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Comment 47 minutes ago

The FG Unit is a concern.  It was concerning last season and these things matter in the tight games.

What do you do when it is 4th and 4 on the 25?  Go for the FG or go for it?  How confident is Urban in that situation?  What do you do when it is a one possession game? 

The game plan needs to reflect the overall strategy and role of the kicking game.  If that means the offense is going to stay on the field, then so be it. 

Comment 52 minutes ago

Finished number 2 last season.  Most definitely the kickoff unit is a huge component of that metric..  How many times did we kickoff and have our opponent start within the 20? I don't think our opponent got beyond the 25 very frequently. 

My comment was mostly rooted in the fact that we may potentially need the punter more this year than in previous years.  That may not be the case but it is a possibility.  Good punting may take the burden off the defense a little.  These are the little things that matter.  It can offset some of the miscues on either side of the ball. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Field position truly matters in games against Oklahoma, Penn State, and Wisconsin.  On the road, hostile environments, with a  young team, every little bit matters.  Pinning a team inside the 10 yard line is so critical when you need to flip the field to either gain momentum or stop their momentum. 

In 2014, Ohio State had the number one average opponent starting field position, meaning their opponents had the most yards to go to the endzone per possession, starting at their own 26 yard line.....

Comment 4 hours ago

Most fans of teams outside of the B1G have similar thoughts.  I had a Georgia fan remind me of AJ Green but also said he believed this type of stuff with boosters, improper benefits, autographs, selling stuff, etc.. was going on in every major program.  He said there is simply too much money to make when many times, players have so little. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Maybe a senior that plays at a position of need. I don't know what is on their roster but if they have a DT with starting experience, I would give it consideration. 

Of course, they must be eligible to play immediately. 

Comment 30 May 2016
Dallas also has depth and a good passing game with Romo at QB. This creates space in the secondary and spreads the defense out. Safeties out of the box for most of the snaps serves Elliott and the offense well. Couple this with McFadden and Morris playing depth and role players, Zeke can stay fresh and not maximize his efficiency with his snap counts.