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Comment 11 hours ago

Profit from 1996. I know that dates me.

That show was awesome. All about the manipulations of a junior exec to take over a company. Dude was ruthless, too. Later on it turned out he wanted the company because as a child he'd been abused and forced to sleep in a box. The box was one with the company's logo. He still had it in a secret room. Sometimes he'd head into the room and, you know, sleep naked in his cardboard box. Pretty normal.

That show also taught me how to beat a lie detector test.

Everything having to do with computers is of course silly when seen now, but the plot and manipulations was great. 

Only lasted 8 episodes, but the description from episode 4 gives you a pretty good idea: "Joanne and Jim's rivalry comes to a head when Chaz orders them both to take lie detector tests to put the negative rumors about both to rest for good. Jim blackmails Joanne's psychiatrist and hijacks her psychotherapy sessions in an attempt to destabilize Joanne and make her fail the test."

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Oh, and I forgot to mention- I met the entire roster of the Washington Mystics WNBA team.

I was actually signed to the team as a "Mystic for a day". Which is funny because I'm a guy.

I was at a Sears waiting for my then-fiance (now ex-wife) to finish shopping and there was a box for voting for WNBA all stars. I was bored so I voted. If I heard of the player, I voted for her. Other than that I just voted Mystics. My fiance and I got married and went off on our honeymoon. When we got back we had about a billion messages from the Mystics. Turns out the WNBA drew one ballot at random in each city and that person was signed to the team for a day. They gave me and my wife a limo ride to a game and courtside seats. I went down in the locker room before the game and met the team. At halftime they gave me a uniform with my name on it (try wearing that to play pickup somewhere, yeah right), a ball signed by the team, and a $1,000 gift certificate to Sears.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I think I've mentioned on here before that a friend o mine (ex-boss) is the guy who buys all the assistive technology for Stevie Wonder. I've met Stevie a bunch of times. Stevie calls my buddy pretty frequently, and gave him and his wife his seats at some awards event a few years back. They ended up sitting at a table with Lea Michelle from Glee and Jamie Foxx.

I've also met Danica Patrick. A friend and I were at Richmond for an Indy race back when she ran Indy cars and we ended up in ballroom kinda thing where a bunch of the drivers came in one by one and spoke to the crowd. This was when Danica was a brand new phenomenon and about thirty minutes before her scheduled time the place started filling up quick. My friend and I realized she couldn't come in the front like the other drivers because the crowd was huge so we grabbed a table in the back right by the door from the kitchen. Sure enough, just before her time a bunch of security guys came out and blocked off the area around the door, with our table inside the little cordon they set up. She came out and sat at our table while security cleared her a path to the stage. She was nice enough, although I understand she isn't always. She's really tiny.

A few friends of mine play on the women's national baseball team too, if that counts.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

That kid might be the most perfect example of a student-athlete ever.

This whole thing is a perfect example of when people get caught up in the rules and not what is behind the rules. It is also a reason to punch Reggie Bush in the face. The NCAA is awful, but players that accept houses or whose dads get huge donations for their churches are the reason good kids like this one get jammed up by the rules.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

For this whole game I fluttered back and forth between bewildered exuberance and unrestrained glee. At one point I ran out on my balcony, threw my arms in the air and screamed "F' yeah!" to absolutely nobody, except possible one of my elderly neighbors walking their dog a block or two away. And I'm 43 years old. 

In one three game stretch that started here against Wisconsin, drove a stake into the SEC's heart and snobbishly pummeled college football's nouveau rich, I watched Cardale Jones, Zeke, and the rest this great team reach gently over my head and remove the 9,000 pound slow-B1G great SEC necklace I've had to wear for 8 years.

I have no idea if this was the greatest quarter in Ohio State history- it is a hell of a history- but I can say without doubt I've never had more fun and at the same time felt more relief in all my years of college football watching. Every thing that has pummeled my football soul for the better part of the last decade- the Ohio State can't compete in big games meme, the B1G is slow meme, the SEC is the NFL-lite- was taken out of the picture.

As a fan, I may never another more fun stretch of games.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

No. I love Devin, but no.

