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Comment 10 Jan 2017

Can't understand why any college football fan would not watch the two best teams in the nation playing in the last night of the season.

I have a job and two kids under 3, so sleep is more important to me than a game between two teams I despise, even if it was the national championship. So that's why I went to bed at halftime. (And it ended up being a good thing I did, since my daughter woke up vomiting at 4:30.) Maybe I'm not a real CFB fan....

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I think the #1 was correct -- if for no other reason than it was the game winner -- but I totally agree the 3rd & 9 run without which The Spot (which was good) would not have been possible, leading to the Brooklyn Dagger, is deserving of an entry in the Top 11, probably top 5. If I had to lose one of the others, probably the Maryland highlight (because Maryland) or the Fiesta Bowl highlight (while beautiful, it ended up being for naught). 

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Unless Hawk and Carp gave opponents Cleveland Steamers, get out of here with that BS false equivalence. That's as bad as Boulware: Poke opponent in belly button = fondling his genitals. If you and your teammates are OK with groping each other's genitals, that's fine I guess -- but you don't do that shit to opponents (because, among other reasons, there is no explicit or tacit consent). If the refs saw it, that should be a personal foul, at least.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

Agreed, but there is a question as to how long "indefinitely" will last. If K had said he's suspended the rest of the season, or for X games, then we would know and could base our opinions on it. But saying it is indefinite leaves it open to conjecture. Given that Dook has FSU and Louisville in 4 and 5 games, respectively, I'm guessing (though I could be wrong) that it'll end up being a 3-game suspension. 

Comment 22 Dec 2016

Whattaya mean "we"?! 8-) *I* already have their climate -- I live in SEC-adjacent North Cackalacky. 

Comment 22 Dec 2016

Absolutely. For whatever reason, K has gained a national reputation for being not only a good coach but an upstanding one, but it's all a joke. He allows bush league play from his team just like the coaches who are supposedly his antithesis (e.g., Calipari, Pitino, etc.) and he works the refs harder (and is successful in doing so) than any coach I've seen. Oh, he also lectures players on the teams that beat his, then lies about it afterwards. He's a gold-plated dirtbag and one of the many reasons why I've actively rooted against Dook in all of their MBB endeavors.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

They don't really have much else, besides NASCAR and SEC football.

And climate. I'll take the SEC climate over the B1G climate any day. 

Comment 20 Dec 2016

DJ's summary doesn't reveal it, but the article quoted is "Why the Big Ten isn’t 2016’s best overall conference" (emphasis added). So if you're judging a conference overall, you have to look at it from top to bottom. Hence counting Rutgers, Purdue, Illinois and Sparty. If the ranking was instead of conferences with the best performances (or something like that), then even Connolly would agree the B1G is at the top of the list.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

Yes, Ohio State, Penn State, TSUN, Nebraska, even Wisconsin had solid to great years. But don't forget the B1G also includes Rutgers, Purdue, Illinois, and a surprisingly putrid Sparty. The 2015 B1G CCG participants went a combined 11-13 in 2016 after getting toasted in their bowl games last year. 

So yeah, when you look at the top of the conferences, I totally agree (and I think Bill would too) that the B1G is the best conference. But when you look in the conference basements, the B1G basement stinks more than the SEC's or ACC's. 

Comment 19 Dec 2016

It's about playing college football for the last time, with your teammates. That shouldn't have to be explained.. Sorry. I disagree with your point. I understand your stance, just a different mindset.

And I understand the other side of it. You can disagree with LF's/CM's stance (not really mine - I was just arguing on their behalf), but if you understand the position, and understand it's a choice, then I don't see why (and not saying you in particular are doing this) they're getting so much grief. It's a personal decision that may have dramatic ramifications on their futures. Agree with them or not, it's their choice. 

Also, no, not kidding at all. I honestly can't think of a non-BCS/CFP bowl that meant more to me than that year's Game (though my memory is crap at times). If you can think of one, please let me know. Last year's was great because we got to smoke the Domers, which is always awesome, but beating Harbaugh in AA a month or so earlier meant more to me. The only other I could think might contend was Arkansas in the Sugar right before/during Tatgate -- but that may have had more to do with our perennial destruction of TTUN during the Tressel era than the 'importance' of beating the Hogs.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

If Ohio State or Bama was playing in the Sun Bowl, I bet there's a greater chance a projected top-10 pick from the Buckeyes or the Tide would sit it out. We're fortunate in that the bowls our team plays in -- even when it's not for the national championship -- are more consequential. Few if any people really give a *^&%#@ about the Sun Bowl or even the Citrus Bowl. 

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Yes, they would, assuming they're healthy (I know Fournette was struggling with his recovery). These guys finished out the season -- the only thing left for them is an exhibition game for which they'll receive a trip to an exotic locale (Orlando or El Paso), some swag from Fossil, Best Buy and others and maybe a gaudy ring. 

As much as we fans may want to think the bowl games are important, apart from the CFP, none of them is. I totally understand that opinion and wanting one of your team's stars to play in the game -- I'd have been disappointed if Zeke sat out the Fiesta last year -- but it isn't about the fans, it's about the player and his future. There was nothing more for them to prove and they'd finished the season. 

And a question to anyone thinking the Citrus and Sun Bowls are more than glorified exhibition games: Name the last non-BCS/CFP bowl game that meant more to you than The Game.