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Comment 18 hours ago
It might be his sizd, strength, and speed combination that has some teams concerned. It might be along the lines he may not fit in every scheme. He's a power scheme fit more than a zone blocking fit.
Comment 26 Aug 2016
Zeke is an employee now of Jerry's and the League. The rules are the rules and they were collectively bargained and agreed to. It doesn't matter if it is legal or what society thinks. It's an employee - employer relationship now. Like you said, Jerry is writing the checks and can be critical when one of his players on game day, goes to an establishment that sells something banned by the employer.
Comment 26 Aug 2016
I think the larger issue is that it's hours before game time, on the road, and he goes to there. Dallas might be a little concerned right now with some of his choices this summer. Dallas certainly has some questions that need to be answered by Elliott's behavior. Don't forget he still has a domestic violence probe hanging over his head. Don't get me wrong, I love Zeke. But this is not a good look.
Comment 26 Aug 2016
Part of the issue is that Zeke went to a shop that sells something that's banned by the NFL. Jerry should absolutely be concerned that Zeke went to a place that if Zeke uses what they sell, Zeke is subject to testing and the drug policy. That's a potential direct effect on his team. Don't forget Dallas had several players flunk tests this offseason that led to suspensions.
Comment 26 Aug 2016

Part of what irks me is that is team is on the road hours before a game.  This is gameday, albeit a preseason game but this is debut.  Is he doing enough preparation?  Is he taking professional football seriously?  Those are questions Dallas is asking and wants answers to. 

Comment 26 Aug 2016
Sure maybe it's out of proportion but it speaks to a larger issue that Elliott has been a distraction to the team. It's hours before game time, on the road, and he goes to there. It's not a good look. Dallas might be a little concerned right now with some of his choices this summer. Dallas certainly has some questions that need to be answered by Elliott's behavior. Don't forget he still has a domestic violence probe hanging over his head. Don't get me wrong, I love Zeke. But this is not a good look.
Comment 25 Aug 2016
There's a lot of upside. They compliment each other well with size, speed and their styles. Gordon has the skill to be a top 5 WR in the league. He's proven it once but he needs to stay clean. Pryor is a freak athlete who has the potential to be a great player. Coleman looks like a future playmaker. I like Higgins. Savvy route runner with good hands. Pure possession WR.
Comment 24 Aug 2016
In Ohio if you are a public employee, your performance review is public record and can be requested and accessed by the public. State and local government, public schools and public universities. Emails, if they don't meet the public records exemptions under the law, they are public records that the public can view too.
Comment 19 Aug 2016
Part of it is reps and the guys being so young year in and year out. You just don't know what you have in guys in their first or second years in the program. They treat the depth upfront as if it's more starters on the second team. It's a position hard to get game reps for the backups since you play as a group for continuity purposes. You don't know what you have awaiting in the wings. Linemen also take longer to develop. They require more time for growth and development physically. But at this rate, guys like Lisle and Knox need to step up, this is make or break time.
Comment 18 Jun 2016
Yes, absolutely. I have had 5+ concussions in my life and I am much more susceptible to them for whatever reason and I've had long lasting effects from them that still require treatment. Some people I've played with just either had bad luck or are more injury prone overall or to specific joints. The playing surface is a factor but one of many. I think at the high school level, turf is safer because it is smooth and safer. At the HS level, the level of management and care of the grass to make it a softer surface is critical. The grass isn't a perfectly manicured surface at that level and may have hazards that turf may not have I think Devon Bogard is a good example, just bad luck and seemingly more susceptible to the knee injuries.
Comment 18 Jun 2016
Played multiple sports on both surfaces. When we got field turf, we originally wore cleats. Poor life choice. We went to turf shoes and it made a difference. I know there's debate for the affects of concussions. I thought field turf was softer upon impact. However, I thought I was more susceptible to head injuries from the whiplash effect and how much more the turf gives than grass. I also thought field turf was better on my feet and ankles. Some guys I know would say no but that's my opinion. Slipping is a problem but planting injuries to the feet seemed less likely whereas my feet were more sore on grass.
Comment 02 Jun 2016
I was born and raised in NE Ohio and I witnessed this exact thing with the housing markets. Northern Ohio, including Toledo area, has some of the cheapest housing you can get buy. Now I live in the Columbus area and I am actively looking for a house. It's just ridiculous. Like OSU07 said, in some of these communities, you will pay a minimum 50% or more premium when compared to NE Ohio. Columbus is an interesting case as the housing market has a suburban housing shortage. There are not enough houses out there. Houses in places like UA, Dublin, Worthington, Powell, Hillard, Westerville, etc are not on the market very long. In most cases, less than 10 days.
Comment 31 May 2016
I've from what I have seen and heard from those who have played/seen Potter, everyone said he was a full 6'10" That 6'9" was a bit of a surprise. But the Mentor Program he was a part of really emphasized 3 point shooting and defense. Skilled, fundamentally developed type players. Potter has some skill to his game and will continue to grow into his frame. His skill set translates very well to college and he's the type of player thr nba covets. Obviously still developing but he should be a good player over time
Comment 31 May 2016

The FG Unit is a concern.  It was concerning last season and these things matter in the tight games.

What do you do when it is 4th and 4 on the 25?  Go for the FG or go for it?  How confident is Urban in that situation?  What do you do when it is a one possession game? 

The game plan needs to reflect the overall strategy and role of the kicking game.  If that means the offense is going to stay on the field, then so be it. 

Comment 31 May 2016

Finished number 2 last season.  Most definitely the kickoff unit is a huge component of that metric..  How many times did we kickoff and have our opponent start within the 20? I don't think our opponent got beyond the 25 very frequently. 

My comment was mostly rooted in the fact that we may potentially need the punter more this year than in previous years.  That may not be the case but it is a possibility.  Good punting may take the burden off the defense a little.  These are the little things that matter.  It can offset some of the miscues on either side of the ball.