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Comment 15 Mar 2017

If your fancy beer was so good more people would drink it.  

They do, every year. While the overall beer market has been falling for several years, the craft beer market has been posting double-digit gains. 

I think it tastes like turds and most people agree based on beer sales.

And I think Miller Lite tastes like piss. But beer sales and the beer economy are not strictly determined by taste. Availability, marketing, distribution, etc. all play a roll in why more Budweiser is sold than, e.g., Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Agreed, wholeheartedly -- though so is Coors Light and Bud Light. I'm surprised Miller Lite accounted for so much of the sales. When I was in school (admittedly, a couple decades ago) Bud products seemed to dominate. We spent many an evening downing Natty Lights or, when we wanted to 'splurge', Bud Lights. I could never drink Miller products -- gave me the worst headaches, even after just a couple. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

No worries, Fido. And I seriously don't know if the TM would survive a court review. The good thing (for the university, at least) is that it has deep, deep pockets, probably much deeper than any challenger -- so it'll never actually get tested in court. Kinda like how a certain fundraising tailgate was forced to change its name because of a C&D from the university. It's possible the operators of said tailgate could have one a challenge in court -- but it would've bankrupted them several times over in the process. 

Comment 14 Feb 2017

While I will not choose cursive as the hill to die on, I find it much faster/easier to write in cursive than in print. And while much of what I do is at a keyboard, I still do a fair amount of handwriting (taking notes in a meeting, marking changes on a document, etc.). (TBH, though, my handwriting is not 100% cursive -- I'll do a print 'z', 's' and 'b' rather than the silly cursive versions.)

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Say what you will about Harbaugh's antics. It's a helluva way to defeat the army of bagmen that pervades college football.

Harbaugh doesn't so much defeat the army of bagmen as become his own bagman, paying off recruit's parents/HS coaches with (presumably) lucrative jobs while just barely skirting the NCAA rule book. Funny, if a booster had given the dad a job, it may have caused an NCAA investigation, but because the school hired him, it's legal.