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Comment 04 Jul 2014
Harris has already said that he's not afraid of competition and it won't effect his decision. He feels he's the best and he's willing to prove it.
Comment 21 Mar 2014
Gibson. He's fast as hell and everyone remembers what happened last time Meyer had a left handed no. 1 qb. Also it would make a better case to get his teammate McFadden.
Comment 21 Mar 2014
He already said that competition won't deter him from signing somewhere. Someone asked him about the Buckeyes recruiting Wimbush.
Comment 01 Mar 2014
1. Gibson 2. Kirk 3. Tolliver 4. McFadden 5. Hilliard
Comment 26 Feb 2014
If you want to find a place to live stay in the Calcutta area or outlaying areas. There's a few apartment complexes around but housing is really affordable throughout the area. There's some good restaurants within a half hour of East Liverpool. The shale tavern is right off of the highway in Elkton. There's a half a dozen pizza places too. There's Mountaineer racetrack and casino across the river. There's a drive in theatre in wv. There's a few state parks, bars, clubs and an off-road area if you got a quad or jeep.
Comment 23 Feb 2014
Anyone that harasses a minor on social media should face prosecution. It's pathetic. This guy is a joke of a _ichigan fan. If he was a true Buckeyes fan he would want all the talent in Columbus they could get. I hope karma bites this guy in the ass.
Comment 23 Feb 2014
I saw that time and was amazed. A lot of people say Devin Smith is the fast one but I doubt he can run a 4.37 40 time.
Comment 22 Feb 2014
I hope he stays and brings two of his teammates with him.
Comment 12 Feb 2014
This kid is fast, big and plays angry. Everyone is saying Shazier 2.0 or Raekwon 2.0 but I see Lauranaitis 2.0.
Comment 29 Jan 2014
I know how Ohio st would've handled it. The kid that was at Ohio st that was involved in the Steubenville rape case was expelled within a week after it was brought to light.