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I'm from Colorado and a couple times a week I host a sports radio show on Metropolitan State University of Denver's student radio station, http://kmetradio.org/. Go Bucks.

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Comment 27 Jun 2014

It’s evident how much value is placed on defense when two of the top defenders in professional basketball are LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.


Was this written in 2007?

Comment 27 Jun 2014

I feel awful for Q. Wish he would have gotten drafted. But will always root for him off the court first. We love to celebrate these guys when they have success on the field/court and tend to forget about the ones that don't go to the NFL or NBA, but they're always Buckeyes. No matter what they do, I hope we'll always pull for them and support them.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

You know I meant that Herman wasn't working with a lot coming into '12 after the '11 season.

Sure. Our quarterback who has back-to-back 1,000 yard rushing seasons and ran point for the best rushing offense in the country last year can't effectively run one of our most used plays/schemes. That sounds like it makes a ton of sense.


Comment 22 Jun 2014

Lol, 'stagnated itself?' OK. Give MSU's defense some credit. Is it that hard to just say that they stopped us in the first quarter and late in the game because they're just that damn good? Or that Clemson has some freak athletes on the defensive line and are a pretty good team in their own right? Go back and watch some tape on the '11 team. What exactly did Herman have to work with coming into the season? A quarterback who wasn't exactly proven, running backs in Hyde, Hall and Smith who had never truly been featured backs outside of Boom's suspension, a group of WR's and TE's whose best receiver graduated and led the team in receptions while only playing in two regular season games and a few pieces of a bad offensive line the prior year, and oh yeah, a tight end switching to tackle. A corvette because of the players on the field? Sure those guys have talent, but Herman and the rest of the offensive staff implemented their systems and put those guys in the best position to succeed. That's what good coaches do.

If you haven't seen Braxton evolve or improve as a passer, then I can't help you. He's noticeably improved over the course of his time here. Sorry to disappoint, but he's never going to throw like Jameis Winston or Manziel. That's not who he is, and it's not going to happen. Him not being an incredible thrower wasn't what stopped us from getting stopped short of a national championship appearance, just like Nick Marshall not being a superior thrower wasn't what stopped Auburn from winning the national championship. Their ineptitude on defense finally caught up to them at the end of the season.

Comment 22 Jun 2014
We've already seen Herman work his magic. I'm not sure what people are waiting to see. The dude is an awesome coordinator. I've seen a lot of "The offense has been good" comments on this site the last year. No, the offense has been great. We averaged damn near 7 yards a carry against a Michigan State defense that was probably the best defense in the country outside of Florida State and we torched Clemson. Neither of the losses in those games are on the offense.
Comment 22 Jun 2014

it's not like Herman has been offensive coordinator for two of the most prolific offenses in school history or anything 

Comment 22 Jun 2014

Except when it doesn't. 


Comment 20 Jun 2014

Hey did you guys know that AJ Hawk was a three-star recruit if you didn't yeah AJ Hawk was a three-star recruit. that proves recruiting is an inexact science and you never really know. stars are stupid.


Some people on here act like Tress is the only coach in college football history to get something out of a three-star or less kid. Being rated a three star isn't a knock or disrespect on the player, y'all. Given how many kids are playing HS football that graduate each year, it's pretty damn good. For anyone bringing up that the last two years have been Tress' players, do you truly believe that Tressel and his coaching staff lead this team to a 24-2 record the last two seasons? I would highly doubt that. The same can be said for the impact Cooper recruits had on the 2002 team. He doesn't lead that team to a title. JT did.

Comment 19 Jun 2014

I seem to remember an X's &O's battle between Meyer and Tressel taking place

Comment 18 Jun 2014

I'm with Vico on the first one. I really hate our fanbase sometimes. It's embarrassing the way some of the players (Philly, Braxton in the OB to name two) get attacked. We like to rag on Michigan fans for being smug when we have just as many jackasses. 

Comment 21 May 2014

True, Northwestern is certainly in a unique position in terms of who they're going to go after and who they take. I do think that goes for a lot of top flight football programs as well, just in a different way. Alabama casts a wide net, but I would imagine there are certain 4/5* players that Saban probably backs off of for whatever reason. Different programs look for different types of players/people.

Comment 21 May 2014

Many aren't rated as high as some of their peers because they don't have a lot of tape, their coaches/whoever at the high school is in charge of sending out tape don't know where to go with it, or they beasted out senior year when schools are already focused on other prospects they've seen for 2-3 years. Recruiting is the most important aspect of college football.

Comment 21 May 2014

"Occasionally, that outside opinion can be recruiting ratings, and they sometimes ring true."

If you take a look at the last 10-15 national champions I'd say it rings true more often than not. Pat Fitzgerald is either lying or playing up to the underdog card at Northwestern with that quote. I'd imagine that if he would have landed at Texas or was able to bring in around 20 4* caliber players per year at NW that statement would be a little bit different.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

It's not like Wilson was awful last season. People just want to look at the numbers, but he added a lot in terms of being a decoy as well. Re-watching the Orange Bowl, he was a huge part of the offense's success. I'd say it's fair to expect that to continue as he gets more acclimated to the program and stronger.

Comment 10 Mar 2014

Sometimes things like this have to happen in a person's life to make them realize that and go in a new direction. Clarett mentions a lot about how going to jail was a blessing in disguise for him, and hopefully this situation is able to eventually push Jayru into a positive direction going forward in his life. 

Comment 05 Mar 2014

'Routine bowl victories'? Right. Because beating a top team in a power conference is something to scoff at. At most, we only get to see each Buckeye team take the field 15 times per season, so I don't give a shit who they beat, I'm celebrating it. How'd it work out for Alabama in treating the Sugar Bowl like a routine game? These kids, coaches, support staff, etc. put in too much work for me to ever feel comfortable saying, "Well shit, that wasn't the B1G Championship, National Championship or Michigan. On to the next one, I guess." And given that we haven't won a bowl game since 2011 and are 2-5 in our last 7 bowls, the whole 'Ohio State expects to win those games' stuff doesn't fly anymore.