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Comment 13 hours ago

You have to love a story like this -- a kid who works his butt off to get a chance to play at TOSU, which he loves.

Comment 18 hours ago

We should have some caution -- Nick Saban was mediocre at MSU, failed in the NFL, but now has set the standard in NCAA football.

That said, I think the money TTUN is offering could backfire in a big way.   The expectations will be sky-high.  It would be difficult to say "we're rebuilding this year" when you're being paid 2x or 3x the salary as other great coaches.  He will have to win -- and win big -- or he will be seen as a joke.

If he loses to TOSU @ UM his first year while making 8 million ... just imagine the fan outrage and media frenzy!  

This is a "bet the house" gamble for TTUN.   They spent millions buying out RichRod's contract at WVU, then they got burned badly.  If Harbaugh is a bust, what do they do afterwards? Offer the next guy 16 million a year to fail?

It baffles me that they aren't going after up-and-coming coaches from 2nd tier programs, the MAC, etc.  I guess spending too much and having buyer's regret is what makes a Michigan Man.  LOL.

Comment 25 Dec 2014

That's why it's the greatest rivalry in sports -- for the most part talent and records never matter, and the teams will play their hardest.

I think the real difference is in the coaching staffs, e.g. in how they mentally prepare the team and how they adjust during the game.

Comment 24 Dec 2014

The increase in rushing yards is somewhat intentional.

I remember reading an article before the season where Urban was seeking perspectives on fixing the defense.   I think it was Bill Belichek who advised that allowing an occasional explosive 50 yard pass play is a lot worse than giving up the occasional 10 yard run.

This re-balancing of priorities is part of the reason we hired Chris Ash.

But we also should consider the high-caliber running backs we faced -- and that we played Navy, who doesn't really pass.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Dunno about that -- He's been doing some innovative stuff at SF with zone read, the diamond formation, etc.

Also, if he could recruit well at Stanford, he can get anyone he wants at Michigan, as the academic standards are lower.   "General Studies", anyone?

It would re-kindle the rivalry probably, but I will laugh for 1000 years if he's paid 8 million and Urban owns him.

Comment 22 Dec 2014

Melvin's comment is just kinda ... dumb.

Wisconsin is a run-dominant team.   When you dump 38 points on someone in the first half they are forced to pass on most downs and the RB doesn't get as many carries.  They're also not built to pass that much, so the score got out of hand.

So, what they need is a competent Defense, and that's not Melvin's job.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I would love nothing more than to beat Harbaugh every year with Urban-ball, watch him tear his hair out, then see him unceremoniously fired -- while being paid more than anyone else.


Comment 18 Dec 2014

After this moment I belly-flopped onto my living room floor.  

While our hearts rebounding thrill, with joy which death alone can still. :)

Comment 17 Dec 2014

It depends on how you look at it.

I appreciate that coach Herman is staying with the team through the playoffs, showing loyalty.   It may also be a "once in your life" moment -- Houston will never be in the championship playoffs, so Houston can wait a few days while he coaches the Buckeyes. 

As to being a head coach, I agree that it's an open question.  For example, Urban Meyer was an assistant for 12 years (?) before taking the job at Bowling Green.