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Comment 26 Jul 2014

I am not worried about our talent pool. Meyer is assembling 2 or 3 all-star teams, and he will continue to do so. It is all about playing the right guys and rotating them correctly, especially on the DLine. My starting defense would consist of Eli Apple, and Doran Grant both playing the role of man to man shutdown corners. Tyvis Powell, and Vonn Bell at the safeties. Armani Reeves and Gareon Conley at nickel occassionally. Raekwon, Perry, and Lee at linebacker with Grant and Johnson as backups. The best Defensive Line in the country would be 8 deep, rotating all game, with Bosa and Spence being the clear anchors. Adolphus, Schutt, Steve Miller, Michael Hill, Chris Carter, Rashaad Frazier, Jalyn Holmes all being used significantly. Steve Miller is an All American anywhere else. I hated losing the beast, Jamal Marcus. He should have played MLB for us last year and never come off the field. Players that must start are Eli Apple, McMillan, Michael Thomas, Dontre/Jalin Marshall, and Baugh/ Heurman, and of course Chad Lindsay at Center. Players that are recipes for disaster are Pittsburgh Brown, Jacoby Boren, Evan Spencer(brings nothing but blocking at WR??)..Curtis Grant(forget him). Elliott will be a great back, and Rod Smith should be utilized like Brandon Saine-both great pass catchers out of the backfield!! In a perfect world all this happens, along with Braxton being Braxton and praying hard he stays healthy. If Eli Apple, Michael Thomas, and Raekwoh don't start, which chances are they won't, is a serious mistake! No championships possible with those 3 on the sidelines. IMO YOU CAN TAKE IT TO THE BANK! Anyway I am excited, and hope they can recover  from last year. With Larry Johnson And Ash running last year's D we could have won it all, but you had to play Apple at corner and moved Roby to free safety, and played Steve Miller and Jamal Marcus much more, along with Vonn Bell especially after Bryant went down. Michael Thomas had to be your second go to guy in the pass game, if not first. It depends if you think Philly Brown was a better target than Keyshaun Johnson's nephew or whatever. Just food for thought!!

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Mariota is way overrated, just like his team is every year. I will take MSU and the 13 pts all day. Not only will Sparty cover, IMO they win convincingly, although the score will not be the complete proof of this. Oregon scores late, but still loses 27-24. I would not bet on either team winning by 13. I believe MSU wins, but it is a pick em spread with Oregon playing in Eugene.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

In due respect, I am a die-hard Ohio State fan, who has lived in Alabama for 30 years. I was 12 when our family moved here from Valley City, Medina OH. Everybody who knows me, which is nearly everyone in our small town, knows I am a lifelong Ohio State fan, but I learned early on waving it in the faces of people here is a recipe for disaster. After 30 years here, I have realised no matter how I talk, or walk, or look; I will always be considered an outsider. The Civil War down here is truly not over, in the minds of many. They really believe it is only halftime. Don't bet on Alabama losing 3 games. You will lose your money. Ironicaly, if Nick Marshall gets a slap on the wrist for Marijuana possession ( which he will down here), I believe both Alabama and Auburn will be undefeated entering their annual rivalry game. This is Braxton's last year, if we don't get it done this year it will be another 2 or 3 before we are legitimate contenders for the biggest prize. In hindsight, Meyer needed to roll the dice last year. He should have started Apple at Corner with Grant, and moved Roby to Free Safety with Bryant and Powell at Strong and Nickel, then Vonn Bell exclusively with Powell, after Bryant went down. He needed to have the Beast, Jamal Marcus, move to the MLB position. Barnett, Pitt Brown, Curtis Grant, and Cam Williams should only have been used in complete desperation. Not using enough Defensive Lineman, redshirting Apple and Michael Thomas (should have been starters}, and not plugging the Middle with the Beast are all factors which cost us a chance at a NC. IMHO of course. Its easy to make these decisions from the recliner LOL!!!

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Now that would be hitting the Jackpot, like getting the great Ted Ginn, Beanie Wells, Terrell Pryor, and LOL Curtis Grant! Although if I had to choose, I would rather lose Sweat this year, and get Nick Bosa in two years. I pray we get both, along with Harris, Burrell, Gallimore, and Kirk. May as well dream big.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Without Lindsay transferring from Alabama, I do not care how great Warriner is, Miller would have been running for his life. At least, one out of three Boren's was good! Zach was a great, and we sure could have used him in the Middle last year. His toughness and leadership almost make up for how awful Jacoby is, and how mediocre Justin was. Raekwon and Hubbard, IMO, were are most prized recruits of 2014, but getting Lindsay to come in as a grown man, to immediately start at Center was without a doubt our most important addition to the entire roster. I still have a hard time believing Elflein is the best Right Guard we have. I may be wrong, but he looks very average to me, at best. Besides two consecutive awful play calls, running Miller to the short side of the field, on 3rd and 4th down in the MSU game, Meyer not letting Hall play the whole game cost us a chance at a National Championship. No defense was going to keep Hyde from getting a yard given two chances. I am convinced Meyer did not want to win the Michigan State game, because of the damage an extreme embarrassment to FSU would have done to the program in the future. Clemson, a team Florida State literally dismantled, shredded our pathetic back 7 to the tune of 40 points. The sickening thing about giving up 40 to Clemson was all the damage was done by one player ( Sammy Watkins ). They had no running game whatsoever. Good Riddens Withers and your prevent defense, and adios Vrabel for your idiotic philosopy of not always and continually rotating 7 or 8 Defensive Lineman, especially when it was your deepest and most talented unit. With Warriner, Herman, Johnson, and Ash things are looking much better. Now if they would only fire Gene Smith, and a desperate University would take Fickell off our hands, I would be ecstatic. I guess you can't have it all. We could be stuck with Hokey Pokey, Lane Kiffin, or God help us, Charlie Weiss!!! In Urban I trust!!! Most of the time! LOL

Comment 08 Apr 2013

Worse group of Assistants in College Basketball. God I pray they go, like I prayed Bollman would leave for about 5 years. Jent cost us a trip to the Final Four, and He really had an impact on this years club's shooting. Greg Paulus, the only player Coach K basically nudged out the door. He made me sick as a player and now as video coordinator, whatever that means. Those guys were tremendous recruiters. Never gave Matta any strong input on not taking Trey Burke, Traveon Jackson, or Aaron White, Chane Bohannon. Lavert from Michigan. The list goes on and on. As much as I think Matta is small time like Tressel, we could do much worse. I'm afraid his mentality of playing upperclassmen and favorites-Along with being able to read his decisions just like a book is never going to get us to the promiseland. Thank God For Meyer. Ross was not ready the second half of the season as a Freshman. Right, I cannot believe he did not transfer. Not sitting this Craft down longer when he struggles is his MO. Just like playing the great William Buford for 40 minutes a game, even when he would start 1 of 8, and he did it quite often against good competition. I have never been so happy to see a player leave Ohio State more than Buford except maybe Steve Bellisari, and Richard McNutt. Anyway goobye and good riddins to a first class bunch of stiff assistants.