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Comment 8 hours ago

If Sparty wins big we're better than Iowa. We played like crap against Sparty but only lost by 3, then we absolutely destroyed the 2nd ranked Defense in the country. We need Sparty not to Spart this week.

Comment 10 hours ago

^This.  Urban has shaken up the B1G for good. Mediocre is no longer acceptable.

Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue, Michigan, Penn State, Maryland and Rutgers have all fired coaches since Urban has arrived.  That's over half of the conference, not counting Jerry Kill at Minnesota.

Early results have been positive:  TTUN improved tremendously under Harbaugh (though I still loved taking them behind the woodshed). Franklin has been recruiting well at PSU.  Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern and Kevin Wilson at Indiana have been doing a great job, considering their weaker recruiting abilities.  Maryland and Rutgers got the wake-up call, but should be fine as they are in good recruiting territory.

What still remains to be seen is who will emerge as the power school in the B1G West.  Iowa is undefeated, but they've been mediocre under the same coach for years.

Comment 13 hours ago

I personally think the 4 team playoff hasn't really added much, other than an extra game.  It used to be that 2 teams were selected, now it's four, but it's still up to a committee of people and potentially worthy teams get left out.  Plus, the losers of the first round could have gone to an advantageous bowl game and played a weaker team.

The playoff system benefited us this year, but it will probably hurt us this year.  If we don't make it, there will be more people than just Michael Thomas questioning why Alabama made it in and we didn't.

Going to 16 teams would dilute the meaning of the regular season.  With 16 teams we likely could have lost to both Sparty and TTUN and still made it in.  I don't want that.

Going to 8 teams seems about right, but I would remove one regular season game.  After all, we only played 10 games + 1 bowl early in Woody's Career.  12 games + B1G championship + 3 playoff games (16) seems excessive for student-athletes.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

One of my favorite things about yesterday's game:  It destroyed the myth that Harbaugh and his staff had super powers from being "from the NFL".  It was the third straight time TOSU has scored 42 points against TTUN.  They had no answer for us and they were visibly exhausted by the 4th quarter.

It should help us with recruiting ;)

Comment 29 Nov 2015

TTUN seems like TTUN under Carr.  They're big and strong, but not that quick.   The spread offense and all the cuts and cut-backs had them wheezing by the 4th quarter.

Urban has NO peer as a head coach.  There's no way Nick Saban would have gone 12-0 with a no-bowl-game  team in 2012. 

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Playoff or no playoff, I'm just going to enjoy seeing these guys play at least one more time.

This has been a great run with a great group of players that made me cheer, yell and laugh out loud for 4 years.

Let's end it on a high note.  Go Bucks!!

Comment 27 Nov 2015

Beat TTUN. Always.

But last week's loss still hurts.  It's likely Sparty will beat PSU, but Sparty doesn't have the goods to go all the way (dinged up QBs, OL issues, etc.) 

So, the only B1G team that has beaten Alabama recently, gone toe-to-toe with Clemson and owned Notre Dame the last 3 times is probably out of the playoff picture.  This sucks.

Comment 26 Nov 2015

The B1G west is up for grabs. Iowa is having a good season ... But after how many years? 

Illinois is in a good recruiting radius. They should probably clean house and rebuild with an up and coming HC from the lower ranks, like Meyer at Utah.

Comment 26 Nov 2015

I'd like to see Indiana win and get to a bowl game.   Kevin Wilson has no problem running an offense, but a bowl trip might help them recruit a defense.