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I'm originally from Columbus, but now reside in NC. I am a youth and worship minister at a church in High Point. Outside of the Buckeyes, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, being outdoors (skiing, hiking, camping, kayaking), riding roller coasters, playing frisbee golf, listening to/playing music, and watching movies and TV (LotR, 24, Psych).


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Comment 19 hours ago

Me too. Blink and he's gone. And I guess I don't have the magical touch that some parents have to tell my child not to do something once and have him listen immediately. I guess I should just keep him locked in his room until he learns to listen the first time to every command so that he isn't a menace to society.

Comment 30 May 2016

My 2 year old son tells me he wants to play with just about every animal he sees at the zoo. It's what they do. They are young. They don't understand the danger associated with the animals, they just see them as fun. Heck, half of their disney movies are about fun wild animals (Lion King, Tarzan, Finding Nemo, Jungle Book, etc.) The danger isn't real to them.

I tell my boy that the lion at the zoo isn't like the lion's on his Disney show. Doesn't mean that he is going to get that through his head the first time. And all it takes is 2 seconds of turning to ask an employee for help and he could be gone. It's just a sucky situation for all involved, and one that could happen to anyone who has kids that age.

Comment 21 May 2016

Not to mention that if you go to gun shows, there's all kinds of people selling who don't necessarily follow the law. My concealed carry instructor said that even he bought one without running it a few years back, ran it after he had purchased it, and it was stolen.

Comment 19 May 2016

El Toro is the only airtime coaster I've been on where I was glad the lap bar was stapled to my legs. I rode it opening season, not really knowing what to expect, and wow! Completely blew me away. Not to mention the first drop has a great head-chopper.

RMC topper is the only way I'll probably ever ride Mean Streak again. I agree. Haven't ridden one yet (Iron Rattler, NTG, and Lightening Rod this summer!), but I've heard nothing but rave reviews.

Comment 19 May 2016

A few thoughts of my own on the coaster issue:

1. Millennium Force is the best I've been on (over 150 in the eastern US). Love that ride. Went to a coaster event in '02 where we got to ride it after the park closed down until 1am. The last 10 minutes or so, they shut down the lights that illuminate the side of it. This was before the horrible spot lights of TTD, so it was absolutely pitch black out on the island. Best roller coaster ride of my life.

2. For many years, I had an "Ohio has the best hands down" attitude, but the more I've travelled, the more I see that while we have some great rides (and even some of the best imo), there are some really great rides out there. Superman at Six Flags New England, Dueling Dragons (before they didn't let you duel anymore), and Intimidator 305 are all great steel coasters that are up there on my list. El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure, Thunderhead, and The Voyage are all better than the best wooden coaster you'll find in Ohio, which to me is the Beast. While I absolutely love the Beast, it just isn't the same coaster with all the brakes on it. If they ran it without brakes, it would shoot back up my list.

3. We lost some good ones when Geauga Lake closed down. Dominator (now at King's Dominion) and Big Dipper (RIP) were two of my favorites. 

4. Give me Blue Streak over the Mean Streak any day. Blue Streak has great airtime along with some old time roughness, but is very re-ridable.

Comment 19 May 2016

News to me, but they changed the name of Top Gun to The Bat a few years ago. This is just Top Gun. That's Banshee that you see in the background. Here's is a 1981 pov.

Btw, Navy, since you mentioned Busch Gardens Williamsburg, you ever ride Big Bad Wolf? That drop over the river was awesome!

Comment 19 May 2016

Love Alpengeist, although I found it to be a little rougher than other inverts I've ridden. Fantastic theming and just some monster elements. I especially love the dive into the shack after the mid-course brakes. Have you been to Busch Gardens Tampa, Navy? Montu is their invert, and it is my personal favorite invert. Great pacing, great trench runs/feet choppers, and good theming. It was also my 100th coaster, so I'm a little partial to it, haha.

Comment 19 May 2016
No, no sarcasm intended. I don't have a problem with the rough coasters, but the Mean Streak was absolutely unbearable last time I rode it. With all the good things that I've heard about the Rocky Mountain coasters, it's about the only thing they could do to it that would make me want to ride it again.
Comment 19 May 2016
I've found that the first row of the last car on Magnum really allows you to brace your knees well for the bunny hills coming back. While I love the ride and layout of Maverick, any seat but the very front is extremely painful on my shoulders. The roughness of the Beast is why I love it, even though brakes have severely neutered it over the last 20 years.
Comment 11 May 2016

Possibly the most devastating loss of my life. That season won me over from an M's (Jr.) fan to a Tribe fan. Those guys were so much fun to watch, and they always came through in the clutch, it seemed, except for that night.

Comment 05 Apr 2016

Well, don't forget that we have not actually seen Negan's brutality yet. Plus this was the pg-13 version. When the blu-ray comes out, it will be full on Negan, complete with his love of the f-bomb. I think the point of Negan, though, is that you kind of like the guy. He is charismatic and funny, and if he wasn't killing the people we've come to know and love over 6 years, we'd probably love him like we do Rick or Daryl.