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Comment 19 Oct 2016

Yeah -- I *think* the home team has its choice of unis, so I don't know why they don't opt to wear their whites when they do a white-out. It's silly, really. Maybe they don't want the Buckeyes to feel more at home wearing their classic scarlet jerseys. I can't think of another reason....

Comment 17 Oct 2016

That's not entirely fair, Carolina. I think K State could be a real MAC power, and Iowa State would probably at least be a middling MAC program. /s

Comment 14 Oct 2016

Future, "thanks" (/s) for bringing that article to my attention. I wouldn't give it much credence for various reasons:

1. It's in an airline magazine -- not exactly SI, or TSN, or even the National Enquirer. They have a captive audience for hours at a time, offer the magazine for free, and still very few people read it. (Case in point: I was on an AA flight 4 days ago and never touched the magazine.)

2. The author thinks there's no reason to cheer for college teams because the pros exist. For me, that's an automatic disqualification of his opinion.

3. He went to college at a small school that attempted to revive a 1-AA football program while he was in school, and -- SHOCKINGLY -- it did not go well.

4. It all appeared to be a way for the author to needle his editor, a Mizzou grad. 

5. He complains about CFB fans, yet he lives in Philly. Wow. Just, wow. 

All in all, it was a terrible "take" piece that was unworthy of your, my, or anyone else's time spent reading it. And I'll conclude my review by stating there is one comment of the author with which I totally agree -- his bio: "JOHN GONZALEZ has been a columnist, a magazine writer, a radio host, a television host and, briefly, a politician. He was average to awful at all of those jobs." Yes, Mr. Gonzalez, you are right on that count -- you are awful as a columnist and magazine writer. 

Comment 28 Sep 2016

Rutgers seriously claims a national championship when there was only one other team and both teams finished 1-1?!? That's more suspect than some of the Bama and Auburn "championships"....

Comment 28 Sep 2016

I'd be shocked if Gundy left OK State. He's not getting fired because there isn't a better HC candidate that could be lured to Stillwater with the other HC openings that will exist this year, and Gundy isn't getting a better offer elsewhere. And he just signed another contract extension through the 2021 season, making firing more expensive (though nothing's too expensive for T.Boone). 

Comment 22 Sep 2016

As Johnny would say, that shirt is savage.