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Comment 09 Jun 2014

I have never read the situation to be a work ethic thing.  He cracked the two deep as a true freshman,  obviously our lack of depth contributed to that, but it still isn't something to overlook.  I don't think Perry moving to Will (if thats what it is even called anymore) say's anything about Johnson's inability to play to there, and more has everything to do with our scheme shift and Perry being a better fit.   My understanding is that the Will now factors in much more in run defense, while the Sam (i.e. walk out backer spot) will be heavily involved in pass coverage.  Given that, shifting Perry makes since.  Beyond that, Lee and Worley are more suited to playing in coverage, as they are much more your hybrid "star" type linebacker which quarters coverage will need.   Granted, it did sound like Lee and Worley both busted thier ass and are earning a shot, that said, I never got the sense in reading spring practice reports that Johnson was in the dog house or anything like that.  Frankly, I would be surprised if you don't see Johnson in place of Lee/Worley in the more traditional looks 4-3 base looks we are accustomed too.  I say that now before the other 3 prize backers from the incoming class are on campus, so maybe you will see Berger and or Booker.  To me, seeing where Johnson sits after training camp will be much more telling than anything to date.  I think it is also worth mentioning that I see our linebackers as a pretty fluid situation right now.  It bears keeping in mind that alot of the scheme that they put in during the spring is all new, although it did seem they were dumbing it down to pair with Urban's effort mantra.   However, I will not be shocked at all if things are very different on day one than they are now as far as our starters.





Comment 18 Apr 2014

My two cents is that he is likely a camp to earn offer situation.  Like a bunch of other guys throughout Urban's tenure, they must camp so the staff can see them live against top notch competition.  Should he camp and live up to his tape and or impress the staff, I would be shocked if he didn't get an offer regardless of the situation with Hilliard, Baker, SKL, etc...  To me, the bigger question is if he waits that long to earn an offer.  The one thing in our favor is many other top regional programs are waiting to offer as well. 

Comment 12 Aug 2013

I was wondering the same thing. I went with Roby in a toss up over Mewhort and Shazier. That said I would have voted for Norwell if he was an option, I also would have been tempted to choose Rod Smith if he was a choice as I think he could be a guy who has a better pro than college career. Hyde has an NFL future but I wonder about his durability as an every down back at the next level. However, I think Braxton has the most potential of anyone, it will be very interesting to see how he has progressed as a passer during this off-season. 

Comment 29 Jul 2013

I still think there are two offensive skill spots open, one for Samuel, and one for one out of Brown/Gesikci/Berrios and in my opinion in that order. Tough call between Gesicki and Brown, but I say brown because of the lack of similar option in the current WR core, where as we already know the staff is very happy with Heuerman and Vannet. Plus people haven't talked about him much outside of getting in trouble but Baugh has a very similar skill set to gesicki. 

Comment 29 Jul 2013

Hard to imagine a glenville kid getting shut out, I don't think it will affect anything as far as Smith and Lattimore are concerned. 

Comment 29 Jul 2013

Very surprised, but only because we haven't heard a ton about him. Watching his highlight tape makes this a no brainer on why they would accept his commitment. Another very athletic prospect who could play a few positions for Ohio State. Personally, I really like that the staff keeps targeting guys who they could play all over. I have suspected for a while that this class will end up being closer to 23-24 as opposed to 20-22. There are too many big time prospects who we know the staff wants to think that they don't know of some upcoming attrition. 


Comment 23 Jul 2013

They have already seen the tape.... and no charges. Longer this goes without the charges the better it is for Hyde, he still could get something but based on what out there now it's hard to imagine him getting any thing more than some kind of misdemeanor. They will still interview the "victim," although it is seeming more and more she is that, apparently she is out of town saw on twitter out of the country? I have no idea what those circumstances are or where she is but I have to think that if I blew something way out of proportion and was about to look like an idiot I may head out of town too.... That's not entirely fair, but her absence and failure to talk to investigators to this point is confusing to say the least and definitely further points to Hyde getting reinstated before camp. I mean if you got "assaulted" by anyone let alone a 6'2" 235 NFL prospect don't you think telling your side of the story would be a priority?

Comment 23 Jul 2013

Entirely depends on two factors A. the circumstances and B. the player. Certainly there are a few instances that IMO would warrant it, i.e. hitting a female or otherwise cold cocking a guy from behind when you don't appear to be a part of the scuffle to begin with (see. the video of the LSU Running Back). 

