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I'm from Colorado and a couple times a week I host a sports radio show on Metropolitan State University of Denver's student radio station, http://kmetradio.org/. Go Bucks.

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Comment 18 Mar 2014

It's not like Wilson was awful last season. People just want to look at the numbers, but he added a lot in terms of being a decoy as well. Re-watching the Orange Bowl, he was a huge part of the offense's success. I'd say it's fair to expect that to continue as he gets more acclimated to the program and stronger.

Comment 10 Mar 2014

Sometimes things like this have to happen in a person's life to make them realize that and go in a new direction. Clarett mentions a lot about how going to jail was a blessing in disguise for him, and hopefully this situation is able to eventually push Jayru into a positive direction going forward in his life. 

Comment 05 Mar 2014

'Routine bowl victories'? Right. Because beating a top team in a power conference is something to scoff at. At most, we only get to see each Buckeye team take the field 15 times per season, so I don't give a shit who they beat, I'm celebrating it. How'd it work out for Alabama in treating the Sugar Bowl like a routine game? These kids, coaches, support staff, etc. put in too much work for me to ever feel comfortable saying, "Well shit, that wasn't the B1G Championship, National Championship or Michigan. On to the next one, I guess." And given that we haven't won a bowl game since 2011 and are 2-5 in our last 7 bowls, the whole 'Ohio State expects to win those games' stuff doesn't fly anymore.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

This kid is a damn missile getting to the football. Those hits are vicious. Have a feeling he'll get a nice bump up in the rankings soon enough.

Comment 18 Jan 2014

The top ten teams on that list have either won or played in the last ten national championships. So based on blue chip percentage, we have a pretty good idea of who is going to win every year. If you don't recruit at a high level, you aren't winning a national championship. What makes those elite teams even better is that their bottom 1/3 can compete with any other team in the nation. 

Comment 18 Jan 2014

"However, his passing has not progressed, he can't play hurt and he has consistently come up short when it mattered most"

What? Do you even watch this team?

Comment 18 Jan 2014

Bud Eliott over at SB Nation had a pretty interesting article on how FSU and Auburn were able to build their rosters recently:


We certainly have the talent, and when we have a full bevy of scholarships, it's only going to get better. The coaches have to develop the talent, but it's there and it's really good.

Comment 18 Jan 2014

Maybe Braxton would have a different legacy in certain Buckeye fan's minds if he had a defense. The 'zero conference championships and bowl wins' thing holds no weight for me given the circumstances of his first two years. 2011 was a lost year, and winning a Gator Bowl doesn't add to anything.

Comment 18 Jan 2014

Ginn, TP and Braxton were also 5 stars. It goes both ways. Sometimes you strike gold and sometimes you miss. That's recruiting. But we have a head coach with a record of developing talent at a high level. It's a damn good thing we're stockpiling this ridiculous amount of talent.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Pat Narduzzi is more than likely on his way to being a head coach, if not this offseason, then next. Why would he want to come here and coach this defense for a year, when he could stay at MSU and coach that defense for a year?