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Comment 21 May 2016

Seems to me the ENTIRE sports writing WORLD doesn't remember how "great" Hoke's first team (with RichRod personnel) was.  11-2, won the Sugar bowl.  Boy were the blue boyz full of wild fantasies then.  That was 5 years ago.  No one considers that Harblegh might similarly flame out.  Hope so just for the entertainment value of the Khaki exhibitionist trying to explain how mean ol' Rutgers beat them.  LOL!  Fun to contemplate.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Just AGHAST the DJ calls the flippin' BeeGees more talented than the stones.  Bob, can't sing a note, Dylan was bad enough.  You youngsters (head shaking) :-)  Fun article as always though!  Go Bucks!!!

Comment 05 Aug 2015

All the contenders should be rewarded by a lifetime vacation in the magical kingdom of Smarmya.

It is a Smarmasbord!  You couldn't line up a smarmier group in total if you designed and built your own.

Great fun! This is BRILLIANT! (can you tell I like that you call out their smarminess?).  #GoBucks!!!!

Comment 06 Feb 2015

We claim 8 :-D  Since 1995 The Ohio State University football team has won 10 or more games 14 times.  That's more 10 win seasons, spanning 3 coaches, than many programs have experienced in their entire existence.  Add in 5 (6, 7 or 8) National Championships including the first CFP undisputed Champion.  People are talking "dynasty", that's pretty dynastic already.  Enjoy the Championship (and any future ones), repeating is very hard to do. I agree about counting by team but by conference is a fun exercise. Go Bucks!!!

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Good read!  Until/Unless Urban gets to 9-1 against TTUN I'll take the Senator to coach The Game if I have to choose.

Comment 11 Apr 2013

Why the gratuitous Bollman cracks.  I know he's popular to hate on.  All those 10 win (plus!) seasons and an MNC OBVIOUSLY indicates how poorly he performed.  Bollman has been gone a couple of years now, FYI.

Comment 31 Jan 2013

The T'eo story ust shows how the school of media fish swarm whatever is determined to be "news".  This would have been a nifty weird story for 1 day or 2 but sheesh.  Give it a rest.  Slow news cycles will milk anything.