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Comment 09 Dec 2016

I think an 8-team playoff would make the conference championships more meaningful. If they go to 8, it's an almost certainty that the five P5 conference champs would get auto-bids (that's the condition needed for the conferences to agree to it), and maybe an autobid to the highest ranked G5 team. So PSU would've been in, regardless of ranking. And if UF had somehow beaten Bama, they would've been in -- under the current system, Bama would have been in win or lose last weekend, and UF would've been out even if they won. Here's how it would look this year (courtesy SB Nation): 

Other than a rematch of The Game, it provides some pretty solid match-ups (of course, if the committee knew they were taking 8, they might rejigger the rankings to get the match-ups they want, or rather avoid the match-ups they don't want, just as the MBB committee does with March Madness). Plus, the first round of games could be on the campus of the higher seeded team. So you could have the possibility of, say, Bama, UF or LSU having to travel to Columbus, AA, or Madison in December to play -- THAT would be awesome.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

There's no perennial FB/MBB school, though I thought OSU might be headed that way a decade ago -- and we may be the closest a school has gotten to being a combined powerhouse. Florida obviously had a few years (at the same time, coincidentally) of combined strength, Texas too IIRC. Louisville may be the best combined program currently -- #11 in MBB, 15 in FB. As you point out, both Wiscy and WVU have top 17 teams in MBB and FB -- but neither is a perennial power in both sports. It's just tough to be a power in both sports, regardless of how much money, name recognition, facilities, etc. a school has. 

Comment 01 Dec 2016


ESPN’s TV audience (2,614,000 viewers) is the largest for the show since November 24, 2007, from Kansas City – which includes all episodes since the show expanded to three hours in 2013 – and is the second best for the program.

Second-highest in history, highest since 2007.  

Comment 11 Nov 2016

Heavy drinking is defined as the consumption per week of 15 or more drinks for men, and eight or more drinks for women.

So if I have 2 beers a night (one with dinner, one post-dinner), and have an extra on Saturday night (or more, if the Buckeyes are playing in prime time) -- but never achieve much of a buzz, let alone get close to drunk -- I'm a heavy drinker?! That's some BS. 

Comment 10 Nov 2016

2-4 with 2 picks. So, I read it to mean either the receiver catches the ball, or Marshon does. I think I'm comfortable with Marshon getting interceptions on 50% of throws to his man.

[EDIT] OK, as Brandon notes below, there's a typo -- it should be 2 catches on 14 throws. That makes more sense. Still, if he averages a pick for every catch he allows, that's pretty damn good.