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Comment 48 minutes ago

I want him to succeed in the NFL so badly. That NFL suspension was absolutely ridiculous. He was suspended longer for violating an arguably silly NCAA rule than Ray Rice was originally suspended for punching his wife in the face.

Go TP, go. I want to see him get that ring.

Comment 8 hours ago

Don't know, but they did use to be in a legit power conference. Pre-Big Twelve days, Houston was in the Southwest Conference with Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, Arkansas, and Baylor.

They had Andre Ware win the Heisman in 1989 and David Klinger come in third in Heisman voting not longer after. At one point in 1990 they were #3 in the country. They've been coached previously by Art Briles and Kevin Sumlin.

Nowadays they are a minor nothing conference and nobody hears about them, but there was a time that Houston was one of those decent power conference teams that every now and then would flirt with the national stage and every now and then would completely suck. They were kind of the Iowa of the Southwest Conference, but with Heisman candidates.

Comment 19 May 2015

Wanna know how sick our current skill position players are? 

I'll match up this year (with some assumptions and a position change) with the all-time team. Assuming all other positions (O-line, defense, special teams), you tell me who wins.


Tim Tebow versus JT Barrett


Carlos Hyde vs Zeke Elliott


Philly Brown, Riley Cooper, Devin Smith vs Michael Thomas, Jalin Marshall, and Corey Smith/tbd


Percy Harvin vs Braxton Miller (Brax would be the best h-back in the history of the game. give him the ball in space and watch).


Jeff Heurmann vs Nick Vannett

Closer than you would think.

Comment 18 May 2015

Winning a title is so incredibly difficult and relies upon so many things outside of your control. Back to back titles are insanely, incredibly, almost impossibly difficult. 

Pray for no injuries, hope for blowouts so the whole season can't turn on one bad ref call or one poor coaching decision or one player's mistake at the exact wrong time. Hope nobody comes in with the right game plan on the right day for it, when your team just starts a little slow and never really clicks in the right adjustments. 

It is hard folks. Really, really hard. 

Comment 16 May 2015
Oh Georgia fan. Southern fans are going to have a mental breakdown when the SEC rep- if one makes it this year- loses in the playoffs again.
Comment 14 May 2015

What I always love most about this gif is watching the two Alabama linebackers. One moment they are headed for the line of scrimmage and Evan Spencer is cutting inside, then suddenly there is nobody visible but OSU linemen. It's like they disappeared into some sort of vortex. Evan Spencer created a linebacker-sucking black hole.

Comment 14 May 2015

I bet when all of those people were saying Curtis Grant was a bust, they never envisioned him being the championship matryoshka. 

Comment 14 May 2015

Footwork drills dropped the ball before he crossed the line. Time for some hand it to the ref drills. 

Comment 08 May 2015

That top ten can't be right. They've left off LSU, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Missouri, and Texas A&M. And Arkansas. Nobody was playing better football than Arkansas by the end of the year. They'd better republish that issue. 

Comment 06 May 2015

It doesn't actually matter what people watch. That isn't how the contract is structured. It only matters how many people have BTN on basic cable or a package in an area contractually considered a footprint.

Rutgers brings New York City and New Jersey into the footprint. Fox/B1G are using their hold over the Yankees network- which is part of a package many, many people in NYC want- to force BTN into the same package. Even if nobody ever watches a B1G game in NYC, Rutgers will end up bringing more dollars to the B1G than any school. Read that again- than ANY school.

It doesn't matter if people want to watch Rutgers-Illinois. It matters if New Yorkers want to watch the Yankees and that NYC and Chicago are huge.

It will matter how many people watch BTN when the next contract comes up, but it only matters as a total nit school by school. And OSU, TSUN, and PSU have three of the largest fanbases in the country.

I may hate this fact, and you may hate this fact, and the poor soul watching Rutgers-Illinois May hate this fact, but this is still the bottom line fact: Sports is a business.

Comment 06 May 2015

Money, money, money.

If you're evaluating based on on-field performance, you aren't a University President. You're a fan.

Comment 05 May 2015

Carefully avoiding politics here, so I'll just say that not everyone would agree that one of the points of prison is to rehabilitate people (or at least not for all crimes), nor would that be the only point of prison. Also, if the crime was murder, prison might not be the punishment we're talking about anyway. Ohio is a death penalty state.

That was actually probably too close to politics. 

Comment 02 May 2015

It's a team game and he's the ultimate teammate.

Evan Spencer is the reason we beat Bama. The throw, the block, and the onside kick recovery were three vital moments and in everyone of them the kid came up a superstar. He may or may not make it in the NFL, but I don't think there is another receiver in college that could make all three of those plays. All they do is catch. Evan does everything. 

Comment 01 May 2015

Football is a team sport. 

On any play, one guy not doing his job means the play fails.

That's what makes the NFL GM's job so tough. They have to judge what these guys would have done in functioning offense if they played with the same skill and ability, then they ALSO have to judge the potential development of the guy once they reach the NFL.

Washington having so many guys drafted tells you one of three things:

1) A lot of the rest of the guys on the team made a lot of mistakes or had little talent

2) The coaching scheme did not take advantage of the talent

3) The scheme required the talented players to play a certain way, and the different way they will play in the NFL better fits the specific skillset of a specific player

I'm never sure why people expect the NFL draft to be littered with guys from the top teams only. Take a look at the all-pro rosters sometime. Lots of guys from "bad" college teams and small schools.

Comment 27 Apr 2015

For the record, I absolutely "saw" Va Tech winning that game last year before it happened. We had a new defensive scheme that had, the previous week, had to play against Navy's offense. This meant our new scheme had little real experience. We had an all new offensive line and a brand new QB. Va Tech has always had good defensive schemes (not always execution) and good special teams. That game had upset potential written all over it.

This year I'd be shocked if Va Tech won. I don't see their defense stopping the now more-versatile offense, with its experienced line, from putting up points. I think our defense is also much improved, but I do think Va Tech can score this season. 

It being the first game, I expect it takes awhile to click and then ends late. I expect us to win but- despite my fondest desires- I don't think by a lot. I think there will be a scary moment or two where things don't look good.

That said, hopefully I am wrong and we Wisconsin their ass. 

Comment 26 Apr 2015

Just a personal pet peeve- not saying it is right, but I get irritated by the idea of bulletin board material.

If you are a player and the thought process basically boils down to "well I was going to play pretty well in this game, but now that he said that I am really going to turn it on", the why would I want you on my team? I want the player that prepares for every game, is fully engaged in being the best he can be, and gives all his effort every play, every game.

The guy who gets motivated by comments from the other team? No, thanks.