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Comment 16 Jan 2017

Here some bands I've recently come across.  Worth a listen.

Dead Daisies - Lead singer is John Corabi

JJ Grey and the Mofro - Love this guys soul.

Trombone Shorty - INCREDIBLE Live performances Wait at least until 1:14

Joe Bonamassa - my all time favorite guitarist.

Comment 21 Oct 2016

Collar bone he broke at the start of the season.  Hasn't recovered and is shutting it down.  That is my understanding.

Comment 08 Oct 2016

Same - I kept it for a few months, but rid of it.  Didn't like the interface, wasn't worth it.

Comment 05 Oct 2016

Long range forecast for Matthew: thrown for a loop
Thanks to my advancing years and a low-stress lifestyle that features daily meditation, there’s not much that can move me to profanity—except the occasional low-skill driver who endangers my life on the road. But this morning while looking at the latest weather model runs, multiple very bad words escaped my lips. I’ve been a meteorologist for 35 years, and am not easily startled by a fresh set of model results: situations in 2005 and 1992 are the only ones that come to mind. However, this morning’s depiction by our top models—the GFS, European, and UKMET—of Matthew missing getting picked up by the trough to its north this weekend and looping back to potentially punish The Bahamas and Florida next week was worthy of profuse profanity. While a loop back towards Florida and The Bahamas next week is not yet a sure thing, the increasing trend of our top models in that direction is a strong indication that Matthew will be around for a very long time. Long-range forecasts of wind shear are not very reliable, but this morning’s wind shear forecast from the 00Z run of the European model does show a low to moderate shear environment over the Bahamas and waters surrounding South Florida late next week, potentially supportive of a hurricane--if Matthew survives the high wind shear of 50+ knots expected to affect the storm early next week. The bottom line is that it currently appears that Matthew will not recurve out to sea early next week, and The Bahamas and Florida may have to deal with the storm again next week.

Comment 05 Oct 2016

My mom lived in Palm City, FL back in 2005 when Wilma hit.  She was recently widowed at the time, and stayed in her one story condo with some friends from her church.  I remember her telling me they laid on the bedroom floor with their feet pushing against the mattress which was stood up against the bedroom door. 

I had no way of contacting her as her cell phone had died.  Two days later she called me and I booked her a flight out of Palm beach.  She sold her condo the next year and we moved her back up to Cleveland.

Her stories of the hurricanes that she went through in 2004 and 2005 didnt sound fun at all.

I miss my mom.