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Comment 14 Aug 2014
Who cares? Why announce your sexual preference to the rest of the team anyway? It's nobody's business and it has nothing to do with playing football. Is it for a pat on the back and to have people tell them how brave they are? I don't get. It's not a big deal anymore. I can't wait until the media tires of these stories and covers some actual news.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
At halftime of the 2007 NC game I looked at my brother in total disgust and said, "I hope Troy Smith comes out in his white shoes like Reno Hightower." It was the last thing I remembered before I drank myself into a coma.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
As far as I can tell OSU using them for out of state talent to try open pipelines and to keep their options open. I really haven't seen Urban make any in state non committable offers. It is more likely that an Ohio kid that OSU has as a third option would jump on an offer and put the staff in a bad position to tell the kid they can't accept. It would burn bridges with high school coaches all over the state.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
Bo is slowly becoming my favorite coach that isn't a Buckeye. You kinda have to respect his I don't give a shit attitude.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
I really don't trust a kids "offer" sheet either. Who knows how many of those were actually committable. I see other kids commit to other schools all the time that claim they had an offer from OSU and it's well known their offer was non committable. On another note, high schools need to do a better job of teaching the definition of the word commit.
Comment 11 Aug 2014
Why hasn't anyone mentioned the movie Best of Times? That movie was great. It may be my favorite Williams movie.
Comment 07 Aug 2014
A couple observations. Urban wasn't joking when he said that the incoming freshmen class had B10 ready bodies. I can't believe how the freshman o line look. Jones and Meech definitely look the part. I haven't been this impressed with an incoming class in a long time. It's loaded from top to bottom. I think it's why Urban felt so comfortable offering kids in the 2015 kids that may be raw but have a really high ceiling. One other thing, Sprinkle has a freakishly big head.
Comment 04 Aug 2014
Steve Bellisari. Nobody could throw a slant to the sidelines like Steve. It may have hit the Gatorade coolers instead of a receiver but it looked like it was shot out of a cannon.
Comment 04 Aug 2014
Does anyone know the hierarchy here at 11w? Who owns it? I've been visiting here for a while but I don't know much about it's staff or history. The only thing I can figure out is that Birm is an elite writer and a very informative follow on Twitter. Also Ramzy writes some awesome articles football and non football related. He reminds me of the Dos Equis guy, The Most Interesting Man In The World. Stay thirsty fellow Eleven Warriors
Comment 03 Aug 2014
I don't know if anyone else felt the same but the second the ball was snapped I knew the game was over. Grant timed the snap perfectly.
Comment 31 Jul 2014
They did a hair sample and it was negative. If he had done any Coke in the last few months it would've shown. It's proof that he wasn't high or wasn't doing drugs. That goes a long way. Also it doesn't seem like he was a distributor. Doesn't make sense that he'd drive all the way home to push a few grams. He wouldn't even make his gas money back. I think that he made a stupid mistake and is already paying a pretty high price. If he is willing to fight his way from the dog house back onto the team I'd give him a second chance but I wouldn't make it an easy road to take.
Comment 30 Jul 2014
He's a young kid whose "friends" are pumping his head full of bullshit right now. Some kids stay more grounded when this happens and some don't. Eventually reality will hit him like a ton of bricks just like any other high school kid. Considering Urban's background in psychology he is more than capable of helping this kid become a better man and football player if he ends up here.
Comment 28 Jul 2014
I'm reserving judgement until after the season. Player rankings can drastically. I've seen players jump 60 spots after a break out senior year.Also Another dominant season should help land a few more elite players. Wait till February.