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Comment 16 hours ago

This will make Tressel happy- there is no way in heck Cameron Johnston shouldn't be there. Pinned people deep constantly.

Comment 18 hours ago

For my money, he's behind Troy, Terrelle, Joe Germaine, Krenzel (yes, Krenzel- beat TSUN and win championships and you get in my rankings) and Rex Kern. I have him ahead of Hoying, Schlichter, Cornelius Greene, Tomczak, Jim Karsatos and Greg Frey. I debated having Greene and Schlichter ahead of Braxton too. It is debatable. .

I probably should have Horvath in there but that's too far back for me.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Can't speak for Urban, but I think Barrett is a better passer than Braxton overall.

That said, Barrett has some "young guy" issues that were really clear in the Spring Game. He stares down his receiver, and he holds the ball an extra beat before he throws as if he wants to be 100% certain the pass is there before throwing. These things won't matter against Navy, but they will matter a ton against the great CBs on Va Tech. I'm very worried about interceptions being thrown in that game.

Brax is a super stud, but he's not very accurate on mid-range passes and lacks consistent touch on the deepball. This is an evaluation- not a knockdown. Every player has bad areas and good areas.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

This injury kills me for Brax because it puts him in a brutal spot. He just isn't going to get drafted highly after sitting out a year, especially when there was already significant doubt among NFL scouts as to whether his passing abilities were improving. He needed this year to show them what he can do in that regard.

But coming back is almost worse. If JT or Cardale craps the bed, then no problem. But if JT or Cardale kills it, Brax coming back is not really good for him and is flat-out awful for OSU. If JT takes us to the playoffs, I don't see how you don't have him as the starter next year. JT is going to be here for several more years, are you going to mess with his development the year AFTER he proves he's the man? Are you going to split time, which almost always destroys the rythym of an offense? Are you going to watch as the team internally starts to subtly split between the "this guy shouldn't lose his job to injury" and "this guy led us to the playoffs" camp?

Playing both won't work either. In any such situation Braxton will be primarily a runner, and the reason he needs to come back is to show his improved passing ability to the NFL.

This is just brutal timing for Brax, and if Barett succeeds this will be tricky for the team next year.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Doesn't work that way. QBs don't start out as what they will be. Troy Smith came out of the spring battling with Justin Zwick. And Braxton came out battling with the aforementioned Bauserman.

Barrett not having supplanted Jones easily doesn't really mean much in terms of judging what he will be.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I love Brax but if he comes back I would not say "JT would liekly slide back to backup QB".

JT was a very highly recruited QB. If he has a really good year and Brax is coming off a season missed by shoulder injury, I don't think it will be that clear cut. In fact, I think it will be the worst possible situation- two possible starters. At any other position that is depth. At QB that is often a mess.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

There is a good chance we're talking another Braxton. He's young and will take some time, but the dude is talented. He was the country's number 1 rated dual threat quarterback when recruited. The country's number 1. He was offered by LSU, Baylor (hey, do they throw the ball every once in awhile?), Texas Tech (hey, do they throw the ball every once in awhile?) and he played his high school ball in Texas.

Not sure why you'd think we're talking Bauserman or Mullen. We're talking the future of the Bucks. He would have taken over for Brax this year if Brax left anyway, next year if Brax didn't.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

This season was always going to come down to the following:

1) Will the O-line hold up with all its new players?

2) Can we replace the production of one of the best backs in OSU history?

3) Will one of the talented youngsters be able to replace the production of our leading receiver?

4) Will our new defensive scheme work?

5) even if it does, can we replace a starting corner and both starting safeties?

6) Will we have a good kicker?

That is a lot of questions. I'm not sure we were much of a lock to make the playoffs WITH Braxton. That said, adding one more question (Will our QB be able to do the job?) doesn't help.

ALL OF THAT SAID, I think we still can make the playoffs, and I don't think the chances are actually that much worse than they were before. You answer for me the offensive line and defensive scheme questions and I'll tell you if we make the playoffs, Brax or no Brax. This season will hinge on those two things.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Hope Brax is fine, but folks y'all are sleeping on J.T. Barrett. Might not be right away, but he is going to be a very very good QB.

