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Comment 28 Jan 2015

I used to box- but even I see the writing on the wall. It doesn't really matter if MMA or Boxing take market share. Once more and more concussion studies are done for football and show what they will certainly show, boxing and MMA are goners. They're both dead sports walking and just don't know it yet.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

I don't think we outside the program really have any idea who should be captains. We base it on stardom, stats, or game play when we state who we think. But these things are the least important for captains; work ethic, off field leadership, and teamwork are the things we don't see that the players and coaching staff do.

Theres no doubt in my mind that the most captain-y this year were Evan Spencer and the kid whose name I can't remember right now- the guy Urban kept mentioning on special teams coverage. 

Comment 24 Jan 2015

Didn't suggest that he did nothing wrong.

And I'll bet every dollar I own his wrongdoing was known by more than him. If he'd mentioned it, we'd have been truly f'ed.

Saying Tress took a bullet doesn't absolve him of wrong doing. Bug it does mean an awful lot of people would have been in worse situations if he hadn't taken the bullet. 

Comment 24 Jan 2015

I always support teams or people fighting against the establishment, and TCU/Baylor/Boise are in that group.

That said, I watched a lot of TCU. I think they get completely bitchslapped by us or by Bama. I think Oregon outscores them without breaking a sweat. They're just too small.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

wasn't trying to imply you were taking credit from Meyer- was just trying to point out that our history is a huge tapestry full of many names. Certainly Tress is a huge part, but like all the others he is a link in a glorious chain.

I personally loved that Tress was there for the flip and that he obviously still cares so much about the players he recruited.

I'll contend to my dying day that Tress took a bullet for OSU.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

The only thing that held us close against Oregon was our own mistakes.

If Bama had truly committed to Henry in the running game, that game could have gone either way.

I think Bama was a much better opponent.

Oddly, I also think Oregon would have railed Bama if they'd played. Bama's secondary would have been toasted so fast on each Oregon drive that the subsequent Henry-fest to march down the field wouldn't have mattered.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

If we're going to go down that route, shouldn't we point out that many of the championship team under Tress were recruited by Cooper?

And that Tress was of course given his first OSU coaching gig under Earle Bruce?

And that Bruce, of course, learned from Woody?

This is the great thing about Ohio State. Our history and tradition drive who we are today. And this is also the great thing about each team; each team owes a little to the past, but they make their own road. This 2014 team more than held up to the legacy.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

They were before my time, but I absolutely love the 50s and 60s eras of baseball. Ernie was a fantastic player and although I was never a Cubs fan I can completely understand being a fan of Ernie. Prayers to his family. Don't be too sad though that you forget to celebrate the great life he had.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

That recruiting chart is so sad. I realize recruiting rankings are not a sure indicator of performance, but still.

There are five power conferences, so I'd expect the B1G to have one team in the top five (we do- us, of course because I'm assuming we were underrated one spot), one in the top ten (PSU took care of it), one in the top fifteen (nope), one in the top twenty (nope), one in the top twenty-five (Wisky), etc, etc

The conference just has no depth. It's us, a few above average and/overachievers (MSU, Wisky), and a pile of dreck. 

Comment 24 Jan 2015

I just literally watched that whole video sitting on the toilet. I end up rewatching every single time I see any of the playoff games. I can't get enough. I forgot how bleak everything seemed for a little early in that Bama game. This team was just so resilient all year. So many things that would have killed any other team these guys just fought through.

My vote for most underrated play of the year is with the guy above me. Lee's fumble return (could be wrong but I think Bosa caused the fumble- not sure). If we lost to Navy- and that was a real possibility at that point- our season would really, truly have been over. 

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Yeah, I don't see it. No offense to any of the other receivers but I think Thomas made more and more strides as the year went on. I think he's going to claim that #1 WR spot with a vengeance next year.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

TSUN is more like our BMW-driving, fake-Rolex wearing, preppy-dressing neighbor who thinks he does no wrong and always complains about our lawn, our children playing too close to his lawn, or our BBQ with friends being too smoky. Then he goes inside and drinks himself into a stupor where nobody can see.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

It's crazy that I look at the team and I know the author purposefully under-represented Ohio State for the benefit of fans of other schools. That's how good the 2014 Bucks are.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

The 2014 team is not as good as the Miami team that the 2002 team beat. That's probably not going to be a popular opinion- but take a look at the NFL talent on that Hurricanes team.

The 2002 defense was the greatest defense in the history of college football. No, I can't prove it, but I honestly believe it.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

So hard to win titles in almost any sport.

I'm 43 and I've seen my Bucks win exactly two (2002, 2014). I grew up rooting for Cincy in bball and I've seen my team win exactly none. NFL? Always was a split Bengals and Seahawks fan (family in Seattle), and in all those years I've seen one title (last year). Baseball? Grew up a Reds fan and gradually became a Nats fan once they moved here to DC where I've lived for the past 24 years. Total titles? One- the Reds in 1990. Became a hockey fan of the Caps when I moved here. Total titles? None.

So since I started really following sports at age 10, and accounting for what sports and teams when, that totals somewhere around 205 seasons of rooting- and 4 championships. It is hard, hard, hard folks.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Va Tech played that game perfectly. They basically selected an all-or-nothing strategy and went with it. Playing that defense was either going to beat an inexperienced line and QB or it was going to cause them to lose by thirty. It was the right call and they executed. Good on them.

One of my employees is a Va Tech grad and fan and he legitimately believes they will win again next year. Good for him, believing in his team like that. I told him that it was going to be a reckoning.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Not that Meyer needs psychology of coaching lessons from me, but I think I'd select a hallway that has to be used or a wall in a room used frequently and simply put the words "Choose, Every Day" at the entry to the hallway. On one side of the hall, the entire wall would show all the moments of glory from last year and the year before- guys hoisting trophies, confetti raining down, happy faces and celebrations. The other side of the hallway the entire wall would show the worst moments- faces at the end of the Virginia Tech loss, dejected fans, guys sitting alone on the bench, Meyer eating pizza after the Michigan State game, etc. You can add newspaper titles to either side or both.

Every day I would just remind the players that each day you have to choose to be a champion. I'd ask that a lot in practice too. What do you choose today? Show it.

Comment 18 Jan 2015

Amen, brother. Enjoy it. I was born in 71 so I am on a similar time frame as you.

All too often people think that being the best team or having the most talent means a championship is in your future. It isn't. Ask the 96 or 98 Bucks. It doesn't work that way- you have to be great, you have to be fortunate in the timing of your off games and off drives, you have to have a few lucky bounces over the course of the year, you have to get a fortunate call or two. When you hit your big games, you have to hope they are against teams that you match-up with well because, and way to many people underestimate this, a good set of matchups beats better talent every day of the week. Winning a title is insanely difficult.

Don't think so? Take a look at the number of teams in Division 1 and the number of those teams that have actually won over the past twenty years.

Enjoy what just happened because no matter how good things look for next year there is absolutely no assurance that we'll be back.