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I'm from Colorado and a couple times a week I host a sports radio show on Metropolitan State University of Denver's student radio station, http://kmetradio.org/. Go Bucks.

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Comment 14 hours ago

Really happy with this one. Played a tough ass team, and the rushing yards given up aren't indicative of how good this front seven is going to be. How about Adolphus Washington? He looked healthy and was in the backfield often. 

Comment 20 Aug 2014

I love Krenzel, but I'd be willing to bet that '02 team with Pryor/Brax/Troy at their peak completely outclasses the rest of the Big Ten. Krenzel had his awesome program defining moments, but I'm not taking him over any of those three. I'm sure the downvotes will come with that opinion, but Krenzel was good, Pryor/Brax/Troy were/are great.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

A lot of people are acting like Braxton wouldn't get a sniff in the draft at QB. Y'all remember that a team took TP, right? And is still in the league playing quarterback, correct? Or that Logan Thomas got drafted solely on future potential? God damn, even Dennis Dixon got some run, and Senecca Wallace has made a career out of still being a quarterback. Your "Braxton won't get played at quarterback!!!!" statements couldn't be more wrong.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

"I also think that with all the young skill guys that Urban has been recruiting , JT and Cardale getting all the reps in spring and fall camp , and an entire season of the skill guys building a rapport with JT that for the team the best thing could be for them to be building now for years to come with a core nucleus."

If the back-to-back B1G player of the year, the guy who is thisclose to breaking a number of school passing records, is arguably the most exciting player in all of college football, has over 3000 rushing yards and 84 total touchdowns wants back in after a redshirt year, you say "yes, sir," don't think twice and start planning what you want to do with the offense as you cackle with joy. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

This team has too many playmakers to just give up on the season. And until Warinner proves otherwise, I'm assuming the OL will at least be good despite being green. If he was able to piece together what we had in 2012 and turn it into the 6th rated rushing attack in the country (http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaaoff2012), then he deserves the benefit of the doubt with a group that's come up with the system in place. Given his track record, along with the way they've recruited, it won't be surprising if the line is great. Same goes for how Herman calls the games. There was some consternation about the play calling in the MSU and Clemson games, but we've had two of the greatest offenses in school history under this dude. And they really have no option but to trust the skill players to make plays at this point. 

JT has a wealth of options to work with. Having such depth at RB and WR only helps, even if some if it is pretty young. I like how we stack up overall. If they can put JT in good positions, he shouldn't have a problem distributing to our playmakers. 

Above all, trust Urb, Texas Tom and Warinner to take care of the offense.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

If this is the end for him as a Buckeye player, thanks for everything Braxton. Got thrown into the fire as a freshman with a team that had no leaders. Led us to an undefeated season the next and took a beating and never quit last year. There's so much more to say, but the dude is an Ohio State legend. Don't care about not winning a MNC or a Heisman; he's one of the greats. Get well soon buddy.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Well, Cardale and JT have been getting the snaps all spring. Time to step up. There were a few people bitching about Braxton after the Orange Bowl and talking about how they wanted to see him leave and JT be the starter. Y'all got your wish. 

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Right. Because the guy who's won back-to-back B1G Player of the Year Awards and led the 2nd rated offense in the country last year was the reason we gave up 34 points to Michigan State last year. Of course. Phenomenal point you make.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Given that OU is rated ahead of both us and MSU, I'm not too sure about that. In regards to the Big 12, Baylor, Oklahoma State and OU could have held their own against most, or all teams in the country last season (with K-State to a lesser degree). What separates the PAC 12 from the B1G is that their second tier, (Arizona, Washington, Arizona State, UCLA) are all top legit top 25 teams, so they aren't really second tier teams at all. Add in the big boys (Oregon, Stanford, USC), and that's the type of depth that the B1G isn't even close to matching. Same with the SEC.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Some of you guys have sour grapes when it comes to the SEC stuff. There are a lot of really good teams in that conference and in the PAC-12 for that matter that are going to lose 3-4 games due to the schedule they play alone. There isn't anything wrong with admitting they have better teams in their conferences than we do. I'm convinced most of you hate college football outside of watching us play with the opinions on here.

