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Comment 06 Dec 2016

delusional PSU fans

thier loss to the other losers was by 39

our loss to them was by 3, mostly from the points off a blocked FG 

we gave them that game in unHappy Valley; they had no game in the Shit House

Comment 05 Dec 2016

absolutely the right idea

why they do not, one would ask

if the NCAA really wanted to show some F'n leadership they would address the obvious (to us on 11W) items =

-- no other "ranking polls" are righteous unless they are from the CFP Selection Committee 

-- Heismann Award voting starts after the CFP Champion Team is determined

-- correct the flaw of the CFP = 4 spots when you have 5 Power Conferences -- change it to 6-Slots arrangement

-- listen to UFM and increase scholarships from 85 to 100 to handle the grind of the new CFP season length

Comment 05 Dec 2016


how awesome would it be for UFM to continue his (teams') domination of Heismann Trophy Winners/Finalists?

if they ain't his HTW/F, he makes them look less than their award

(since the list includes one from tOSU pre-UFM @ tOSU, I declined to place it here)

Comment 04 Dec 2016

and to those "lot of people" I say rewatch  the game in Happy Valley with context (2 weeks to prepare for a home game against a young team coming off a tough road game) -- their "luck" that night was remarkable. 

Comment 04 Dec 2016

what happened with Washington this year was unexpected  -- by THEM. 

the plan for many years was to crawl back into relevance incrementally (see: Rutgers on the schedule) -- just so happened the team play was consistently high quality

Comment 04 Dec 2016

remember, fans traveling to support their teams, especially those from the B1G and BigXII, want to get away from winter in their neighborhoods. 

Southern venues deliver that vacation experience. 

Just the way it is for the college bowl season