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Comment 3 hours ago
I agree with most of it but I think Kareem Walker is the rb, Haussman is the te, Dante Booker/Justin Hilliard at olb and Erick Smith is the safety. Bell will probably leave and also Lee. Don't put it past Barrett to go if he starts and has another great year. That would open up a huge qb battle with a lot of young talent.
Comment 9 hours ago
I like the TP comparison above and its very fitting. I myself see a more polished passing Braxton in Tristen Wallace. He might be a hybrid of the 2. If so I would take him over any qb in this class. If you think we have a qb situation now imagine in 2017 if we get Wallace. There would be JT (if he stays for a rs senior year), Stephen Collier, Torrance Gibson, Joe Burrow, Tristen Wallace and Danny Clark.
Comment 22 Mar 2015
I-O. Another great pickup on and off the field for this team. I'm glad that his ACL is coming along good. It sounds like he has a good grasp on what he wants and he's going to go get it. Welcome to Buckeye nation AJ.
Comment 16 Mar 2015
At least I can stand Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller. They're better than Lundquist, Rafferty and a few other names on that list.
Comment 14 Mar 2015
Cowboys fan here. Unless a trade is made for Adrian Peterson, all reports are they want Melvin Gordon. I'm ok with that pick with our o line. If they get Peterson then I would like them to get d line help with Bennett or another dt to go with Crawford. After that its kind of a wash because other than o line and wr they need everything.
Comment 14 Mar 2015
It's great to see former players having an impact on their communities, not just their team. Seeing him playing with the kids and interacting with the fans shows his character.
Comment 08 Mar 2015
I've coached little league baseball, different levels of basketball and helped with junior high football.
Comment 08 Mar 2015
As I said below, I still believe he's a good coach, but it looks like the team quit on him. I know he's under a lot of pressure and hindsight is 20/20. I'm not claiming to be a better choice, nor did i call for him to be fired. In my experience in coaching, I would've handled it differently. I would've sat Shannon Scott for his lack of effort defensively because Kam Williams was blowing him away in effort when he was on the court. I would've also subbed Bates-Diop for Sam Thompson and tell Sam "you're having a rough night, let's see if he can get us some points. If not, you're going back in. Give it a couple minutes." There's a lot of different ways to have handled this game differently. Matta could've put Bates-Diop at the 5. He's long enough to hamper Kaminsky and then Kaminsky would have to wear himself out chasing him on defense. We did that all last year and even against Hammons with Laquinton Ross. It just seemed like his strong loyalty to the seniors has blinded him at times this whole year.
Comment 08 Mar 2015
Did I say he was a failure? No. I still think he is a good coach, but at the same I can tell when certain players have lost respect for their coach. There's division on this team and if you can't see it then you have to be blind. Shannon Scott has no effort and seems to not to have any respect for the freshman besides Russell and maybe Tate a little bit. He had Kam Williams wide open on an inbounds and then threw it to Marc Loving in the same spot covered after waving off Williams. These seniors continue doing whatever they want with complete disregard for their coaches. I saw Amir shrug off a coach today. I have high hopes for next year with the young guys here and the class coming in, but that's because unless a major change happens this team's fate is already sealed.
Comment 05 Mar 2015
Get him. He's an amazing talent and fast as hell. If he wants to fill the role take him. Guarantano and Haskins seem torn. Wallace looks like he could be a Braxton Miller type qb but he looks more advanced as a passer at this point.
Comment 02 Mar 2015
I would change the 1995 scUM game. Would've loved to see Eddie George in the Rose Bowl with a shot at a National Championship.
Comment 28 Feb 2015
That's why I mentioned anyone I forgot and apologized because i couldn't remember all of them. I love all their work and appreciate it. I feel bad I couldn't name them all and their respective works.
Comment 28 Feb 2015
I used to have grandparents down there. I love that area.
Comment 28 Feb 2015
I need to order me one of those shirts and soon.
Comment 28 Feb 2015
I said 1-3, but i believe he'll be here longer. The problem is if he has another down year or two after this next recruiting class, I could see Gene Smith looking for a new coach. Especially if our prayers are answered and Russell returns. The team has too much talent to continually lose 10 or more games. That would be like Meyer having the recruiting classes he has and losing 3-4 games a year. How long would that last?
Comment 26 Feb 2015
I hope he lives up to that number. I understand that number is retired for Harley but that number will always be AJ Hawk to me.
Comment 24 Feb 2015
Congrats and happy birthday.
Comment 22 Feb 2015
And if we had him playing like he did in scarlet and gray we probably would've won a national championship with him, Craft, Sully and company. Scott gave us 3 years of contributions as long as Craft carried the load. Now it's his team to lead and it's a true freshman being the leader. If Shannon was 1/2 the player his dad was he would be great.
Comment 22 Feb 2015
This whole senior class is a disappointment. We passed on Trey Burke to take Shannon Scott. Sam Thompson was supposed to a guy who would become an offensive threat. I won't even start on Amir Williams. There's no leadership and no true offensive weapons in these seniors. Not to mention their lack of defense has me baffled. This was the staple of this team for the last 6-7 years. It's sadly disappointing but that's on the coaching staff. I completely agree with hot sauce that Matta sticks with the upperclassmen too much.
Comment 20 Feb 2015
I was wrong. Bennett was a dt. For some reason I thought him and Washington were both de in high school. If we get all the d line prospects we're predicted to there's plenty of talent to be the ss. Look at Joey Bosa. He plays every position on the d line. They like rotating to make mismatches. With that much talent it doesn't matter who plays sde or wde quarterbacks are going to die.