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Comment 19 hours ago

These look dumb. The darker orange/yellow has less contrast with the blue. Their players wear dark blue + bright yellow. Though that combination disgusts me, it is one of their iconic elements.

Also, the Jordan logo is practically as big as the university logo. One for each nipple, I guess.

Comment 22 hours ago

Yeah, a bear's heart beats so slowly that it would rip you apart before it even felt anything. And bears are so fast that you can't outrun them.

But generally bears other than polar bears won't attack unless they're starving or you are perceived as threatening their cubs.

The only way I know of to evade a bear is to run steeply downhill. Supposedly they have trouble with that.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

Historically we've had trouble recruiting in California. USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Oregon and UW are all able to use distance as an advantage.

Not so now. The Urban Meyer Magnet is very strong. Not only will one play for championships, but there is a clear focus on life after football at a top university.

Comment 24 Jul 2016

Great to have an Elliott sticking around the program. Stacy bought into the Buckeye Family 110%, not just being an ambassador in the Stadium, but for being a good-natured participant on 11W and posting hilarious videos on YouTube.

This also sends a very positive message to recruits. TOSU is truly a family-oriented program. The families of the players stick around.

Comment 23 Jul 2016

I was an Econ major at TOSU. It's a good way to look at it.

The problem is there is nearly unlimited demand for tickets. We have the largest CFB fanbase in the country, estimated at around 3.2 million people. Add to that the majority of the 11 million Ohioans who root for the Buckeyes above all other sports, pro or college, whether or not they attended TOSU.

Heck, I live in Seattle. I had a friend from TOSU visit me recently. We got 4 "OH" callouts from strangers about 4 hours, just because I had a Buckeye Nuthouse shirt on. It's unreal. At every away game I've attended (UW, Cal, Maryland) Buckeye fans were 35-50% of the fans in the stands.

The athletic department understands this: Seats in the Horseshoe are basically a money printing press. What I lament is that there will be fewer and fewer families attending games. I've had the privilege of seeing games with my Dad since I was 5 years old.  Not many families can afford a full season now, especially with the "premium" pricing for the desirable games.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

The cost of tickets has got to play a factor. If you're married with kids it's hard to justify paying $200-300+ just to take your family to a game you can see on TV.

Part of the reason we can get 100,000 fans in the Shoe for the spring game is because it's affordable for families.