As to the point B. if its player who made one mistake and got in an argument at a bar with some bouncers who has never been in trouble for no you don't dismiss him. 

Comment 22 Jul 2013

This has to be a good thing given the context in which it came out. I mentioned last night in the wild speculation thread that I thought it was a good sign we didn't have anything tangible at that point, because if Hyde or any other male for that matter just punched a girl in the face a crowded bar intentionally they would have been arrested or picked up and booked as soon as they were identified. I am not saying he is off scott free or wasn't involved in something he shouldn't have been, but given the lack of charges I was always dubious that this was a case of Hyde cold cocking a girl for allegedly not dancing with him. Again, we have to wait and see what come out but I always guessed the contact with the girl was either incidental or accidental. Also of note, Hyde is scheduled to talk to CPD "misdemeanor" detectives tomorrow, yet another thing that seems to point to this not being as bad as first speculated about. Lastly, fact he wasn't kicked off is also indicative to that end, I think had he been officially charged we would have seen a dismissal like Storm Klein got last year when he was charged for domestic violence.

Comment 21 Jul 2013

ND fans are pretty bad I have them at #2, after moving to South Carolina without a doubt the worst fans are Clemson fans. They really are horrible, and more delusional than any fan base out there. E.g. they celebrate Dabo Swinney. 

Comment 16 Jul 2013

"Deserve" makes this question a bit odd. Not sure any coach deserves it to the extent things being said about them are untrue, however, merely honestly talking about another coach or his reputation IMO is fair game. I believe that's true especially in "todays" recruiting world given the close relationships a lot of coaches make with the kids and families they recruit. As an example, if a coach from a school was asked about their scholarship policy and was competing against Bama for a recruit, I think its fair and responsible to point out that Saban has a history of over signing and cutting kids once camp starts. All that being said, if you have to go out of your way to negative recruit against another school, e.g. "they don't look out for black players," then you are doing something wrong, as the ultimately goal is to sell yourself and your brand not talk about others. 

Comment 15 Jul 2013

I don't think a lot of the criticism that Manziel has gotten has been entirely fair. Everything a lot of you have said is true he is young he has earned the spotlight and deserves to enjoy it, as well as just being college kid in general. That said, for people in any college football players position fair or not they are held to a higher standard, its the price a of doing business if you will. I haven't once looked at any of JF's party photos and thought they were inappropriate per se, but when you start to link them to actual trouble he is getting in then that becomes an issue. I try to separate actual trouble from drinking underage because I for one have no room to judge for underage drinking, I was the last of my friends to turn 21 and frankly once in college I don't see how it feasible or fair to heavily enforce it.

Back to real trouble, I think this thing with the Manning camp should be wakeup call and IMO is the first thing I have seen from him that really gives me pause. While sure I can understand some  people's opinion that he shouldn't be flaunting his life so publicly and that has some merit, in this current case it goes beyond that into actual irresponsibility. I wasn't there and like everyone else don't know exactly what happened, but what I do know is he had a responsibility to the camp to show up and do his job whether or not he volunteered or was being paid as a counselor  if not for anything else than for the kids who paid to be there who he was supposed to coach/mentor. By all accounts he showed up late to the camp and then was a no call no show on Saturday morning, in any event if he was actually sick you need to call and frankly at least give a good faith effort to show up for the kids. In my experience no call no show, absent some sort of valid reason, = getting fired, which is more or less what happened. Then he claimed to be actually sick you show up out on the town in College Station that very night, all the way around its just not a very good look. Don't want to indict a 20 year old for this incident as it could be more or less isolated and we don't exactly what happened (albeit it does seem pretty clear from the evidence),  but as a lot of commentators have pointed out for someone whose looking to go to the NFL he really should act more responsibly. 

Comment 04 Jul 2013

I am really surprised Bianchi isn't taking this vote in a land slide. Don't get me wrong they are all worthy of being and the list, and are all likely guarding a bridge somewhere. But May is just an espn character, albeit an extremely deuschy one but he isn't a "serious journalist" (note I use that term lightly) he is just a TV talking head dead panning for rankings. On the other hand, Bianchi IMO is way worse. He is actually a "journalist" and appears to have lost all objectivity in anything Urban Meyer related. His comments on OTL yesterday were almost outreagous and go beyond just dismissing OSU as a decent football team (the May variety) and more into legitimate personal vendetta stuff against Meyer and anyone he is connected to. Frankly, of few of the things he said and has said in the past border on legally defamatory. I am trying to stay objective on a lot of the Meyer bashing in the media the past few days, that said, I do think some criticism regarding the way Florida program was run is justified. Even by Meyer's own admission things got a bit out of hand in his six years there and based on that some criticism is more than justifiable. On suggesting that if it was a tighter ship possibly Hernandez wouldn't have gotten to the point where he is or at least been kicked out of the program is fair IMO. But Bianchi and others trying to correlate a loosely run program to Meyer being aware that Hernandez was a sociopath is absurd, it reeks of irrationality and highlights the runway sensationalism that has becoming modern blame pointing journalism. 

