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Comment 30 Nov 2014
You're a real class act Birm. You always keep us informed on all things recruiting. Your opening paragraph in light of the tragedy that has struck Columbus was touching. We 11w readers always see you as a recruiting guru and "lord of whispers" but that paragraph showed your true character. You're a good man. God bless the Karageorge family at this time.
Comment 29 Nov 2014
What I was asking wasn't was it his fault for the play he called that resulted in the injury but was it inevitable with his overall playcalling that JT would get hurt? Sorry if I didn't word it right in the post.
Comment 17 Nov 2014
Congratulations and God bless
Comment 12 Nov 2014
I searched it because my curiousity got the best of me and the US is 3.8 million sq mi.
Comment 07 Nov 2014
Cornell and Hilliard are two I've heard. There's a few other that are rumored but I can't remember who exactly.
Comment 01 Nov 2014
You forgot Dixon too.
Comment 25 Oct 2014
That should've been a td pass. Barrett hesitated and hitched instead of firing it for the back of the end zone. He's thinking too much tonight. He needs to let it flow and let it go.
Comment 19 Oct 2014
By your logic then West Virginia should be ranked pretty good because they hung with Alabama til the end. Also despite TCU killing them Oklahoma st should be ranked too since they barely lost to Florida st and it was because of a couple blown calls.
Comment 19 Oct 2014
Don't forget Terry McLaurin too. We're going to have speed to spare for the next 3 years at least.
Comment 28 Sep 2014
I completely agree with you. I was just saying how good Watson looks in 2 games. If he keeps playing at that level he's going to be an All-American if not Heisman winner. It looks like Barrett could challenge him for both if he keeps progressing.