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Comment 4 minutes ago

MSU shot themselves in the foot. They rely heavily on Ohio talent. Most Ohio kids are interested in Ohio State. Rescinding a scholarship offer seems petty, given that a kid might have attended MSU anyway.

Comment 25 May 2016

I get that BTN has different days and features for different teams. It's just odd that they don't leverage the fact that they have arguably the best team in the country with the largest fanbase. Maybe just a commercial here and there showing the national championship celebration? The Buckeyes' success boosts the reputation of the entire conference and brings shared revenue, so why not flaunt it?

Comment 24 May 2016

It's events like this that make me proud of the football program and proud to have Urban as a head coach.

Urban is the master of outreach and connecting to the fan base. Whether it's the top-notch marketing campaigns, student appreciation day, Women's clinics, Friday Night Lights, Quick Cals and embracing all of the traditions that came before him. He really gets it.

Football is a complicated game. In a way the ladies are getting an up-close view of things that we armchair guy fans can't have. Jealous!

Comment 23 May 2016

Good article. We'll need to get Sparty out of their comfort zone by forcing the LBs and Safeties to pick their poison. We have the athletes to do it, we just have to execute.

We can't have the OL missing blocks. We also need a legitimate deep threat WR to emerge, not just to catch the deep ball, but also to open up the shorter routes by threatening the secondary deep.

Comment 22 May 2016

We're a run-first offense. With 3 new OL starters and a new starting RB, I expect 80/20 runs to get the base running plays working and start building chemistry on the OL.

We'll need the core plays running smoothly before we start getting tricky, especially to prepare for OU. I can see the occasional play-action pass or screen, but I think it's JT and Weber most of the day.

Comment 20 May 2016

Another reason to be excited: 101 of our 105 players were recruited solely by Urban and his staff. The only likely starters out of the remaining 4 are Brionte Dunn and Pat Elflein.

That's 4 classes of top-notch talent that were selected to fit Urban's system. Get out the popcorn!