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Comment 04 Jan 2014
Do you honestly believe that the "Fire Fickell" stance is a kneejerk reaction to last nights game? Perhaps you didn't watch THE Game where our defense let Devon Gardner look like a Heisman candidate. Or the B1G championship game where they gave up 300 yards passing to Connor Cook. Six times this year the defense has given up 30 or more points. I've been frustrated with the defense ALL YEAR... so yes, it IS time to fire Fickell!
Comment 13 Feb 2013
The turtle DID go to Michigan, to test Hoke's toughness... he's still looking for something to latch on to.
Comment 22 Jan 2013
Why doesn't the B1G form a committee to identify key areas of improvement that would make the schools and the conference stronger? Obviously football generates the most revenue via TV contracts etc. If you participate in conference revenue sharing the conference should have some say in how the money is being spent. In the case of Iowa, X amount of 22mil should be spent improving the athletic facilities. It makes the conference stronger thus generating more revenue. It's win win all the way around.
Comment 07 Jan 2013
The lesser of two evils for me is Alabama. Notre Dame fans are horrible! Pretty much every ND fan acts like the Irish have been in the NCG regardless of their actual record. While Bama fans are no less obnoxious, at least they have the record to back it up! Would've definitely preferred to see an OSU/ND matchup though!
Comment 04 Jan 2013
Very glad he's a Buckeye! Welcome to the family Trey! Let's keep the ball rollin'!
Comment 04 Jan 2013
I'm calling BS on BOB! It's easy to talk about your "commitment to the players" when you're getting a 1.3mil bonus to stay! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's staying because it's better for PSU & the B1G, but don't tell me it's about the kids while you're grasping the envelope under the table! Just another example of how college football is all about the $$.