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Comment 20 Sep 2016
  1. Urban Meyer
  2. Mark Dantonio....Outstanding program builder.  Teams are well coached.   
  3. Jim Harbaugh
  4. Kirk Ferentz...Not COY material but he has done a solid job at Iowa. 
  5. Mike Riley...very solid coach and underrated.  He is the right man for the job in Nebraska. 
  6. Kevin Wilson...Underrated coach. He has done a good job at Indiana and they are much more than B1G doormat since Wilson has been there.  He teams are well coached and play hard.  They took it to us and TTUN last year.  Some team will get a great HC once he gets a better job after Indiana.  Remember, Oklahoma was really good when he was there, won conference titles, but Oklahoma has dropped off since he left. 
  7. Lovie Smith...Maybe Illinois isn't a good spot for him but he is a good coach.
  8. Paul Chryst...He seems like the prototypical Wisconsin coach, doesn't he?  Solid coach
  9. Pat Fitzgerald...might deserve to be higher but this year has been disastrous.  He made Northwestern into a respectable team.
  10. James Franklin...vastly overrated.  In game strategy is rather poor and is seemingly outcoached in every game. Player development is somewhat lacking and he cannot maintain a solid staff.  He can recruit but coaching and program development/management seems to be lacking.  It is not a good scene in Happy Valley after a few years into the Franklin Era.
  11. Darrell Hazel
  12. Tracy Claeys

NR - Chris Ash and DJ Durkin - Not enough information to rank since they first year HCs.  Although Durkin looks like he is a good coach.  Durkin could be in the 7-11 range while Ash is probably in the 9-12 range. 

Comment 19 Sep 2016
Yeah I was surprised too. Auburn is interesting. They had years of mediocrity. Had a few good years in between. Kinda lurked as a sleeping giant. Then they woke up when Newton was there but quickly faded to mediocrity to the point where they are about to run Malzahn out after they ran Chizik out too. The sad thing is, I don't know if they get an elite coach in there. They recruited very well so there is some talent but they can't get it together. Qb play has been awful
Comment 19 Sep 2016

In some ways Auburn may be that team.  They got lucky when Cam transferred to them.  They play second fiddle to Alabama in their state and if LSU ever gets it together, they are in trouble on that front.  Texas A&M is another good team in the SEC West.  They have access to Texas talent.  It is hard to see Auburn becoming national title contender and a consistent threat to the entire conference.  They will have some high watermark years to maybe win the SEC West every few years.

In a lot of ways, they are like Penn State, solid program with good history but playing behind multiple better programs. 

Comment 19 Sep 2016

Baylor?  Their current situation coupled with the lackluster history makes it difficult to imagine them having that success.  Texas seems to be on the rise and they feasted on Texas'  poor performance over the past 5 years.  Hard to see them being national title contenders going forward. 

Comment 18 Sep 2016
Wisky has a brutal schedule, arguably the toughest in the conference. If Nebraska takes care of business on their West side, they might win it. I wouldn't be surprised if the champ is 7-2
Comment 18 Sep 2016
Intriguing matchups this week. Sparty vs Wisky is a big game. Will certainly affect the divisional races.
Comment 18 Sep 2016
Lamar Jackson is at this point. Louisville doesn't beat FSU and is not nationally relevant at this point. He's the MVP because he has done a lot more with less talent around him. Louisville goes 8-4 at best without him and doesn't win the big games. Barrett is probably the best leader and manages OSU about as well as anyone could. But Jackson has literally carried Louisville with his play.
Comment 18 Sep 2016
Agreed. I think the passing game will come around with more development. A bye week followed by 2 games against averages defenses will work itself out. If the passing game doesn't get in rhythm by the 15th, then I'll be worried.
Comment 16 Sep 2016
These people are either from Pennsylvania living in Ohio or are living very near the PA border. Very rarely are they not Stiller fans. Because there is no way they can say Steelers correctly if they say Yinz.