Our OOC is actually trickier than it looks at first. Navy, Va Tech and Cincy all present more challenges than you would think. We have a new O-line, no Guapo, possibly no Brax, and a new defense. Not an easy road even with Brax. That said, I still have faith. Lots of talent on this team.

Mark my words on Barrett. 

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I don't see Alabama having much difficulty because their schedule is fairly easy. The Auburn and LSU games are tough. Everything else? Not so much. Texas A&M is a big giant question mark without Johnny Football, and nobody else is very scary. If we were playing their schedule my only concerns would be those same two teams, LSU and Auburn.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

That Cincinnati team is a good team, it is favored to win its conference, it is coached by a coach with bigtime program experience, and it is coached by a coach that has gone up against and beaten Urban. Add to that the Cincy mindset towards OSU. Do. not. sleep. on. that. game.

I'm actually fairly worried about our out of conference schedule- Navy tends to make people that beat them look like crap on defense (and with the new playoff committee we can't have our perception dinged in game one), Cincinnati is a much tougher game than it first appears, and Virginia Tech always has the potential to win because their defense and special teams are always good. We should win all three on talent, but none of the three is a throw-away. They're kind of the worst type of of out of conference games- not big enough that wins give you major cred but the teams all have aspects that can hurt our perception even when winning and could beat us on a down day.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

I hear ya. I can't believe the number of topics I find "interesting" right now that I won't give two f***s about once we kick off against Navy. The off season is wayyyy to long.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

Here is one of mine: A Yield sign is NOT a Stop sign.

There are an astounding number of people that pull up to a yield sign, stop, then look to see if traffic is coming and they can go. Ummmm, folks, that is the correct meaning and action of a Stop sign. A Yield sign indicates that you should slow slightly while looking and, if traffic is approaching yield the right of way. This yield can be either by slowing enough to allow the other cars to continue before you enter or stopping if the situation calls for it.

What is absolutely not necessary, nor correct, is to pull up to a Yield sign and stop when there is no traffic for which you need to yield.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

It's worse here in Virgina- a lot of red lights have a sign that says in big bold letters "NO TURN ON RED" and then below in small letters "WHEN PEDESTRIANS ARE PRESENT".

So, of course, guess what about 75% of the drivers do? That's right, sit there and refuse to turn right on red. If you beep, they point at the sign. At which point I beep and point at the sign. So we end up with both of us beeping and pointing more and more vehemently at the sign, which only I have completely read.

You have no idea how frustrating it is to sit through entire red light cycles every day because people only partially read posted signs.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

As someone who has lived in both Washington DC and Los Angeles, I'm going to disagree. I give all drivers in the entire state of Maryland my vote for the worst drivers in the nation.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

Eh, it isn't exactly right to say she didn't make the team. She was second in MVP voting the year before and yet the coach of the USA team didn't even invite her to camp to tryout. Hammon felt she was being left out due to drama reasons and was at an age where she wasn't going to get another chance to go to the Olympics. So she took things into her own hands. Not the same as going to another team because you couldn't cut it.

She also already had Russian citizenship- didn't obtain that just to play for their Olympic team. She'd been playing in Russia every off season for years and had qualified for Russian citizenship already.

I get your point- I'm not sure how I feel about an American playing for another country's team- but I do think the specifics of her situation make a difference.

Comment 02 Aug 2014

Although Ebola does not meet the technical definition of airborne, experiments have proven it can in fact be transferred via airborne droplets. That's a fancy way of saying it is airborne, but can't go as far in the air from person to person (and the disease dies more quickly in a droplet than if it were truly airborne).

Dont have a link handy, but google "Ebola airborne" and I'm sure the experiments will come up.

Scary stuff. 

Comment 31 Jul 2014

He has an f'ing cannon for an arm. No joke. I've seen him throw excellent deep balls in warm up that went a good twenty yards further than any of the other QBs. Brax was using his full body, Cardale was just flicking his wrist.

That's all I know- an f'ing cannon. No idea if he can read defenses, throw accurately, etc, etc.

I do think he will throw a better deep ball than Braxton. Over the years Brax has missed out on a lot of TDs because he throws his deep balls on too much of a line without enough air under them. On the plus side, that's avoided a lot of interceptions.