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Comment 19 May 2016

They are no longer the only game in town when it comes to viewing sports.

True, but ABC/ESPN control all but one of the bowls and all of the CFP. As far as college football goes, they are the Big Boss. And SportsCenter is still the preeminent sports news/highlights/wrapup show, and will be for years to come. (Does Fox even have a competitor to SC? I looked at the Fox Sports website and could not find one.) Kids want to be on SportsCenter, and exposure on ESPN can be and is used as a recruiting tool. 

Whatever channel the Buckeyes are playing on, we'll find it. 

This isn't about die-hard OSU fans, who will find the game on Fox Sports Midwest Alt. 3, if that's where it's airing. This is about (1) non-B1G college football fans and (2) casual viewers. Leaving ESPN would undoubtedly result in a loss of them. Just a few years ago, Delany admitted two additional schools to the B1G solely to get more eyeballs. Leaving ESPN would cost the B1G a significant number of eyeballs, maybe as many as were gained in expansion.

Comment 18 May 2016

 SportsCenter could still carry the highlights, they do that now with games from other networks.

They *could*, sure -- but they'd have no incentive to. Or they would, but only after all the SEC highlights, etc. And whereas now, they'll show highlights and then go to an interview with Herbie or whoever worked the game to discuss more in-depth, once the B1G is off ABC/ESPN, you'll get a ~45-sec clip package and on to the next thing. How many times did ESPN show Braxton's spin move vs. Va Tech? Dozens? A hundred times? More?? If that game was broadcast on Fox? Its life cycle would've been 24 hours at best.  

Comment 18 May 2016

All we have to do is look back on the last ten years of treatment they've given Big Ten schools, dating from the last time Delaney flipped them the bird.  He went on to establish BTN, and that was absolutely the right choice for the conference.  Would it have worked as well if he hadn't left some skin in the ESPN game? 

Preach! The BEST move Delaney made when he "rolled the dice" was to still give ESPN a taste. If he'd pulled out completely (*phrasing*), I think it would have been disastrous for the B1G.

Comment 18 May 2016

That's a big IF and based on what may happen in the future, likely several years in the making. ESPN did not become the sports juggernaut it is overnight, and Fox won't be able to replicate it overnight (though they appear to be trying with their recent hires). Meanwhile, the B1G is residing on FS1 and none of the B1G title contenders get their highlights on SportsCenter, GameDay never visits Columbus again, and CFB fandom splits not only on conference lines, but now on network lines. Only one of those networks has the rights to the CFP and all but one bowl game -- I for one would want to be partnered with that network. 

Comment 18 May 2016

As for bowl games and CFP access: It could be argued that leaving ESPN would increase B1G chances in appearing in those games. ESPN college football ratings will suffer without B1G viewers. The bowl games and CFP games would be their only opportunities to get those viewers back. They might bend over backwards (sorry TCU & Baylor) to include the B1G, especially OSU!

While that could happen, it doesn't seem likely IMO. To the extent ABC/ESPN actively influences participants in the bowls and CFP, I think it much more likely that they'd use the influence to exclude non-partners in favor of partners. (FWIW, I think ABC/ESPN have no active influence over bowl/CFP participants.)

Comment 16 May 2016

I had a boss who would (jokingly, I think) call people 'gold-brickers', which to his mind (I think he said it was used in the military) meant one who is lazy and ineffective. Slightly different from your definition. Still in the same vein, though -- and not something that would fit well in Minny's context.

Comment 13 May 2016

Reading that article reminded me of a very similar experience at tOSU. My roommate and I went to Big Bear (RIP) on N. High late at night. A car with 4 dudes pulled up right behind us and seemed to be following us. We turned, they turned. We sped up, they sped up. We freaked a little bit and tried some evasive driving. At one point, we turned into a parking lot that didn't have a second exit, so we had to turn around. The dudes bailed out of their car as we were passing them on the way out, and one knocked on our windshield with the butt of a gun. We blew out of there, finally ended up on High, and got pulled over by 6+ cop cars. Turned out the car following us were plain-clothes cops, who never identified themselves or showed badges. They thought we'd been drinking (luckily both of us were stone sober), and they still ended up charging my roommate for assault (claiming he bumped one of the cops as we left that parking lot). He was able to get the charges dropped, but sadly no $200K payout. 

Comment 11 May 2016

How does Tenn get recruits/respect year after year with a record like that?

I'm sure they use the excuse that many of those games were against other SEC foes.

From what other people tell me, they lead the charts in those "Hottest Women in College"  

A buddy of mine worked at UT for several years so I have spent some time on campus and at FB games. While they have some talent (see: Breana Dodd), I would not put them at #1 on that list. IMO Ole Miss leads the SEC and there's a lot of competition from Arizona State and Southern Cal. 

Comment 06 May 2016

I'm looking forward to the #Fetch19 class.

Comment 06 May 2016

Also, given the recent entries in his TL, I have no doubt that Joey tweeted shit at MT and CJ at some point during the season, which is why they're blocked. To paraphrase a former starting QB, JoeyMcBuckets is a fake-ass Buckeye fan.

Comment 06 May 2016

 I honestly can't conceive a single scenario where a Gorilla wins.  

Well, what if the gorilla had a cudgel, or a bat, or an M-16? The ability to use tools is what separates gorillas from lions.