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Comment 31 Jul 2014

He has an f'ing cannon for an arm. No joke. I've seen him throw excellent deep balls in warm up that went a good twenty yards further than any of the other QBs. Brax was using his full body, Cardale was just flicking his wrist.

That's all I know- an f'ing cannon. No idea if he can read defenses, throw accurately, etc, etc.

I do think he will throw a better deep ball than Braxton. Over the years Brax has missed out on a lot of TDs because he throws his deep balls on too much of a line without enough air under them. On the plus side, that's avoided a lot of interceptions.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

If there were a league for Trainfight, I'd have season tickets.

My favorite of the comments for that article:  "finally a championship for Purdue"

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I've told my family many times that they can schedule their various weddings whenever they want but I won't be there during college football season. Over the forty-three years of my life, only my brother came close to violating the golden rule. He's a computer guy and a theater major and I doubt he even knows exactly when college football season takes place. In fact, he is probably a little bit nebulous on the fact that college football and pro football are different. Wouldn't surprise me if he asked me Ohio State's lifetime record versus the Oakland Raiders (I'm just going to assume the Bucks would be undefeated).

He scheduled his wedding for Saturday, Sept 4, 2010. That's right- one of the first weeks of the long-awaited season and at that time the date of OSU's season opener. Worse, he lives in Wisconsin so any football I was lucky enough to see that weekend was going to be among Badger fans at bars I snuck away to for brief snatches of time. I debated not going but ultimately the fact that he's my only brother won out and I reluctantly scheduled my flight for the middle of the week.

Fortunately for family ties, my brother was partly redeemed. My sister, brother in law and I (all die hard Buckeye fans) did miss the full day of non-stop glory that is the start of college football season after the long football-less summer, but Gene Smith stepped up and saved the family by rescheduling the Buck's opener to Thursday night. Under normal circumstances, I am about as opposed to OSU playing on a Thursday night as I am to vacationing in Iran or North Korea, but in this case I was over the moon.

We were able to watch Ohio State beat Marshall 45-7, and the only hitch was when some of the family members in the hotel room seemed to think it was okay to turn the game off and do family things just because the Bucks were up by a big margin. Um, no. We do not miss even a minute of the first Bucks game of the year. Or any Bucks game of the year. My sister and I successfully made our reltives understand they had committed a tragic error and they sat quietly as we enjoyed watching various young players get the first minutes of their career in garbage time.

Don't do it, folks. Don't schedule fall weddings. Even the people that are happy for you in terms of life are salty at you for missing the game. Don't do it.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

It.s not going to be popular, but I'll say it- I think there is a good chance the B1G gets left out of the playoff this year. There is a caveat of course- that is that an undefeated B1G champ is likely to be in (Note that I said "likely" not "definitely").

The B1G's perception right now is awful. Although we all like to mock the ACC as the weakest of the power conferences, the fact is that last year FSU won the title and Clemson beat us in a bowl game. Yes, yes, voters are only supposed to take the current year into account, but we all know when the committee gets behind closed doors perception of conference strength is going to matter. A lot.

Here is the issue- in a four team only playoff, perception of conference strength is everything. That means that those of us in the B1g- like it or not- are going to be reliant upon the other teams in the B1G to win their high profile out of conference games. The meme for the B1G is going to be set very early this year: Ohio State v Va Tech, Wisconsin v LSU (WEEK 1!!), Michigan State v Oregon (Week 2), TSUN v Notre Dame. Lose those games and the B1G "sucks" is the meme. That's trouble even if we go undefeated.

There is a second tier that matters a lot too, and that is any game versus a power conference team: Indiana v Missouri, Penn State v UCF (Week 1), Nebraska v Miami and Fresno State, NW v Cal,  Illinois v Washington, Maryland v West Virginia, Rutgers v Washington State

Why does it matter? There is likely to be only one, maybe two undefeated teams. That's true. But ask yourself who makes the four- not who you would put in the four, but who the committee would put in the four- in the following situation:

1) OSU goes undefeated

2) LSU blew out Wisconsin on national tv, Oregon beat Michigan State on national tv, TSUN lost to Notre Dame, and in the second tier games the B1G did slightly worse than average.

3) The SEC champ has one loss, as does the SEC runner up (who was undefeated until losing to the SEC champ)

4) Oregon, who blew out Michigan State, has one loss to a good UCLA team

5) Florida State is undefeated

6) The B12 winner has one loss

So who's in? My bet in that scenario is The SEC champ, FSU, the SEC runner up and then a debate between OSU, Oregon and the B12 champ. If Oregon pummeled Michigan State and we had a close game against them.......If the B12 champ has been racking up points every week like a video game.....

