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Comment 20 Dec 2014
That's because the B10 allows these bottom feeder programs to keep cashing the big TV and Bowl checks and they don't sink it back into their programs. It pissses me off to see these programs continue to not pay coaches and not reinvest into their facilities.
Comment 17 Dec 2014
I would be willing to throw in on a GoFundme to pay someone to punch Buck I Guy in the face during the Sugar Bowl. I cringe every time I see that rimjob on TV.
Comment 14 Dec 2014
The title for this 30 for 30 should've been Just Another Jim Tressel Victim.
Comment 12 Dec 2014
He is very good at shedding blocks and finding the ball. I love that he doesn't give up when double teamed. Plays low, has great hands and plays hard until the whistle blows. He looked good against big time programs. I like the offer.
Comment 08 Dec 2014
I wish I could upvote this ten more times
Comment 08 Dec 2014
Blah blah blah. We're in. I can care less what anyone thinks. I will say this about SVP, he is a huge fan of 11w and often tweets to staff members so he's OK with me.
Comment 07 Dec 2014
He went down pretty hard on his last run. I figured they took him out because he was winded or hurt. If you watch the replay, he hit the ground hard after that cheap shot. They probably didn't think Samuel was going to run for a TD on the next play and they could've got Dunn back in after a few plays.By the way Samuel looked like he was shot out of a Cannon on that run.
Comment 04 Dec 2014
I could see the D playing lights out. They will be playing with a lot of emotion. Trying to honor Kosta will be a huge motivating factor and I see the D-line playing the best game of the year. I can also see Cardale hitting a few deep balls when the safeties cheat up to stop the zone read and the jet sweep. If Herman can call this game similar to the MSU game and keep Wisky's D on their toes I think we win big time. I just hope Herman doesn't tighten up the playbook. We can't afford 3 and outs. Field position will also be a huge factor so I hope Cameron has the game of his life. 31-28 OSU
Comment 02 Dec 2014
It amazes me that every year D2 has a 16 team playoff and every year they have a legitimate NC but D1 has this jenky ass system that relies on biased opinions instead of letting it play out on the field. No major conference champion should be denied a chance to play in the playoffs. This current 4 team playoff is a joke. If we win this week and are left out I don't know if I can bring myself to watch the playoffs.
Comment 30 Nov 2014
JT also had a few games to knock off the rust and get adjusted to the game speed. Cardale is making his debut in the B10 championship game. Let's try to remain realistic, we just need him to get the ball to the play makers and not turn the ball over. After that he'll have almost a full month to get all the reps and get ready for whatever post season game we end up with.
Comment 30 Nov 2014
I applaud your optimism but that is a ridiculous statement. The only real game experience Cardale has seen was in the spring game and his accuracy was terrible. I'm sure he has improved but I wouldn't take him over a proven starter with experience right now. I'm all for trying to remain positive but I'm not expecting Cardale to light the world on fire Saturday. I'd be happy if he can protect the ball and move the chains with a couple of short passes. It would give us our best chance to win.
Comment 26 Nov 2014
I can't see Fick leaving 400k on the table to go to YSU. I do think he could easily turn YSU around. Tress did it by convincing local MAC level kids to stay home. The last two coaches did a terrible job of recruiting the Youngstown area.
Comment 22 Nov 2014
I'm ready to put all of the chips in on Weber. Seems like we have a better chance with him and it would definitely help us get our foot further in the door at Cass Tech