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Comment 17 Sep 2014

They're all great in different ways.

If I had one game that I had to pick one for and a loss meant my family would be killed, I'd take Troy Smith ten times out of ten. If Smith was not allowed, I'd take Pryor.

If I had to take Krenzel or Brax, I'd take Krenzel, but for both those guys if I take them I need a killer RB. No Guapo or no MoC and I would be concerned. Yes, I know Troy and Pryor had good backs too, but I don't feel they needed a great back the way Krenzel or Brax did/do. 

Comment 15 Sep 2014

There's little Ohio State can do about the conference.

So let's control what we can control. We need to play 3 to 4 ranked teams a year. If those teams are not going to come from in-conference then they need to come from out of conference. Our out of conference schedule has to be better.

This is usually the point where people point out that games are scheduled years in advance and you can't control who will be good when you play them. Sorry, but that's horsesh*t.

We are Ohio State. One of the two most profitable athletic departments in the country. We are a major brand, and if a ranked out of conference team plays us that game is almost guaranteed to be a featured or prime time game. If in the middle of last year we went to, say for example, Baylor (or anyone else we knew would be ranked) and said "look, week 3 in 2014 you're dropping Buffalo and we're playing in your house. You give us a home game at a tbd later date. Here's some money for you. Here's some money to help you out with Buffalo. We'll give Cincy some cash to go away until a later tbd date when they are expected to be ranked the following year" then I promise you that game would have happened.

Stop playing teams like Navy, Cincy and Virginia Tech- teams that are good enough to make you look bad and maybe beat you but give you no cred if you win. Go big. Use our muscle the year before to make changes in the next year's schedule. Give up the home game to do it. Make it up to the teams we bail on with cash now and a game later when they are ranked.

Whats the worst that can happen if we leave our schedule open and are unable to get teams? Here's a hint - it would look similar to last year's weak schedule. We have nothing to lose because we can ALWAYS bribe a MAC team to fill in at the last minute. 

Comment 14 Sep 2014

Eh. Fun for talking I guess.

The AP poll and coach's poll have as much to do with who gets in the playoffs as the poop I took this morning.

Its a new world folks. Let's stop caring about things that only mattered in the old one.

The committee doesn't work off the AP or Coach's polls. 

Comment 13 Sep 2014

One of these days I have a dream that people will finally understand that who wins a football game does not show or prove who is "better".

Football, and all sports, is about individual and small unit matchups. Virginia Tech was a terrible set of matchups for us. Their exact strengths almost perfectly aligned with our current weaknesses. Their coaches then did a better job than our coaches in ensuring the right personnel were in the right places to take advantage of those matchups.

Thats all it was. Virginia Tech is not "better" than Ohio State. We have more talent top to bottom. But Virginia Tech owned us. It's all about matchups.

thats why the transitive property- so and so beat this guy and we beat so and so therefore we would beat this guy-  doesn't work. What so and so did against this guy was because of the matchups in that game, which have nothing at all to do with the matchups if we then play this guy.

East Carolina is not "better" than us. We would, in my opinion, beat them. We would also, if we played them again, likely lose to Virginia Tech again. It's about matchups.

There are of course reasons the teams that matches up better might no always win- turnovers, penalties, injuries, and lack of execution on the day in question.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Said this before the VA Tech game, and I'll say it now about Cincy: underestimate the opponent at your own peril.

Really for us it comes down to play calling and the o-line. If the o-line protects and we get off this damn short pass/run-short pass/run- four verticals deep bullshit, we're in good shape. 

Comment 06 Sep 2014

Um, no. The pistol offense that Nevada runs was invented by Chris Ault at Nevada in 2005. Our offense steals many of its traits and aspects, as do the majority of spread offenses in college football. Urban, like all good coaches, is a thief of the first order. Our offense is some his, some stolen from Nevada's pistol, some stolen from Chip Kelly, some from RichRod, some from a dozen other places.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

One of these QBs is going to get pressured by the other team's great d-line and make mistakes. That QB will throw interceptions. That team will lose.

To me that is this game in a nutshell. Both these defenses can and will harrass the inexperienced guys. The one that doesn't screw up will be the one whose team ends up winning, as points will be at a premium. Give away points in a defensive struggle through mistakes, you lose.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

This team hasn't put up points on offense against anybody other than Navy. Four of five linemen are different, the top RB is gone, the top WR is gone, the centerpiece QB is gone. What is it that has led you to believe this team can put up points?

I do think we'll win, but like I said I think we have not proven nearly what people seem to assume we have. And my saying that I think we'll win does not mean I am as confident as others......I can think OSU will win but struggle or I can think OSU will win by 30 or I can think OSU will win by 30 and bet my car on it. Not the same confidence level but all three think we'll win.