The only receivers worthy of first round picks are can't miss day one number 1 receivers. There are very few of these.

Devin's top potential is a #2 with big play ability. That's a high ceiling, but it isn't true #1 territory. There are also some things he needs to overcome to get there. One of the biggest concerns the NFL scouts expressed was that he doesn't have the strength to get around good press coverage. His low bench reps at the combine won't help that perception. His hands are also a concern.

And yes, before people start throwing highlight catch pics at me and telling me what CB he beat when, I understand he CAN do both. That is why it is called potential. 

To give you an idea of where he stands, below is the link for NFL.com's analysis. It is very fair in both his strengths and his weaknesses. Their overall scout ranking is a 5.72, which is "has a chance to become an NFL starter". That is basically what he is- an off the bench guy with big play ability who, if he improves his weaknesses, can become a legit, solid starter with big play ability, Put yourself in an NFL GM's shoes. Do you use a first round pick on a guy that has a chance to become a starter? 

Again, before I get attacked, I love the guy. I think he overcomes his weaknesses and becomes a solid NFL starter. But he isn't worth a first round pick.


Comment 23 Feb 2015

Oh, and I'm very tired of DC and looking to move to Phoenix, where I have some family. Parents both grew up in AZ before they moved to Ohio. So, if it isn't too forward, sure would love it if anybody on here has any connections in Phoenix that might know of procurement or contracts jobs.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I'm the Corporate Purchasing Manager for a defense contractor in the Washington DC area. We specialize in legacy equipment and foreign military sales, so basically my staff spends their days frantically trying to find parts that for warships and planes built in the 70's, as well as skilled technicians to install them and train foreign personnel. Oh, and then trying to convince the only guy on Earth who has the part to sell it to us at a reasonable price, and get it to us in time for us to complete all the export requirements for military equipment.

And my major in college was Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. So, um, yeah, I guess right on target or something?

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Life is full of suck and sadness. If you find something that makes you happy and doesn't hurt anybody else, you should do it. Hobbies are for you.

Of course as someone who boxed and played tons of soccer and basketball all through my life, I personally am way too cool for D&D. No way I'd know that I prefer the Basic/Xpert sets released in the early 80s or that if I was going to play today I'd go with a retro clone like Castles & Crusades. Yup, no way I'd know that at all.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

Road Warrior was way better than Mad Max. In fact it was so much better that most people don't realize Road Warrior was a sequel. 

Comment 16 Feb 2015

It's almost impossible to explain to people who didn't see him play just how dominant Pace was at OSU. 

Best ever. 

Comment 11 Feb 2015

The very best part is the very beginning- "Mike Hart and his teammates eyeing a National Championship"

Hahahahahahaha, hahahahahaha, Mike Hart, hahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahhaha, 0-4, hahahhahahahahaha, omg, hahahahaha

Comment 11 Feb 2015

You're kidding right?

TSUN that year was a legit title contender. App State was FCS. We'll live our whole lives and never see that again.

Comment 08 Feb 2015


The rock, solid piece around which the entire d line set plays or found openings to make plays. 

Football is about the lines. You can make a case for QB in the modern game, but we're not losing one.

To me, nothing is as hard to replace as a rock solid DT or a kick-butt Center.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Actually I think you have to divide into eras as a championship is 1900 is nothing like an AP championship in 1960, which in turn is not quite as earned as a BCS championship..

In the playoff era, where you earn it, it looks like this:

B1G: 1

All y'all everybody else: 0

And I'd prefer it if we count by school rather than conference.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

The new kid- KJ Hill.

He is explosive with the ball in his hand. 

Dontre never quite seems to break one, although he certainly could. Jalin can break them, but his decision making can be scary. Put the flashy frosh back there and give him a go.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

I live in the DC Area and heard an interview with Randy Edsall, Maryland's coach.

I think he's headed the right direction. He mentioned that in the past their focus has been on skill position players, going all the way back to Vernon Davis, but the B1G is a lineman league and the focus has to change. In his mind, his classes need to be focused on the big boys on the O-line and D-line because the B1G is not a league where just having play-makers is good enough.