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Comment 20 Jan 2017

As long as the scholarship is based on academic merit, I agree with you. Scholarships and Teaching Assistantships are not the student's choice, they are granted by the university.

A full-ride scholarship has its limits. I hate to say it, but deciding you want to play one more year of football is not enough reason for the state and university to pay for your education so you can do so.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

This is another example of the culture that Urban has instilled. Play for each other. Help the other guy that plays the same position as you. Do anything to help your team win.

It reminds me of JT's comments after the 2014 NC. He was fully supportive of Cardale and made a point about the QB room having no divisions between them.

Ultimately we want to win and develop top notch student-athletes. There are many roles involved to achieve that goal, from all the trainers, assistant coaches, the band and we, the fan base that travels everywhere.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

True, that. People like Mark Pantoni, Samuel Silverman and the video production crew are our (not so) secret weapons.

They know how to present the university and the football program in an honest, positive light and how special it is to be a Buckeye.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

The Football and Men's Basketball programs and associated licensing make enough money to fund all of the other men's and women's sports that don't generate a profit ... and they kick back millions to the university for general scholarships.

We can hold our heads high as Buckeyes because we're not draining from the state or the university like some schools do.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Stephen is a smart guy. He's already been doing work on the sideline and he knows the playbook, so becoming a GA seems logical. He also has a very mature, positive demeanor, so I could see him becoming a good coach down the line.

Best of luck to him, Buckeye forever.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

If UM can pay their OC 1 million a year, they certainly could have given Wheatley a raise.

It's true that TOSU has experienced the same recently. Stan Drayton, our former RB coach went to the NFL as a RB coach.

But I still don't get why one would leave an elite CFB job (TOSU, UM, Bama, etc.) for the NFL if you could be paid just as much to stay.