Not trying to be a downer. I really like JT Barrett's potential and I think Warriner will eventually do great things with our line. I just think I see way too many people assuming we're just going to coast. Of course we could, in which case I'll just be happy and not at all care that I was more nervous.

Ultimately it doesn't matter and what happens on the field resolves it all. Just saying I don't agree with the large number of posts I've seen on the site thinking this is a blowout.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

I am waaayyyyyy less comfortable about this game than the majority of Bucks fans seem to be.

Va Tech and Bud Foster have made a living off good defensive lineplay and creating turnovers. We have a brand new offensive line that struggled in some of its one on one matchups against Navy and a redshirt freshman QB. That is bothersome.

I also see an assumption that our defense will keep scoring low. I don't think Va Tech has a very good offense, but the last time we saw our defense play against a non-option team it was shredded. yes, I know we have a new system and some different players, but I see way too many people assuming that "new" means "better". Our d-line is great. I have no info to show me our linebackers or secondary are improved over last year.

I think we win, but I think there are going to be a lot of nervous Buckeye fans on Saturday. It also isn't nearly as out of question as many seem to think that we could lose. Our talent is better, period. But games are won in the individual matchups and schemes.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

The o-line did not have a good game. They got better late, but it still wasn't a good game.

Virginia Tech has three areas of excellence on their team- special teams, defensive line, and cornerbacks. A less than stellar o-line protecting a freshman QB against a good defensive line and strong corners is troubles. If we can't establish the run and that forces JT to throw on obvious passing downs, that is a recipe for turnovers.

We should win this game, but if the O-line is not better than they just showed, we open the door for VA Tech to take advantage of their own strengths. Turn overs can make anybody lose to anybody, and keep any game close.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

Polls are meaningless all year. 

only the committee matters. They are in no way constrained by the polls.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

None of the polls have anything at all to do with who makes the playoffs. I can go make a poll in my garage and it has the same affect on who gets in.

They can put us at 30 for all I care. All that matters is what the committee members decide on the last day they meet. Polls are not on the list of things they consider.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

I've found it useful to divide the day into the mimosa hours (breakfast), the rum & coke hours (light brunch), the nap hour, then the gametime drinking experience (margaritas, beer, chips & salsa). The late night game/post game can be capped off with a good scotch, enjoyed on the porch comtemplating the events of the day.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

The importance of the results of LSU-Wisky and later MSU-Oregon to the perception of the B1G, and the liklihood of a one loss B1G champ being in the playoff, cannot be overstated.

If Wisky and MSU crap the bed, it is undefeated or bust for OSU. If Wisky and MSU win, we can lose a game along the way and still have a shot. Perception of schedule/conference strength is vital.

Comment 26 Aug 2014


If I'm Navy, I know I can't win by just running my normal offense into the best part of Ohio State's defense. So of course, I wouldn't.

I expect to see lots of the regular option runs (which make defenders rely upon choices rather than physicla ability), but I would also bank on seeing a literal s**t-ton of screens of all sorts. We absolutely sucked at covering screens, misdirection passes, and play action last year. If I were Navy, I'd make us prove that has changed. It would not at all shock me to see Reynolds have 20+ passing attempts. They'll all be short and rely on misdirection and timing- in other words no matter how good our D-line is it will not matter as there just won't be enough time for them to reach Reynolds.

To me stopping Navy is going to come down to two things in this game- the LBs making the right reads quickly and Chris Ash's secondary being an improvement. If our secondary and Shazier-less LBs are at last year's level, Navy can stay in this and maybe steal it.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

On offense, blocking is so much more important than what goes on with the actual ball.

I love when we have blowout games because I can do something I can't/won't do when the game is competitive. If we hit the fourth quarter of a game that is no longer in doubt, I use my DVR and watch each play three times- once live, once in slow mo focusing on the O-line (usually one side of the line or just one particular player), and then once in slow mo watching some other aspect (depending on the view this might be the routes developing and the secondary responses or it might be focusing on the RB or TE and how they handle blocking assignments and their routes).

Comment 22 Aug 2014

All great coaches are thieves. 

It would be foolish not to use things others have proven effective.

I wouldn't worry about identity at all- Urban, like all great coaches, has been stealing ideas from others his entire career. He's then molded together everything he has stolen into his own philosophy and adjusted based on his own views. He's taking what he believes is the best of what Oregon does, but that is not at all the same as simply copying.

Also keep in mind that he is playing a recruiting game at every single moment. When he talks about winning, he says we are going to be Alabama. When he talks about offensive speed, he says we will be Oregon. When he talks about defense, he says we will have an SEC defense. Doing so not only sets goals for the current team, but also serves to be public relations- it connects the Bucks to the perceived greatest in each area. This has an affect on how recruits think about Ohio State.