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Comment 04 Sep 2014

Miller Lite, while remembering what was the past 3 years. Nah, actually going for anything I can get my hands on throughout high street. Who cares, it's gameday! 

But in all honesty, if I was at home for the game and not there.. then I would be sipping on craft beers of all kinds throughout the day. Then at game time you gotta go for your go to lite beer of choice. It's GAMETIME!

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I agree. I think it's because of a few reasons. 1. He had something major to prove to Buckeye a Nation and he didn't want to not deliver, he'd rather over deliver. 2. The team, maybe they all felt like they deserved some more hype and some credit after the beatings they got the past two years in the media from him. 3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, College a Football Playoff. It's a campaign and with their 40 some ranked schedule, if more than a couple teams go undefeated then he's going to have to campaign his way in. 

I hope I'm wrong and we are just amazing this year and that's the reason! Go Bucks!

Comment 26 Mar 2014
DDN Mock tOSU? I don't think so!

I am in Dayton. I am from here, but always been a Buckeye. I rooted for the Buckeyes. They lost, so I would be default rooting for the hometown team. The media channels in Dayton have decided instead to MOCK Ohio State rather than praise UD. They have had a great post season, they should be PRAISING Dayton flyer basketball and not relishing on the first round game. Go Bucks! Go Flyers! DDN needs to go DOWN.