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Comment 24 Jun 2016

Agreed. While I don't discount LeBron's successes (both this year and prior) and the greatness of the Cavs winning the NBA title this year, IMO a non-TBDBITL member dotting the I is a supreme honor and privilege that should not be bestowed rarely and only for those truly worthy. Not saying LBJ would never be worthy, just that I don't think he's worthy now. Jack was honored after he retired from golf. Woody, long after his reign in Columbus came to its ignominious end. Sen. Glenn, long after he'd retired from the Navy, NASA and the US Senate. Buster Douglas is the real outlier among the honorees, and is an example of a poor choice of honoree (not that LBJ is BD). I get that it may be an immediate recruiting benefit to have him dot the I, but some things should be above such motivations.

[Unrelated, but I was perusing John Glenn's Wikipedia page, and under "Awards and honors" there is NOT an entry for dotting the I. Anyone here who edits Wikipedia pages, I urge you to correct this gross omission.]

Comment 24 Jun 2016

Well, if you put it that way.... 

I'll admit, I was amused by it. I presume the defendant was working on a mental incompetence defense. The judge, who should have known better and should be more composed, really lost his shit -- which honestly reflects more poorly on him than the defendant (who has nothing to lose). 

Comment 01 Jun 2016

but don't give them money by letting them play the Big 10

It wouldn't be "giving them money", as the SEC is doing pretty well financially. It should be a huge cash boon to both conferences, though. 

Comment 01 Jun 2016

I seem to recall their voluntarily crossing into Pennsylvania 153 years ago, but it didn't work out too well for them.