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Comment 23 hours ago
I would hope that sharing a picture of any hero is not against the rules. God bless ALL of the fallen heroes and those who continue to put their lives on the line for the freedoms we too often take for granted.
Comment 17 May 2015
Of all the Clippers, JJ Reddick would be the best fit for the Cavs. They could use that pure shooter and another scoring threat off the bench.
Comment 11 Apr 2015
Congrats. That was the changing point in my life/maturity when my son was born. It will be trying and stressful at times but all completely worth it. I'll never forget that day. A couple hours after he was born I held him and watched the Buckeyes beat Penn St. Perfect day.
Comment 30 Mar 2015
My favorite was Rick's "I came here thinking about how many of you I was going to have to kill" speech.
Comment 29 Mar 2015
I agree with most of it but I think Kareem Walker is the rb, Haussman is the te, Dante Booker/Justin Hilliard at olb and Erick Smith is the safety. Bell will probably leave and also Lee. Don't put it past Barrett to go if he starts and has another great year. That would open up a huge qb battle with a lot of young talent.
Comment 29 Mar 2015
I like the TP comparison above and its very fitting. I myself see a more polished passing Braxton in Tristen Wallace. He might be a hybrid of the 2. If so I would take him over any qb in this class. If you think we have a qb situation now imagine in 2017 if we get Wallace. There would be JT (if he stays for a rs senior year), Stephen Collier, Torrance Gibson, Joe Burrow, Tristen Wallace and Danny Clark.
Comment 22 Mar 2015
I-O. Another great pickup on and off the field for this team. I'm glad that his ACL is coming along good. It sounds like he has a good grasp on what he wants and he's going to go get it. Welcome to Buckeye nation AJ.
Comment 16 Mar 2015
At least I can stand Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller. They're better than Lundquist, Rafferty and a few other names on that list.