Not trying to be a downer but the simple fact is that with only four teams we can't rely on the old "win and you're in" theory. The B1G HAS TO START WINNING OUT OF CONFERENCE GAMES. If Wisconsin beats LSU, Michigan state beats Oregon, and we beat Va Tech it is a simple story- the B1G champ will be in baring something really unusual. I hate to say it, but we need to spend a lot of time this year rooting for other B1G teams to step up to the plate.

Once we get out of this awful perception cycle we've been in since 2006, it's a different story.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

Noon or 3:30 games work a lot better for my schedule, but the atmosphere of night games is so much better.

I'm 43 too so this isn't coming from just young folks- night games are just more exciting. Even on tv the noise level is so much higher and the excitement is so much more evident. Noon games are flat out dull.

I get back to the Shoe for a game a year and honestly sometimes I question if it is even worth it for me to make the trip back when its a noon game. The crowd is just dead. 3:30 games are better. Night games are incredible.

The only exception of course is the TSUN game. Has a good atmosphere regardless of time.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

I don't think that would go as well as Cardale thinks it would go. 

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Even when you beat Navy, that dang offense makes you look bad doing it. I hate opening the season with them. I don't think it's a game we could lose, but I do think it is a game that could start the season off putting a crappy impression in the heads of the playoff committee. The meme last year- and rightfully so- was that our defense sucked. Navy's offense has the potential to carry that meme right over into this season.

Thats how it is a trap.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

I'm a fan of using the avenues already established as acceptable.

For example, I'd like to pay Oregon to pay a scouting service to get us a particular player. It is already established that when Oregon does this there is no violation.

I'd also like to pay North Carolina to hire tutors to write papers for our players. Again, established as no violation.

Most importantly, I'd like to donate money to Auburn University with the understanding that they will in turn donate to a recruit's father's church or other family member, and let the recruit know it is from us. Again, no violation.

All these things would likely be major violations if we did them, but paying schools that have already been cleared to do them- subcontracting our cheating, if you will- we can avoid that issue. 

Comment 07 Jul 2014

I'm 43. There are five people I consider friends, and they're pretty much the only ones with whom I stay in touch. When I was 18 I would have thought somebody with five friends was a loser. Now I know if you have five true friends you've done really f'ing well. 

Hang on to the ones that tell you that you're full of shit when you're riding high, pump you up when you're low, and aren't afraid to kill your buzz when you're being stupid. 

Comment 29 Jun 2014

Mexico is and always has been our TSUN in soccer.

After 9-11 there was a game where Mexican fans chanted "Osama" at us. There was another game where their players shielded the ref while another player kneed Alexi Lalas in the groin.

Never root for Mexico, ever. 

Comment 26 Jun 2014


I'm a lifelong soccer player who sees the flaws in the US team, and there are many.

That said, any team that can beat Portugal for all but 30 seconds (and yes, a depleted Portugal), lose close to Germany, beat an underrated Ghana, beat Mexico and Costa Rica in qualifying can definitely beat Belgium.

On the whole Belgium is the favorite, but I'm more confident against Belgium than I was against either Ghana or Germany.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

This is the highest scoring World Cup I can remember. Along with improbable performances by lower level teams and come backs (like maybe this one), it's been great fun.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

Not football, but many years back GWU had a basketball player named SirValiant Brown. About two years ago a guy I worked with turned out to have grown up with "Val" and told me his brother was "Lance", real name....SirLancelot Brown.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

That is a giant, not a man.

The staff saw him in person and believes he is a stud. That means more to me than stars, which are just somebody else's opinion anyway. 

Looking forward to watching this kid on Saturdays.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

I'd point out that you wrote Agleria instead of Algeria in the opening paragraph, but f*** it, it's Algeria.

I've been to Portugal. Lovely country, beautiful land, seemingly entirely populated by people that deserve the poop sandwich I sincerely hope we feed them today.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

Jack Ham, Shane Conlan, LaVar Arrington, Dan Connor, Paul Posluszny, Michael Mauti, Brandon Short, Andre Collins. 

It's an impressive list, but I've never once thought it was better than OSU's list. We've always been the real linebacker U.

Comment 17 Jun 2014

I am a huge soccer fan and have played in countless leagues, I watch club and national team games around the world year round. That said, if the Bucks were playing Virginia Tech or MSU at the same time as US was in the World Cup Final, I'd be recording the World Cup final and watching the Bucks live.

I think that fact illustrates soccer's role in the US pretty well.