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Comment 10 Feb 2016

Connie just went back into surgery.  Prayers are most welcomed now for her and the surgeons.

Thank you all,

Comment 07 Feb 2016

The story is better told in person over a few beers. Here it goes.

On Easter, 1995, I was traveling from Cleveland back to Columbus with my now ex-wife and 15 month old daughter.  Traffic was the kind where you are traveling 60, then come to an immediate stop...pick up to 35, then stop,... rinse and repeat.  My daughter was throwing a fit in the back car seat, so my ex unbuckled her seat belt and was trying to spoon feed our daughter to settle her down.  Being distracted in that kind of traffic, I looked up and slammed on the breaks at about 35 mph.  Hit the car in front of me, who hit the car in front of it....three car accident, my fault.

364 days later, I get a certified package indicating that I am being sued for 250K.  At the time, my limits were only 100k.  After months of depositions, we go to trial.  I am on the stand, fully admitting my negligence, but the court proceedings surrounded the surgeon shopping the guy I hit did , to find one willing to operate on his shoulder.  He eventually ended up with the Reds orthopedic.  Lots of evidence was presented, and the jury came back with a verdict for the guy suing me of 14k.

After an appeal and several postponed trials (spanned over 5 years, I showed up for the new trial and was told to go home, that a settlement was ready to happen.  Called me back to the court house, and we settled because the kid suing me had other family issues going on.  His dad had been indicted for murdering his mother. 

Fast forward another year or so, I am watching an episode of 48 hours, and the show is about the father that was indicted for murder, who eventually got off due to to some unfortunate mis steps by the police and attorneys.

7 years of depositions, trials, countless visits with my attorney.... that is why I have raised my liability limits and purchased a 1 million PUL as well.

Comment 27 Jan 2016

That they couldn't find a large enough venue for the viewing for all of the people that he impacted throughout his life.

Honestly, I think about it a lot.  Live my life so my viewing is packed.  Would make my family (two daughters) really proud.

Comment 10 Jan 2016

Slyman' I miss that place.  That's where I always went when I had to have good corned beef.  Otherwise it was Corky and Lennys..

Comment 07 Jan 2016

These are great suggestions!  I have emailed a few already to get pricing and availability.



Comment 13 Dec 2015

He pushed his way through the students and fans at the NC ceremony at the shoe this past January...all the while carrying a doll of himself. 

It's simple - a grown man doesn't go out in public dressed up in costume - unless he is self serving egotistical delusional whack job.