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Comment 04 Jul 2016

all immaterial to the fact that he lost out on an imminent chance to play for a title. and now he lives in Okalahoma

Comment 04 Jul 2016

Even as a CLE fan, I am such a B1G homer that the first thing I thought was "dam, I feel bad for Oladipo."

Comment 26 Oct 2015

pretty impressive.

did anyone catch him on Comedy Bang Bang on IFC? He was suave but the show did not work.

Comment 11 Jul 2015

what a great experience for a young Tribe fan. No one plays as all-out at all times in the field and on the base path. Out of all the mega-stars of the Indians teams, Vizquel, Sandy and Lofton were the ones worth rooting for

Comment 25 Jun 2015

I hope Kyle Berger makes it onto the field. And this is all with Booker, Hilliard, Baker and Connor waiting in the wings

(and missing out on production from Mike Mitchell and Trey Johnson)

Comment 25 Jun 2015

you're right, and Raekwon is an inside LB ... this unit is stacked, and Lee and Perry are already over-acheivers. Excited to see what Dante Booker can do, as well

Comment 25 Jun 2015

I know they both play MLB, but you don't think we'll be able to get them on the field at the same time with Lee? How do you see the starting unit shaking out?

Comment 25 Jun 2015

I think Raekwon has already been more productive for the Bucks than Grant was until his Sr yr

Comment 09 Jan 2015

I keep finding myself thinking:

We have to feed Mike early and often. But we need to stretch the D with Smith. And we should make sure to get Jalin the ball in space at all opportunities. Too many great options, and that's only after EzE, who has emerged as maybe our best weapon!

My how far how WR core has come in just one year ... and Philly Brown, who may have held us back a bit toward the end of 2013, is playing well for an NFL playoff team!

Comment 17 Nov 2014

pls link to the outrage on mgoblog related to Clark nearly "killing [a child's] sister" that was so rampant after Hyde's reprehensible incident.