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Comment 21 hours ago
What about the notion of playing on grass negatively affects Ohio State? I feel like we have played some of our worst games in the Meyer Era on grass Penn State, Northwestern and Michigan State all have grass.
Comment 21 hours ago
Offense is definitely affected negatively, particularly in the passing game. Ball is harder to grip, throw and catch. Hand size and arm strength will definitely affect a QB. We have a large national recruiting base these days and with a young team and so many players from warmer climates, playing football in cold, wet, and/or windy conditions is a culture shock in some ways. They are learning to respond to the adversity of such conditions. With that being said, the passing game slows down and it makes it easier for defenses to key in and commit to stop the run.
Comment 22 hours ago
Prince doesn't play with leverage so he stands too tall and doesn't bend. Then he doesn't move his feet very well. This is a recipe for pass rushers to just blow by him off the edge, especially quick pass rushers. It's not that Prince is overwhelmed at the point of attack. When he locks on, he's very good. You can see the upside and talent. But defenders blow by him off the edge because they just run around him and he can't recover because he's playing too tall
Comment 07 Dec 2016
It's been reported he won't even speak to UC about the job and is after a P5 job. My thing is, where does he think he's going? He was a serious contender at Purdue. We can debate UC vs Purdue all day but that seems like a lateral move too.
Comment 07 Dec 2016
Poor move by Fleck. Cincy isn't a lateral move and it's Damn near a P5 program and might even have P5 resources. Dantonio, Brian Kelly and Butch Jones all launched into bigger jobs from UC. That's a little arrogant for a guy like Fleck. What does he think he's worth?
Comment 04 Dec 2016
Definitely. They are the worst team in the conference. Ash looked in over his head.
Comment 03 Dec 2016
Dantonio in a landslide. What happened in East Lansing. It's pretty unbelievable and really hard to do.
Comment 03 Dec 2016
But did Ash have a lot to work with? I agree with this statement but Rutgers was a dumpster fire at the start of the season
Comment 02 Dec 2016
Arkansas threw for 400 against Bama but did throw for 3 picks. Ole Miss gave them headaches and threw all over them too. They are a bit vulnerable to the pass. We could give them matchup problems in space with Samuel but we need our OL to take control of the line of scrimmage, which is not an easy task for us.
Comment 02 Dec 2016
TTUN struggled with pass protection against us and they really couldn't get a push in the running game. Bama has the best front seven in CFB. They are not going to be able to move the football on that defense. TTUN will score 13 or less and they don't have the muscle upfront to beat Alabama by being Alabama.
Comment 02 Dec 2016
Barrett definitely seems to have regressed with his fundamentals and his mechanics seemed off this season. His field vision seems to be off at times and his play is frustrating to watch. As for the WRs, they definitely weren't as developed as we would like. Creating separation through route progression and finding the soft spots in a defense were lacking. It is a problem that is further compounded when the QB has a tendency to hold on to the ball and wait for guys to get wide open
Comment 24 Oct 2016
Oregon hasn't fired a coach since 1976. Really amazing isn't it? But Helfrich seems to be overwhelmed at Oregon and may not have been ready for a HC job at such a large school. But maybe he regroups and figures some things out. It doesn't get much better to do that than under Urban Meyer