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Comment 28 Aug 2015

'Man that hotel was disgusting.  I won't say which hotel it was, but they'll leave the light on for you.'

Thanks, Bob and Tom.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

Apparently Illinois education sucks, because they don't expect their Chinese students will be able to understand the football game in English.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

I don't really know how Mich. St. runs things, but this sounded like a pre-emptive face saving move.  I think they knew Cupp was good enough, so they kicked him before he could decommit.

Regardless, you have to love getting these hard working Ohio guys.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

I'm about to get my Ph.D.  I always tell the new students that there's two reasons to get one: research or teaching.  If you aren't interested in research or teaching, then there are only a few new opportunities from getting a Ph.D., and in general it isn't worth having a Ph.D. over a master's degree.  After 2 years in a Ph.D., you've learned all of the tools you're going to learn, so there's no reason to stay.  A few people leave our program voluntarily, and it isn't a bad choice.  Assuming you already have an incidental master's degree, I'd say it's time to go.  If your program doesn't do that, you may look into taking another year to do some research and find a close master's that you can complete in the same time; if you don't change your mind by then, you can always leave.