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Comment 09 Sep 2014

IMO we just have a young, inexperienced team.

Playing out-of-conference in the 2nd game is always dangerous.   Virginia Tech had all year to cook up a defense just for us.   They would have trouble doing something similar in Week 8, as teams need to get in a rhythm with their core philosophies.  I'm sure Urban has next year's game in Blacksburg circled already.

However, I think Herman and Urban will need to add some wrinkles if we're going to consistently beat aggressive defenses that crowd the box.   We have two great tight ends -- Why not have a few Max-Protect sets where we run Power or Counter?   It's frustrating sometimes to see 4 receiver sets when we only need one yard (or get a TD if we break through).

Comment 20 Aug 2014


Plus, this offense is not predicated on long passes.   The long pass is either a constraint play to get defenders away from the run game, or it is a "surprise!" play when teams aren't expecting it.

That is, Urban & Co. would rather get in a defense's head, run them down and spread them thin, rather than prove they can throw a 50 yard fade route with max-protect.

So, JTB will throw an occasional deep ball, but it's not our bread and butter for scoring points.  So if he doesn't throw INTs we're fine.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

It's too late for me to really debate (it's 11 on a Sunday, almost, lol), but

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate ...

But we should be prepared:  We all know the close score last year.  I think it's either a TOSU blowout or "Brady's last stand".

Either way, I think I will need heart medication before THE GAME.  :)

Comment 06 Aug 2014

Let's keep in mind that this was no run-of-the-mill band director.  He elevated the marching band to national -- even international prominence -- truly showing that they're the Best Damn Band in the Land.

I live in Seattle now.   While many Oregon/UW/Wazzou fans might dislike our football team (because we own them) they all know, recognize and enjoy our Marching Band.  Everyone knows what "Dotting the I" means.  People here were looking up the band on YouTube just to see their latest spectacle.

All human beings are fallible (see: Woody Hayes, Jim Tressel ... Gary Moeller).  Let's not forget the great things Jon Waters has done for the university and the state of Ohio.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

IMO Shelley's B1G vs. SEC comments are basically, "They're a bunch of crazy southern hicks.   You don't understand how crazy southern hicks can be".

I think she's glad to be back in Ohio, where things are still intense, but more civil.   Even at THE GAME we're able to not poison trees or tea-bag each other.

It's also enlightening that the MIGHTY SEC has only been mighty with coaches from Ohio or West Virginia (Meyer, Miles, Saban), or by acquiring lower-level teams from the Big 12 (Mizzou, A&M).   I'm saving popcorn for the day that Saban retires, just to enjoy their tears.

Comment 11 Jul 2014
1) Ohio's "best player" will ultimately be determined on the college football field, not by recruiting rankings 2) A kid should be able to go wherever they feel a good vibe 3) Look up "Florida Man" on Twitter to understand what happens to people who live there ;)
Comment 04 Jul 2014
I like his comment about just letting go and being aggressive. They won't have to worry about the deep ball if the receivers are misrouted and the QB is being knocked around by Bosa and Co.
Comment 03 Jul 2014
Maybe the next Chris Gamble (or dare I mention the name Woodson?) Just to say playing both sides is possible for a truly gifted player, though they usually end up 80:20 defense to offense, not 50:50
Comment 02 Jul 2014

It can always, always get worse.  But those are the most dangerous OSU or UM teams:  Those with nothing to lose in The Game.

Comment 25 Jun 2014

I'm in favor of rotating in the backups as much as possible, in all position groups.

To win it all we'll have to play 15 games, topped off at the end by TTUN > B1G Championship > Playoff game > National championship.

The more games we play, the greater the risk of injuries. We need as many experienced players as possible heading into the home stretch.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

I agree that Wisky fans will be pissed.   And Nebraska fans.

However, in the long run, I think the re-alignment will be a good thing.   Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Iowa and Minnesota will need to step up or it will be the "little 5 vs. the big 2".    They will have to up their game instead of being mediocre and getting an upset against OSU/PSU/UM every few years.