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Comment 21 Mar 2016

I realize that this statement is going to be whole heartedly stupid as Wisconsin does seem to be trending in the right direction, but if I had to watch buzzcut basketball (games in the 40 pt range) year after year, I don't know if I could do it without some help in the form of beer. 

I've always thought that there are two issues hindering this program as of late. The first is that IU is no longer in the valley that Mike Davis and Kelvin Sampson put them in during the mid/late 2000's. I still believe that us getting Oden and Conley was a direct result of IU being down. Not to mention Deshaun Thomas (all Indiana recruits). Say what you will about Crean but for the most part he has righted the Hoosier ship and will continue to grab top Indiana talent. I think Matta still has "it" when recruiting players. He's a likable guy, and very relatable. He clearly has a sense of humor and is not one to complain/place blame when things go awry -- Russell is a prime example of him still being able to attract top talent -- however this brings me to a point that a lot have mentioned -- Matta's health.

I'm convinced no one truly knows how bad Matta's back is, and it's because he won't allow anyone to know. However, if I was a recruit and I saw my future practice being led by a head coach who can't get out of his chair, I would either need to fall in love his philosophy and character (entirely possible), or I would start seriously questioning how long that coach could physically be around the game of basketball. Also in terms of culture, how difficult would it be to get your players to the gym, when your next worry is how you're going to get home and take off your shoes and socks? I honestly think it's Matta's declining health that you can use as a corollary to negative trending records. I think the only reason this hasn't affected his teams more is because of the kind of upstanding guy Thad is, and I think it takes a truly special person to be in his position and keep the focus away from him. I just wonder how much longer he can continue to push that issue aside. 

Comment 11 Jan 2016

I don't know if I've ever seen such a piss poor performance boxing out. Offensive rebounds killed us. What's worse was when you have three guys around the rim and one IU player comes from 10 feet away to rebound and score. Gotta get that fixed. I refuse to believe with all of Giddens' ups on the defensive side of the floor, that he can't be a rebounding monster.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

there was a time where Thad brought in this kind of freshman (the one and done kind). 

Agreed, Thad used to bring in this kind of talent -- 06-07 being the pinnacle class, but that also took advantage of a down UK and IU. Sullinger also came specifically because of his Buckeye roots. I'd throw DeShaun and Russel in the same boat of being heavily recruited, but for whatever reason not in the same caliber as the top 5-10 in the country (I believe Russel was 13th). I'm not even going to through Laquinton on here because he never seemed to have 1 & done type talent, and would have benefited by staying at least another year, if not two. 

Dropping 2 to supposed "cupcakes" is never a good look, but I don't think we can play the "we should be good at basketball because we should be" card. If you look historically at this program, Thad has made everyone forget about Randy Ayers, and the Bill O'Brian eras. Correct me if I'm wrong but other than the 2006-07 season, and the year with Lucas and Havlicek Ohio State has been a relatively upper-middle team, that produced 1-2 good players every few years (Jackson, Turner, Williams, Penn, Redd, Dials), and most are the product of maturity rather than fresh talent. 

1. I think the Les Miles - Thad Matta comparison is fair, but I would also caution to be careful what you wish for. We can pay our coaches a lot of money, but so could Michigan football for the better part of a decade and we all know how that turned out. 

2. Everyone needs to get it through their head that we're not Duke, or UK. The best comparison is Michigan State, except I would argue we are essentially the reciprocal of MSU (a basketball school with a good football program vs a football school with a good basketball program). 

3. With that in mind, think about all the great MSU basketball teams in the recent past and what they had: Payne-3 year starter, Green - 4 year player, Valentine - 4 year player, couple that with kids like Gary Harris.

I guess my point is, it's easy to write off this team and rightfully so, but there has been little-to-know consistency within this program since Sullinger left. A lot of that blame can be with the coaches, but I don't think it can be stressed enough how much last years senior class hurt this program. 

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Can someone clarify this timeline for me:

Herman hired as HC of Houston --> Warriner promoted to OC --> Urban goes after guys he wants and doesn't get them --> Warriner and Beck have worked together before--> Urban hires Beck as QB coach (seemingly not looking at Nebraska's QB history the past decade?) --> Warriner can't call plays so Urban "promotes" Beck to play calling duties --> Beck has job above pay grade?

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Just a thought, but I wouldn't be surprised if the reason JT was named captain was because Cardale was starting. Similar to the Guiton/Miller situation. Would give JT some extra validation that he's important to the team regardless of who's #1, and that the keys are his in 2016. Could be way off, but it definitely got me thinking. 

Comment 10 Dec 2014

A bound book of Ramzy's recipes/situationals would make a great Christmas gift for a lot of people...looking at you dry goods.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Wait wait wait. So his gf got mad at him, threatened to not leave after he asked her to, started hitting him, so he pinned her against a wall and took her phone? J.T.'s parents have a military background, and clearly raised him right. We've all seen his stand-up demeanor. I agree no one should jump to conclusions, but I cannot believe this could be anything but an issue of a good guy not knowing what to do in an insane situation.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Well now don't I feel silly...

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Those are two pretty different circumstances. Spence failed two drug tests, and, if this rumor is true,  he would have seemingly done everything correctly, including a possible appeals process. He would return to a D line that doesn't have a lot of depth and would add an immediate impact if he is actually in football shape and if this rumor is true (which no one is reporting on). Miller went down with a season ending injury, and his backup proved to be a Heisman contending quarterback. Miller didn't do anything wrong, Barrett just did everything right. It'd be a different situation if Spence was coming back to a line that wasn't waning in depth.