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Comment 22 Dec 2016

Do we know what his role will be, other than "Defensive Assistant Coach?" I read through the comments and share some of the skepticism about his NFL defensive rankings and short stays with various teams. Any insight into the history of the short tenures?

Comment 29 Mar 2016

Hey man. Lay off DJ about this basketball stuff. He's spot on. However .... I admit that Superman beats Batman in 15 seconds (or less) but it doesn't make Batman any less cool. His costume is 10x cooler than Superman's and he hangs out in a CAVE versus Superman hanging out in a newspaper office? Everyone is entitled to a favorite superhero and while Bell's assessment of Batman may overlook some things, Batman is still pretty awesome. I like Batman.

Comment 26 Nov 2015

Something in me is rooting for Michigan outside of the OSU game. It was/is just somehow more interesting and fun when they were competitive. That said, Michigan fans can be douches (but probably so can some of us).

Last week's play-calling and game-planning does, however, deserve plenty of criticism. The game was plenty winnable in spite of, not because of, the playcalling.