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Comment 20 Mar 2014

Agree. It's like finally being put out of your misery. Almost seems a fitting end to the season and to look forward to next year.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Check out the Ohio criminals - Charles Manson and Jeffery Dahmer both Ohioans.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

First off, yea, unbelievable that students moved from dorms from cockroaches. Soft is too generous to describe that.

On Ohio people, not sure if you would include Bo Schembechler? Would he be a compliment or an insult to Michigan to include?

It's an impressive list:

Comment 25 Feb 2014

Maybe I'm ignorant but isn't the NCAA just a membership organization of universities, and doesn't it then reflect the demands and principles of the universities themselves? It seems much of the the mandate of the NCAA is concerned with ensuring that the university sports programs retain their amateur status so they can remain tax-free, which I guess is what the universities demand of it. If the member universities really wanted to change the way the NCAA operates couldn't they just change things any time they really want to? Everyone bashes the NCAA but if it's just representing the universities, shouldn't the universities and their leadership be the ones who are scrutinized?

Comment 12 Apr 2013

Does anyone know if the game will be shown on the internet anywhere? I'm overseas.


Comment 14 Feb 2013

Woody died about a month after his birthday. On his birthday that year he came into the OSU Faculty Club and was served a birthday cake. I was working there but some other waiter got to serve him his cake. I remember him stopping by the dorm impromptu my freshman year also and was just hanhing out and talking to students in the lobby one evening. I still have a couple copies of Lanterns from the day he died in a box somewhere.

Comment 17 May 2012

Jim Delaney is in there. He's being held down and made to eat the rancid feces of laughing ADs from other conferences. He's naked in a corner except for a crown of roses and a sash that reads, "Miss Pacedina." The pile of cash he's sitting on - he gets to keep that.

Comment 03 Jul 2011

Good to get the focus off OSU I guess, but how can you not like a school whose mascot is a duck? Or maybe I just feel for the others under investigation now that we've gone through it, and still are.

I wonder what is the real agenda of Yahoo Sports. Wetzel is so outspoken about having a playoff. I wonder if all of this is part of some larger picture they're trying to influence, like challenging college football's tax-free status, restructuring the rules of what athletes and schools are and aren't allowed to do, or if it's simply to expose the reality of college football.

 Even when OSU was going through it, still are, I guess you have to respect Yahoo Sports. Much more than SI anyway. Then again, maybe they just have an insider and are using it.

An interesting story would be to uncover how Yahoo Sports gets their leads. I wonder if they're as above-the-board as they preach.

Comment 06 May 2011

Good post. Interestingly I got an email today from OSU - The Ohio State Official Online Auction, where I can bid on "Exclusive Items" such as an autographed game-worn jersy of Cam Heyward, an autographed Lauderdale practice jersey, and a Fiesta Bowl warmup suit. Seems someone is making some money selling trinkets.