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Comment 11 hours ago
I said it in the open thread and in the after game article. They never changed the snap count. As soon as JT put his hand down the ball was snapped. Every defender started timing it just like Wisconsin. The only difference is it took Penn St the whole 1st half to figure it out. The psu defense was timing it and getting the jump off the ball. The o line had to watch for the snap, the d line just watched JT. It gave them a 1/2 to 1 step advantage on those guys. At that point there's no lineman in the country that won't get beat being handicapped like that.
Comment 21 hours ago
I'm with everyone on the o line struggling but I see something the last 2 weeks and if I see it of course the opposing coaches see it. They never change the cadence. Once JT's hand went down the ball was snapped. Every defender can see it the o line can't. They have a distinct advantage there and used it to dominate the line. Wisconsin figured it out in about 10 plays, it took Penn St a half to.
Comment 24 hours ago
This is horrible. The way they're playing tonight this is not the #2 team in the nation. The defense is championship caliber but not the offense.
Comment 22 Oct 2016
Can coaches be benched? Beck and Warriner need to be benched for the 1st half of games. They're awesome in 2nd halves but pitiful in the 1st.
Comment 16 Oct 2016
That is insinuating that Wisconsin doesn't beat the winner of the game in the B1G championship. They played both teams very well and could've beaten both. If that happens it's a crap shoot where the teams land in bowl games.
Comment 16 Oct 2016
Raekwon is playing just fine. Yes, his tackle numbers are lower but he's still around the ball every play. The other guys on that defense are playing great. Baker had 13 tackles and the line is shredding opposing o lines. He made a ton of tackles last year because it was basically all him on the 2nd level. Lee was in coverage responsibility and Perry was usually on blitzes. This year we have solid secondary play man to man which leaves all 3 linebackers to share that 2nd level responsibility and it's more evenly distributed.
Comment 16 Oct 2016
I think there were a lot of calls missed both ways. I do have a officiating question though. Didn't they change the rule so if you stiff arm someone you can't grab their facemask? I saw Clement do it a few times and it had me thinking.
Comment 16 Oct 2016
That was stressful but an awesome game. Herby was saying that the last play didn't develope fast enough for wisky but if Hornibrook threw it Hooker was taking it. He read it and was undercutting it when the sack happened.
Comment 04 Sep 2016
I'm no Irish fan but the last 2 plays on that drive they got screwed. That was targeting on 3rd down and the guy that blocked the kick used his teammate to jump high enough to block it.
Comment 03 Sep 2016
I thought the same way. There were a few times where Bowling Green was playing way off on 1st and 2nd down. I thought they should've let Burrow fire it out to him. If he makes his man miss it's a touchdown, if not he still gets a catch and stays involved in the offense.
Comment 14 Aug 2016
Watching the videos from this last week of practice and now this scrimmage, I don't see this being a down year at all. Weber looks like he has a chip on shoulder when he runs. The wrs look like they're all game ready and hungry. The dbs look physical and are never far from the wr hip pocket. Then as I was discussing the other day with a friend at work. We have a pair of 5 star defensive ends that are 3rd string and are already being talked about being used in the rushmen package. That doesn't add up to anything short of another successful season for the Buckeyes.
Comment 31 Jul 2016
Chris Gamble. Let him play all 3 phases of the game. He was a shutdown corner, solid wr and good return man. We could use surety at all 3 spots.
Comment 20 Jul 2016
Mack, Hausman and Jordan on offense. Bosa (of course), Fuller and Cooper on defense. I could also see guys like McCall, Jones and few others making decent contributions on special teams.