Comment 23 Jun 2013

I also think it depends on the positions that become available. Texas is a no brainer for Herman if he was to be offered the job, but I don't see him leaving to take over a lesser program. Thats not to say he will only leave for a program on par with Ohio State but more that he will only leave for a program that he thinks he stands a chance to make nationally competitive in a short period of time.

Comment 19 Jun 2013

Sometimes it is easy to forget the kids the staff brought in during the last cycle, but wow the depth Ohio State will soon have will be awesome. 

Comment 02 Jun 2013

Agreed, very well spoken seems to have a great head on his shoulders. I took his close to the vest comments more as an indicator of unwillingness to play the recruiting game than any disinterest in Ohio State, which I find pretty refreshing. 

On another note I thought his tweeting out that he may silent commit early to be a pretty good sign for a few reasons. One it came off the heels of visiting Columbus, and two after the visit I am sure he has a good idea of where he stands with the staff in relation to other QBs they are looking at. I think all these kids know who the schools are looking at and with Kyle Allen visiting soon if Harris is interested in the Buckeye's he may want to get a commitment to the coaches before he loses a spot. In any event, totally agree that whoever signs him will be getting a great addition to their program. 

Comment 08 Apr 2013

EP I am with you too. I always try to root for the Big Ten when I can, and I really dont dislike this Michigan team. Burke is likeable as is Beilein. Frankly, I would much rather Michigan win instead of Tom Crean or Bo Ryan. Only other B1G BBall squad I would pull for more would be Michigan State I have always liked Izzo. 

In any event, it is also hard to root against Louisville especially with the Ware injury. If Michigan wins then its good for the Big Ten, if Louisville wins it will be  another reminder or where rooting for Michigan gets you. Win/Win.


Comment 18 Feb 2013

Good summary Alex. Do you still think the staff will try to take 4 true LBs? Or 3 with a DE/OLB hybrid making up one of the 4 spots? 

Comment 12 Feb 2013

Congrats on the great year!! think I speak for all readers it has been a pleasure and we are looking forward to 2013. 

Comment 08 Feb 2013

It really is hard to predict who will make the biggest impact right away as there are so many studs in this class. That said the one prospect I could see coming in right away and performing is Baugh. He isn't talked about as much because he committed so early and totally shut down his recruitment, but I think he could be a really good one right away. 

We dont have anyone at the tight end or on the roster with his sort of athleticism/size. While I really like both Heuerman and Vannet, the don't have the speed that will make Baugh really dangerous. I could see him stepping in day one and being used like Stoneburner. However, he will fill the role better than Stoney who although athletic was really more a traditional tight end. Urban will want to use Baugh in the red zone and as he used Hernandez at UF coming out of the slot/backfield as an Hback.

All that said, I think a number of the freshman will have big impacts either on special teams or in various role/select packages. The other skill players on O (Wilson, Smith, Clark, Elliot, and Marshall) should all see the ball at some point, even if more limited for some. The db class should get some PT but I don't see any of them starting or being major contributors barring injury. The linebackers will have a great opportunity but frankly I hope some of the guys already on the roster step up, especially Curtis Grant. DLine guys should just add depth as we are already strong there, but given everyone will be a first year starter who knows what could happen. Not really going out on a limb with this pick as it seems obvious, but Bosa is probably the guy with best chance to start or have an impact right away. As for second guys up I would go with Mike Mitchell (given his athleticism could see him used in 3 and long spots to rush the QB from the outside LB/Leo spot) or Tyquan Lewis who is a pretty natural pass rusher. 

Could see some other guys step up from last years class, as side from the usual suspects (Schutt, Spence, Washington, Decker). Armani Reeves, Cam Williams, Mike Thomas, David Perkins all jump to mind. 

Comment 04 Feb 2013

One of the best for sure, however, the reign atop rivals class rank was short lived as Foster went Tide shortly after Dontre went TOSU so back at #2 but seriously who really cares.