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Comment 15 minutes ago

The beauty of Urban's spread attack on offense is that it can adjust to pretty much anything. JT Barrett, Curtis Samuel, Mike Weber, Noah Brown ... pick your poison.

As far as our defense goes, I think Schiano has added some significant wrinkles. We still play a base cover-4 offense, but we're mixing it up with Cover-3, Cover-1 and more blitzes. The defense also looks to be more bold and aggressive, taking chances.

Comment 22 hours ago

It's just very difficult for West Coast teams outside of USC to recruit the caliber of talent you see at TOSU or Bama, given the distance to recruiting. Washington is having some success this year, but they've been largely dormant for over 20 years -- and their last NC win was with an Ohio coach :)

Comment 22 hours ago

My take on it is different.Urban has taken pretty much every quarterback and made them a run threat. It's not like Danny can't run for 4 yards.

Also the difference between JT and Cardale to me was more about decision-making. JT doesn't have Braxton's moves or Cardale's ars, but he consistently distributes the ball, especially in the red zone, where Cardale was struggling.

Comment 22 hours ago

I agree about continuity being ideal, but I think Purdue needs shock treatment at this point.

There are plenty of assistant coaches or head coaches who would chomp at the bit to head a B1G program. Think of Urban when he was at BGSU. Or Tom Herman jumping at the Houston job. Both coaches had immediate success in their first year, even though the talent (relatively) wasn't there.

Purdue also had some of its best years under Joe Tiller, who innovated in spread passing schemes and had Drew Brees to run them.

Comment 23 hours ago

I went through all of that myself. Indeed ugly times, but all of the firings were warranted. Woody punched an opposing player. Cooper couldn't win the big games and he lost control of the team at the end. Tressel knowingly signed falsely on an NCAA document.

The expectations of conduct and performance at TOSU are sky-high, as they should be. I think Urban understands this completely.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

Chris Ash was classy, but it's still a head-scratcher to me that he jumped to Rutgers for his first HC job. You're not going to beat out TOSU, MSU and UM in your division unless you're really, really good.

By contrast, Urban worked his way up as a HC over 11 years to get a B1G job. You have to have a good record somewhere before you have the clout to recruit well. If Rutgers keeps getting pasted by the big boys of the B1G east, he won't get there.

Comment 26 Sep 2016

I don't see that happening. Urban would only move one state over and he would lose credibility with Ohio recruits. 

Even though ND has national TV exposure, they've only been able to attract second-rate talent. TOSU has the same level of media attention and a much broader, deeper recruiting base, as well as a bigger pocketbook. 

Add to that the fact that ND football isn't in a conference. Their chances of making the playoffs over a conference champion are slim.

Comment 26 Sep 2016

Yeah, it's a bit of an enigma. TBDBITL is playing less at home, but they're being featured in Apple commercials, ruling YouTube and traveling to London to play. I agree with you that the university understands TBDBITL is one of their biggest brand items. It's still sad to have them replaced by recordings during game time.