't get a chance to play the winner
Comment 01 Dec 2016
I'm from Youngstown. I've been a diehard JT fan my whole life. He did amazing things at Ohio State. I'm both pround and thankful for everything he did. That being said, Urban is on a whole different level. He is winning and recruiting on an insane level. This class is going to be crazy. I told my kids that they are lucky enough to be growing up in a golden age of OSU football.
Comment 01 Dec 2016
A couple of posters over on a Tennessee board are saying that Smiths uncle is telling people that Trey is going to OSU. Take it what it's worth. Not a lot of optimism from the Tennessee fans over there.
Comment 29 Nov 2016
Considering Greg and Urban are really good friends and Urban asks all coaches for at least 2 yrs I find the Schiano rumor a little surprising.
Comment 26 Nov 2016
Can Oliver transfer to Texas? Or is he still stuck in Houston trying to complete the H-Town takeover? I feel bad for all of those freshman and sophomores that bought into that line of shit. And I know it's not Tom's fault that the B12 didn't expand but it sucks for those kids that committed to him
Comment 26 Nov 2016
Dear Urban, everyone in the stadium knows Samuel is getting the ball when you run the Jet sweep from under center. I mean everyone
Comment 25 Nov 2016
I've never seen a visitors list like that in the 16yrs I've followed recruiting. I'm blown away with the amount of talent visiting for this game.
Comment 25 Nov 2016
No kidding. Buckeye fans have called for Warinner and Beck's job multiple for losing 2 games in 2 years not to mention the fire Fickell movement. There would be a riot in Columbus if we lost 20 games in the last couple of years. I like Charlie but you can't keep your job at Texas with that record especially if you lose to Kansas.
Comment 24 Nov 2016
Mike Weber is the perfect example of if you buy in and trust the staff you will succeed. He could've quit, transfered to UM and sat behind another RB that is underachieving, out of shape and has entitlement issues. Instead Mike chose to buy in, put in the work and it's showing on the field. He's going to reach 1000 yds and is currently on a trajectory to the NFL.
Comment 21 Nov 2016
We lost to a 9-2 8th ranked Penn state team after they had 2 weeks to prepare by a fluke blocked field goal after controlling the game up until that point. Michigan lost to 6-4 unranked dog shit Iowa team. End of argument.
Comment 20 Nov 2016
Totally agree. That's why I thought that the door might be more than slightly open for someone to beat JT out. Those play makers that are young and inconsistent are only going to improve. Not so sure about JT's accuracy.
Comment 20 Nov 2016
Maybe its possible that any talk of JT leaving for the draft could have more to do with the QB'S behind him. There is a lot of talent sitting behind him right now. As inaccurate as JT has been this year it's possible that he gets beat out.
Comment 20 Nov 2016
I'm probably in the minority here but I kind of like Harbaugh. I love how socially awkward he is. I love how competitive he is. I respect how he has made Michigan relevant again. And there is no denying that Harbaugh has helped (with a lot of help from Urban) make the Bigten become respectable again. I know he's the Michigan coach and I'm supposed to hate him but I find other coaches way more irritating(Dabo).
Comment 19 Nov 2016
Did you see that sweet play by Peppers when he got a hand off, thought about throwing it and then decided to run for 1 yard? Clearly a play that locked up the Heisman.
Comment 17 Nov 2016
I can understand why Jake would think about flipping to Colorado. Close to home, way less competition and they are putting a nice little season together. I hope he sticks but Urban has been knocking it out of the park with the O line recruiting so we'll be okay.