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Comment 29 Mar 2015

McCall: Urban Meyer ‘Dove On Me’

Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes landed an absolutely huge commitment on Sunday when North Ridgeville (Ohio) star Demario McCall visited Ohio State and committed to Meyer after the Buckeyes’ spring practice session.So how big was McCall’s decision?

“I told coach Meyer after practice,” McCall said. “He dove on me. He was excited.”

Comment 15 Jan 2015


It would have sucked to Win the National Championship and three days later lose the QB that was a big part of winning it.

Comment 22 Jan 2014

Why does Grant continue to presumably get the nod to start ?"


Don't get that either.

Disappointing to say the least.

I'm hoping Mitchell steps up...cause we need an upgrade there big time.

Comment 20 Dec 2013

Well losing the Big Ten Championship to Michigan St after going undefeated for two seasons with a chance to play in the National Championship on the line isn't a good way to change peoples perceptions.


Comment 20 Dec 2013

“There are critics for everything,” Barnett said. “I think LeBron James is criticized a lot, too.”



Sometimes a guy can say some of the stupidest shit.

You're going to try in some way to compare the Best player in the NBA and 2 time Defending NBA Champion to that shit sack of a defense that let Michigan St... ( are you kidding me?)... beat the hell out of you with a chance at the National Championship on the line?


One deserves every bit of shit coming their way and the other doesn't.

I'll let you figure out which is which.



Comment 16 Dec 2013

Miller can dazzle you with the long pass for the TD and then confound you by missing wide open guys with simple throws.

He has got to fix that...but honestly if he hasn't fixed that by now...I doubt he ever will.

He's not ready for the NFL.

You're going to give up your Senior season as starting QB of Ohio St to be picked in the 3rd or 4th round?


Comment 23 Sep 2013

Win or lose it was so much more exciting when we were playing Texas and USC.

We need to get away from games like this.

Hell we've won all our games and none have been close and we have still dropped in the polls.

We can go undefeated and if neither Alabama or Oregon lose we aren't playing for the National Championship.

And it's because of games like these that that could happen.


Comment 30 Apr 2013

I wish every game was a night game. 

Comment 06 Feb 2013

Man who would have thought after what happened with Tressel we would be sitting here so pretty now with Meyer and the bounty he has brought.

I absolutly love Meyer.


Comment 22 Sep 2012

This team is playing with fire.

The Defense better get their shit together fast.

If Miller ever developes his passing game...Damn.

Storm Klein starting over Curtis Grant...what a dissapointment.


Comment 10 Feb 2012

Kid made a big mistake not coming and playing for the Buckeyes and Meyer.

Oh're either with us or you'll watch us raise the Crystal Trophy.


Comment 30 Jan 2012

I - O !


I know I could see if it was Woo Pig Sooie or something like that.

But O - H- I - O ?