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Comment 19 Jun 2016
Born in Salem, Ohio, raised for most of my childhood in a tiny blip called Rogers. Most famous for the Rogers Sale. It has national recognition for some reason. When I was 11 we moved to the East Liverpool area and I've lived here ever since. As for my family lineage. My cousin traced our roots to find out that we have an ancestor that signed the declaration of independence. She did so to qualify for a sizeable scholarship for college. I don't remember the name but I remember finding that out. So apparently my family has been in America for awhile now.
Comment 05 Jun 2016
With the article the other day talking about a possible busy commitment summer, how many do you see happening this summer? And, if it doesn't betray any confidences, who do you think will?
Comment 31 May 2016

Good interview. It looks like the coaches jumped in just in time. It doesn't sound like he has a true leader and that's contrary to most reports that I've seen.  

Comment 09 Apr 2016
We have a proven starter and Heisman contender if he doesn't go to the NFL and he's backed up by a guy Meyer says is the best he's ever recruited. On top of that we have a 4 star of our own in his class committed that's a gym rat.
Comment 20 Mar 2016
I hope this is the awakening of Harris and Giddens. If they can carry this over into next year and get Lyle and Loving to give any effort on defense, this could be a good team next year. They're not quitting I'll give them that.
Comment 20 Mar 2016
Should they sit out the 1st half of games because they don't play defense or box out ever. Lyle has been beaten back for fast break layups 6 or 7 times.
Comment 18 Mar 2016
That's why I said if he has those ties. The problem is the last time we had this much New Jersey presence in our area it was to secure a major drug line. This area has enough of a drug problem without assistance. I meant if he has ties to this ring.
Comment 11 Mar 2016
I understand this team is young but at this point youth and inexperience are not excuses for laziness on defense and not boxing out. The last 3 years have been the same. Pass the ball around the perimeter and pray a shot opens up or the defense messes up and leaves someone wide open. The lack of a quality inside presence and development is the downfall of this offense and that's on the coaching staff. You could have Diebler, Reddick, Curry and any other great shooter out there but without the fear of a post presence they won't get a open shot. They've recruited good talent but it's not developing the way it used to.
Comment 06 Mar 2016
Do you think we will pursue Tate Martell? Would we accept Keyshawn Johnson Jr to get Darnay Holmes?
Comment 05 Mar 2016
This is pathetic. This late in the year being young is not a legitimate excuse anymore. This is a complete lack of fire/effort on defense. When you shoot 56% from the floor and score 37 in the 1st half, you should be winning by double digits not losing by double digits. The body language walking off the court wasn't good either. On the bright side Lyle is becoming a true game changer. If not for him this is a 20+ point deficit.
Comment 23 Feb 2016
I was surprised in the first half how the calls were going since Statitore and Valentine are officiating but now they're showing their colors.
Comment 07 Feb 2016
No I'm not joking. No "expert " has us in right now. It would take something drastic to change that. Ask yourself this. Would you take 20-14 or 21-13 team with 1 top 100 win into the tourney? I think not. There's too many good mid major schools sitting there with better resumes.