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Comment 29 Mar 2016

Hey man. Lay off DJ about this basketball stuff. He's spot on. However .... I admit that Superman beats Batman in 15 seconds (or less) but it doesn't make Batman any less cool. His costume is 10x cooler than Superman's and he hangs out in a CAVE versus Superman hanging out in a newspaper office? Everyone is entitled to a favorite superhero and while Bell's assessment of Batman may overlook some things, Batman is still pretty awesome. I like Batman.

Comment 26 Nov 2015

Something in me is rooting for Michigan outside of the OSU game. It was/is just somehow more interesting and fun when they were competitive. That said, Michigan fans can be douches (but probably so can some of us).

Last week's play-calling and game-planning does, however, deserve plenty of criticism. The game was plenty winnable in spite of, not because of, the playcalling.