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Comment 28 Aug 2012

Love how the guy on the left, totally steps away and hides behind the dude kneeling down... and then is like, "oh, let me help you up, brah."

Comment 03 Jul 2012

Oops, maybe I should just get banned for not reading more than just the headers.  Thanks.

Comment 03 Jul 2012

Will probably get banned for suggesting this, but Kovacs from Michigan should be considered for Safety.  Yes, not the best safety in the Big Ten... but will have been a starter for 3 and half years, over 250 career tackles going into his senior year, Academic All Big Ten, probably defensive captain this year of a very good defense.  All of this, and the kid is a walk-on (from Ohio, no less).

Comment 27 Jun 2012

There have been twitter/blog rumblings that after befriending David Dawson at the Rivals 5-star challenge, Rodgers has postponed his decision and is planning on visiting Ann Arbor to see what all the OL fuss is about.  Still think he's Auburn bound, but it probably doesn't bode well for us that he's interested in our top rival that is full at OL.  

Comment 19 Jun 2012

Let's not get carried away... what B1G and "other notable" teams were after him?  I see an offer from Cincinnati.  

Not saying he's not a good get... just hate the wild hyperbole that goes on around here sometimes.

Comment 11 Jun 2012

Mental Note: Don't rent property from Carolina Buckeye.

PS: I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to piss on your own house.

Comment 31 May 2012

Last time I checked my NCAA rule book, coaches are not allowed to discuss unsigned recruits publicly... so how exactly is Hoke supposed "take a public stance" in this situation.  

These are kids being kids... it's stupid, yes... embarrassing too for all involved.  But I think it's just as stupid and embarrassing that we as grown adults are making so much out of it... and then to use the situation to take a shot at an opposing coach's character and weight after talking about having respect??  Welcome to the ranks of the classless.  

Comment 23 May 2012

I think the other difference seems to be in actual coaching skill.  RichRod is an outstanding strategist... outstanding offensive mind... but when it comes to actually developing players and getting 110% out of the guys on the field, Hoke and his staff appear to be better, hands down.  As you said, the players are the control.

Comment 21 May 2012

Even better that we continue to play Indiana before tsun... nice to have an extra week to prepare without being distracted by an actual opponent.

Comment 05 May 2012

No mention of the Nike camp taking place in town yesterday or today??