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Comment 02 May 2016
The 3-4 has evolved to traditional pass rushers with their hands in the dirt to standing on the edge. In theory, it is a "Wide 9" technique with a standing pass rusher. This forces 1 on 1 situations up front and spaces out the OL so a wide variety of blitzes are utilized. This scheme is still allows the DL to be the focal point of the defense where as in a traditional 3-4, the linebackers are the focal point of the defense.
Comment 30 Apr 2016
Well yeah, that's the hard part. But the best teams seem to do hit through the draft and make their picks count. If the Browns are ever going to do it, they are going to need the picks, increases their probability
Comment 30 Apr 2016
The lack of RB is confusing. But there are some out there as UDFAs. I hope they keep almost all of them. These guys are depth and upside picks. You can't be cutting 4th and 5th round picks after their first training camp. That's not an effective roster management strategy. With 14 picks, and like 12 of them drafted in 1-5 rounds, you hope you get 7 or more of them to stick on the roster for 3 years as competent players.
Comment 30 Apr 2016
I'd rather have taken a flier on Jack or Smith. Browns need that infusion of talent. The great teams take this risks in a calculated fashion. The Browns could certainly afford a redshirt from Jack or Smith. Next year or the current regime isn't desperate to make an impact for this season through the draft. Dallas is a big winner in this draft. Got arguably 2 top 5 talents in the draft. These things tend to workout in the long run. The Browns did it with Gordon a few years ago. Did it work out? Kinda but that's the talent that's recognized and needed on the roster.
Comment 30 Apr 2016
Kessler is certainly the most interesting and probably the one that makes me wonder the most. Limited upside QB, when compared to the other options in Cook, Cardale, and others. I can't blame them for passing on Cook when you question his fit, leadership, and approach. If you have doubts, don't pick him.
Comment 30 Apr 2016
When considering the trades they made, they get an A- This was a strong team building draft where it may take 2 or 3 years to develop, but development is critical. There's a lot to like with the approach. I think they got guys who fit their system well. The WR situation is unique. Not sure they can carry all 4 they drafted but they might. Complimentary football in some ways.
Comment 16 Apr 2016

The OL vs. the DL matters in this game.  Does one unit dominate against the other or is it more evenly split between amongst the units?  But at the same time, that is hard to evaluate. 

Most importantly, the spring game is about keeping assignments and preventing breakdowns.  The unforced errors.  These are the things that matter when you have an inexperienced roster going into the spring game.  I want to see one unit get beat by the other unit for making great plays, not because of blown coverages or missed assignments up front.  It does not necessarily tell you a whole lot when a WR gets wide open 40 yards down the field because the safety didn't cover him or when the DE gets to the QB untouched because the tackle missed the assignment.   Yeah, that stuff is part of the game and there times when OSU will capitalize on those miscues and know how to respond. 

Very hard to evaluate past seasons to make correlations.  Simply because the rosters are split and most years, someone has their reps limited who will be heavily counted upon.  It is hard to say and make judgments. 

Comment 13 Apr 2016
Mitch was truly one of the best HS QBs I have ever seen. A great player and I think he will have a special year at UNC this year. Maybe Urban learned a lesson to not let a Mentor QB get away from him like he did with Trubisky. There was a lot of last second pleading from Urban to land Mitch in the 11th hour but Mitch was going to UNC. Although some QB named JT Barrett is pretty good.
Comment 13 Apr 2016
It also helps Tadas that the Mentor offense is based on Urban's offense. Mentor's HC Steve Trivisonno and Urban are pretty close and Coach Trivisonno got the offense playbook when Urban was at BG. There was considerable and credible rumors in the Mentor Program that Coach Trivisonno was going to be joining Urban's staff back 2011 when Urban was hired but he decided to stay.
Comment 11 Apr 2016
Going back to culture, what about analyzing the state's preferred sport? I don't have the data, but baseball has been saying for years kids aren't interested in it as much anymore and football is the sport to play. I think it would be interesting to attempt to explain/identify the declining baseball participation and increasing football participation in other states. We know all about the population and demographic shifts to the south, but wouldn't that favor baseball too as it can be played longer in a warmer climate? But it seemingly doesn't favor baseball, based upon my perception.
Comment 30 Mar 2016
There seems to be a culture issue within the program. It could be a variety of thins going on, but maybe the younger reserves simply didn't buy in. The lack of effort and the sloppiness on the court at times this season was very concerning. I think that parlays into the culture issue. I certainly agree this team improved but inconsistent effort is a coaching issue. I think you could argue effort has been a problem for the past few years. Any which way you put it, Matta has to take ownership and move forward with recruiting the right guys and develop talent.
Comment 27 Mar 2016
It just goes to show you Franklin cannot develop or manage talent from within the program. Great recruiter, sure. But he isn't a head coach who can manage, lead, and develop a program. Franklin is running out of excuses and options. I just don't see how they are anything but a 7-5 team. The 9 game conference schedule doesn't help them at all. That will really start the bitching from their fan base on how the B1G isn't for them.
Comment 25 Mar 2016
The last 10 years have really brought the reality of the economics that sports are merely a sector of the entertainment industry. Not a separate industry or immune to the economic forces, like many thought for a long time. I think the public's perceptions of pro sports have changed greatly in the last 10 years where the public is getting frustrated with it. The Diamondbacks are aloof to this and are using "this is our team" as leverage to hold the County hostage.
Comment 25 Mar 2016
This stuff is getting old. The Atlanta Braves did the same thing and it is likely to cause a bunch of problems for Cobb County, where the new stadium is going to go as Cobb County is funding most of the cost. What really irritates me is that one particular county or municipality is on the hook for the cost of the stadium where the regional/metro area are the users of it too. Look at the Browns for example, Cuyahoga County residents are on the hook for the financing but Summit, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, and Medina counties that make of the Cleveland metro area don't have to pay that tax whereas they aren't paying for it.
Comment 15 Feb 2016
I don't understand the fascination with Muschamp. Very mediocre coach. Mack Brown naming him coach in waiting at Texas put him on the map and many just thought he was a future star so ADs thought he was a hot shot coach and must hire.
Comment 15 Feb 2016
They have 2 conference championships and they haven't won one since 1969 and zero national titles. And 4 consensus All Americans. Holtz and Spurrier couldn't even win conference titles there. Came close in 2010 but it's a program that's really far off and has been for a long time.
Comment 14 Feb 2016
Agreed. But I searched for an answer on this one a few weeks ago. He wasn't considered to have a great amount of athleticism. He was also caught between too big for guard but not athletic enough for tackle and considered a tweener type player who just didn't have a great fit for some teams