Comment 16 Aug 2014

There are a handful of kids at the college level per season who consistently throw their receivers open, and that's being generous. Even guys like Winston and Manziel aren't throwing their receivers open on a vast majority of their throws. The kid you are thinking of is Kellen Moore, and I'd be wiling to bet that one of the reasons he wasn't a higher pick is because he can't throw guys open. That's the case with a lot of QB's who don't get run in the NFL, including Troy Smith. Moore also had Austin Pettis who was a 3rd round pick. Working with superior talent on the outside that is going to get open is the best thing for Braxton this year passing wise, and that's something he hasn't had consistently yet. 

I'm not sure where people get this idea that for us to win big, Braxton needs to be a top passing QB. He doesn't, and he never will be like Winston or Manziel. Thats OK, because each year he's improved and it's a safe bet that he'll take another step forward this season. And now it looks like there are not only legitimate threats on the outside that Braxton finally gets to work with, but can help cover up some of those passing deficiencies. 

Comment 16 Aug 2014

As much of a question mark as it might seem like, I'm really not worried about this group. Way too much talent for there not to be good production. These freshman and sophomores, especially Dixon, aren't going to wait for their opportunity. Add in Corey Smith and Jeff Greene and I think this passing game goes to a new level. Hopefully the line is able to hold up in pass protection and run effectively to keep the defense on their heels, but talent wise we haven't had a group like this since '05. So. Much. Speed.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I think Kwon is a given, but everything that's come out of camp about Dixon seems to be stellar. I can't wait to watch this kid play. I highly doubt the numbers will be as good, but I'd love to see him have the type of impact Amari Cooper had for Alabama his freshman year.

Comment 27 Jun 2014

It’s evident how much value is placed on defense when two of the top defenders in professional basketball are LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.


Was this written in 2007?

Comment 27 Jun 2014

I feel awful for Q. Wish he would have gotten drafted. But will always root for him off the court first. We love to celebrate these guys when they have success on the field/court and tend to forget about the ones that don't go to the NFL or NBA, but they're always Buckeyes. No matter what they do, I hope we'll always pull for them and support them.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

You know I meant that Herman wasn't working with a lot coming into '12 after the '11 season.

Sure. Our quarterback who has back-to-back 1,000 yard rushing seasons and ran point for the best rushing offense in the country last year can't effectively run one of our most used plays/schemes. That sounds like it makes a ton of sense.


Comment 22 Jun 2014

Lol, 'stagnated itself?' OK. Give MSU's defense some credit. Is it that hard to just say that they stopped us in the first quarter and late in the game because they're just that damn good? Or that Clemson has some freak athletes on the defensive line and are a pretty good team in their own right? Go back and watch some tape on the '11 team. What exactly did Herman have to work with coming into the season? A quarterback who wasn't exactly proven, running backs in Hyde, Hall and Smith who had never truly been featured backs outside of Boom's suspension, a group of WR's and TE's whose best receiver graduated and led the team in receptions while only playing in two regular season games and a few pieces of a bad offensive line the prior year, and oh yeah, a tight end switching to tackle. A corvette because of the players on the field? Sure those guys have talent, but Herman and the rest of the offensive staff implemented their systems and put those guys in the best position to succeed. That's what good coaches do.

If you haven't seen Braxton evolve or improve as a passer, then I can't help you. He's noticeably improved over the course of his time here. Sorry to disappoint, but he's never going to throw like Jameis Winston or Manziel. That's not who he is, and it's not going to happen. Him not being an incredible thrower wasn't what stopped us from getting stopped short of a national championship appearance, just like Nick Marshall not being a superior thrower wasn't what stopped Auburn from winning the national championship. Their ineptitude on defense finally caught up to them at the end of the season.