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Comment 07 Oct 2015
I am so looking forward to the Penn State poster for next week. The 2012 poster with the Nittany Lion extinct is a classic. That one is framed and hanging in my living room
Comment 06 Oct 2015

The article says otherwise. 

Jones was a slightly better passer than Barrett, but he too saw his completion percentage drop from 63.5 percent without pressure to 55.2 percent under pressure.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

A true deep threat is one of  toughest skill sets to develop or have.  One, it takes tremendous hand-eye coordination and body control as a deep threat.  It isn't just about speed.  You also have to have the ability to track the ball effortlessly and control your body. 

It is very much playing outfield in baseball.  How many guys struggle to track the ball and readjust their lines and spots underneath the ball.  It simply is not easy.  It is hard to adjust to ball when there is a moving person around you and to readjust to track the ball midair to the correct spot.  Now when we have receivers who have not really played or received significant reps with Cardale or against live defenses.  Think about the guys who are playing WR for us.  Only Wilson, Thomas, and Marshall played meaningful snaps at WR last year.  Samuel was RB, Miller was hurt.  McLaurin and Campbell were redshirts.  Dixon was hurt.  It is not something that just occurs over night because we have speed. 

Personally, I think Samuel is the best deep threat WR that matches best to Smith in terms of skill set. 

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Ohio State, Utah, Clemson, TCU

Clemson is probably the first out and the SEC has a chance to get in.  But I am not sure there is a Top 5 team in that conference.  Unless Florida, Bama, LSU or someone else runs the table, I just don't see a one loss team in the SEC.  A lot of teams ranked between like 5-12, but not a great team that is worthy of a top 5 spot.  LSU probably has the best shot but someone will stop (slow?) down the Fournette and expose and force them to throw.  You don't win the SEC ranked 124th in passing yards per game. 

Comment 06 Oct 2015

What QB's completion percentage does not drop when under pressure?  If it didn't teams wouldn't blitz the QB....

I respect the work PFF does, it is very good,  But that article does hit it with decision making, that was a problem at times and we definitely miss Devin Smith.  Don't forget Barrett was a 1st year starter taking his first snaps off ACL surgery and in college football.  Improvement and midseason adjustments is what matters

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Definitely a widespread problem.  I have seen and heard of a lot of shady dealing, cheating and stealing. 

I heard this crazy story where a guy was getting an in ground pool.  The pool was near a ravine and a do not disturb easement protected/regulated by the county but was specifically designed to be out of it.  Well, long story short, the contractor got into that easement with their equipment and hauling the dirt while digging so they had to mediate with the county before the work resumed.  It turned into lengthy dispute that last for months.  The hole was dug into the ground and heavy rain came and a landslide like event occurred that involved a lot dirt getting down into the ravine and easement.  The contractor refused to admit fault and the EPA got involved....shit like this happens a lot.  It is really sad. 

Comment 06 Oct 2015

SM - You may have some options outside of a small claims courtroom. By no means is this legal advice and it may be different from Ohio vs. Kentucky.  These are just some thoughts and avenues you may be able to take.

Local Building Department - You will need a permit and I assume a permit was pulled.  If it was not, you may have an issue or may not get very far here.  However, if the contractor left the jobsite and left it as is, there may be building code violations.  If that is the case, the local building department will begin to take action against the contractor.  I assume that there is language in the contract or documents that state the contractor will abide by the building standards.  It is my own experience that building and code enforcement staffs are highly reluctant to get involved in between disputing parties but if they need to, they will.  They know that they are used as pawns. 

Local media.  A local media outlet almost always has someone who handles disputes like this and will air your grievances through a public forum.  Angie's List may be more vulnerable to this simply because they pride themselves on reputation and transparency of contractors....allegedly....

KY Secretary of State's Office - Maybe to assist with action against the LLC.  Or even with licensing issues.

KY Attorney General's Office - In Ohio, there is a section that specifically handles consumer complaints and matters like this. Its effectiveness can be questioned, but they handle disputes.  Not sure on KY consumer laws. 

KY Licensing Board - If the contractor has a specific license that must be obtained through the state, you can file a complaint there. 

Better Business Bureau.  They can assist with these matters.  They may have direct access to Angie's List and work accordingly.  I see Angie's List is rated A+ by the BBB and is a BBB Accredited Business. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015
There is some truth to what was stated. Some here may not agree but it does need to be stated. We have a lot of talent at wr. But I think the development has been slow for a plethora of reasons. Injuries, lack of opportunity, redshirts, or whatever else you can think of. We still haven't figured out how to use the tight ends in the passing game. Vannett is an nfl caliber receiving tight end and getting just a few looks a game is really not working. A tight end with that siE and speed should really create favorable macthups or create mismatches for others that we need to take advantage of. Thomas is by far the most NFL WR we have had in years. He needs to be targeted much more frequently. We really need to figure out the WR situation. Because this is the most underachieving group we have. Dixon's situation is really unfortunate and I thought he was the answer but the injury he has is very significant. But where is Greene? We don't have a role or a spot for a 5th year senior who is 6-5? Is he simply not good enough to see the field? That's really frustrating if that's the case.
Comment 04 Oct 2015

It looked like he did.  He definitely had to have had a headache after that one. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

If Bryant couldn't get one for his Injury against Wisky and the foot condition he had, then I can't see Smith getting one.

Bryant was in the hospital with a foot infection as a freshman and the NCAA didn't give a shit.  I thought he lost a full season due to injury....

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Tyquan is playing at a very high level right now.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Yep. Opposing teams have no choice.  T 4th quarter play calling seemed like it was a vote of no confidence to me.