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Comment 04 Apr 2016

1) Barrett was always the starter, but he broke his ankle.

2) Outside of Thomas, all of our presumed starters got injured.

3) We put Warinner in the box, and things magically improved.  And yes, Warinner was calling the plays all season.

I love the whole #HireBeck thing, but seriously, our offensive identity was demolished with injuries.  This season should go well after some bumps if we have a healthy set of starters.

Comment 02 Apr 2016

Coffee connoisseurs would never recommend pouring over the grounds twice.  This would be overextraction, just like doubling the time on a French press, and lead to something really bitter

Comment 31 Mar 2016

The best upgrade for coffee is filtered water, or distilled if you wish.  With hard water, it's harder to dissolve the coffee to make it through the filter, which leads to a weaker cup than with filtered/distilled.

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Honestly, they'll all pretty good.  I've used Sandisk for years and PNY some recently.  Sandisk Ultra is crap (not sure about the Fit above) and several have died in a short amount of time, but Sandisk Extreme is like a solid state drive and very, very fast.

Comment 23 Mar 2016

So you don't hold Urban/Johnson to a very high standard.  I guess they didn't train up Bosa/Washington/Lewis/Hubbard/Holmes very well.

Just poking fun.  I know we have a lot of spots to fill, but I think every coach has shown that he can pick starters and have them running at a high level in the near future.  With the exception of Barrett and WRs last year with injuries of course.

Comment 23 Mar 2016

Truth is ........... I miss a lot even if I read it. 

Yeah, I've been that way ever since having a child.  Anyway, thanks for not using your mod powers to change my comment to "hurr durr!"

Comment 15 Mar 2016

AVG is great, and I have used Spybot for forever, but I'll have to check out Malware Bytes.  I've had AVG catch things that Norton didn't, and Spybot gives you passive protection (but have to update every Wednesday), which stops known scripts on the internet from infecting your computer in the first place.

Lastly, the only time I've gotten a virus was from putting my flash drive in a shared work computer.  So make sure to scan your flash drive and have IT upgrade security on work computers as necessary.