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Comment 10 Feb 2015

I was in school with Paul Warfield. Watched him run in HS. Saw him in the dorm after a college game, laid out on his bed, black and blue and beat UP. 

With my own eyes, Rex Kern (was at '69 Rose Bowl), Archie Griffin (missed him because I served overseas for 4 years), Art Schlichter (worked in Detroit when he beat UM) and the guy who made my eyes widest, Maurice Clarett. Troy Smith and Ginn were simply amazing. 

But the best player by far was the entire team this year. C'mon. Next Man Up was that team of men ready to step UP. 

God, being a Buckeye has never ever been better. I once asked Charlie Yates, who was in hs 90's, grew up with Bobby Jones, and had backed GaTech all of his life what in his opinion was the best time in the hostory of GaTech, he thought for a minute and whispered, "right now". Well, same for the Buckeyes.........

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Hey, did any of you read the freaken article? its the SAMMY house for God's sake. the SAMMY's. Never saw that comen........the Beta's? Yep. The Sigma Chi's? You bet. THE SAMMY'S ?????/

Comment 03 Jan 2015

Do you remember when Braxton was a freshman and Urban was a broadcaster? He said the same thing. Braxton just sat on the sideline, completely uninvolved with the play calling. Urban was pissed, said he should be part of the process, imagineering what HE would do in that play. My view on Braxton is he is brilliant, in the moment. He is tactical, not strategic. He is a weapon, not a leader. Please forgive me for I am not taking shots at him in a vacuum but comparing him to JT and now Cardale. Have you heard Braxton intervewed versus JT? Hey, we're blessed to be able to have this caliber of a debate at Ohio State. I agree with the comment above - he wants to be a man apart, and he is. 

Comment 30 Dec 2014

Then there's this:

Academics & Athletics- The World According to Jim (Harbaugh)
Thursday, March 27, 2008 - Phil Callihan

The U-M message of academics trumping athletics, smoothly spinning along, was rocked last year when former Michigan football standout Jim Harbaugh said U-M admits academically borderline students and then keeps them eligible for sports by steering them into specific academic areas. The former quarterback, now the Stanford University football coach, said that he wasn't even allowed to major in history because the courses required too much reading.

It was a significant moment. For the first time in a very long time, one of the most cherished mantras of the athletic department was called into question - and it was done by one of their own, an iconic "Michigan man."

....After Harbaugh continued to vent in the media, Michigan RB Mike Hart publically questioned whether Harbaugh was a true Michigan Man.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Good timing. I said exactly the same thing to my wife last night. He was what he was. Could not take my eyes off of Craft from his first dive his first game as a freshman. But DAMN man, we didn't win. It was him plus - not a 'team'. I love this TEAM. Tate is going to be unforgettable. Always watch Thompson out of the corner of my eye for the the cut to the basket. Russell is just passing thru. But Scott? This is his team, his time. Loven it.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

Explaining suicide to the closest relatives, not to mention friends, co-workers and teammates, is the hardest speech one ever gives. When my adult nephew asked me why his Mom (my sister) had taken her life when he was only 5, I told him that depression was the common cold of the mind. Everyone gets it sooner or later. And that your Mom? Well, she got a really really bad cold and self-medicated. Period. Getting rid of it was all that mattered. Why else be so impulsive? I don't know if it worked, but it was my one shot to try to make it work.

As a retired AF LtCol, I empathise so much w/ my fellow veterans. The military can chew people up and spit them out to a society which can just barely, and completely without personal experience, assign any value to what young kids go thru in serving.  Tough deal. Very tough. The optimistic view is that life's a beach, then you tan. Its hard for many if not most today to be all that optimistic. My view.  And please don't unleash hell on me for sharing this - I'm trying to give back.

Comment 24 Oct 2014

The evidence is right before your eyes. JT is in the moment always. Brax is hanging with his buds on the sideline, yuvking it up, no headset, no engagement. JT is a leader, articulate, fully committed, talks almost like he's a coach. Has Brax ever truly been interviewed where you said, "gee, I didn't know that"? Brax needs to do what Terrell is going to do if he wants to be in the game - go out for a pass. In fact JT is so cool and above it all that his team might even go Russell Wilson on him. We don't have a quarterback problem. We have a leadership opportunity. 

Comment 16 Oct 2014

You know, being an Ohio State alum is the best. I envy no other graduate of anywhere. My first memory growing up in Marion in the 50's was my folks headed down to the Shoe for a game. It is spiritual. Whenever I can sit in that stadium, I get the same direct communication with God as though I were in Mecca. It is safe there. It is home. That I could not get admitted today with the very high standards, nor afford it for that matter, enhances my good fortune. We're a great school, and you proved it with this data. Hell, when you're from Central Ohio, it's more a lifestyle than an option. All of us Buckeyes - a badge of honor only we really understand. 

Comment 09 Oct 2014

This may be major news elsewhere but is an annual minor headline in UGA football here. Happens every year. Will happen every year. UGA is an NFL minor league team of mostly crooks and idiots. Spring football is week after week of studying Miranda Rights. 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Spot on. He talks himself out of a job so often that he feels he can talk anyone out of theirs. Empty suit. Whenever i change channels and see he is talking, he does't get the rest of one word out of his mouth. He should start his own network with Mark May, Desmond Howard, Brent Mouseburger, Craig James and Chris Berman. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Guys, GUYS, log onto freep and read the Detroit Free Press having explosive diarreah on ttun. The Bucks played exactly the way we feared and because of reality - young, inexperienced, and easy to counter with careful planning. The worst part, the WORST, Dickhead Mays picked VT because of their defense. We can never ever make him right about anything. New QB. New line. No time to adjust. No experience knowing how to adjust. Urban has known this would be the deal for several years. He's a good PR talker. It will turn around. A bump in the road, not the dive off the cliff ttun has done.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Section 127 was an Under Armour block of seats, two of which I enjoyed. It was right behind the Navy bench, 21 rows up from the field. The announcers were above us as were 4 Star Admirals, a bunch of congreessmen (which was why our section was surrounded by Secret Service) and many Navy fans. Naval Academy alumni are the cream of the rop, almost blue bloods. My Ohio State fraternity brother (I am class '66) and I reunited for this game after decades apart. Two of his 3 kids graduated from Annapolis so he had truly divided loyalties. He said Annapolis is 14,000 kids dying to get in and 4,000 dying to get out. Still, being so close to the Navy bench, they had some horses in uniform who'd you'd think would be too big for admission to the normal military - but then again, nothing normal about Navy. Great experience, and genuinely emotional, even patriotic. Not sure I'll ever experience that again at a Buckeye's game, not the least of which is The Game. THAT game is war in fact. 

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Hey, from Atlanta, the Georgia State game was everything college football should be. Man, what a game. Young program, lots of local kids. So, not the Buckeyes, granted. But, a hell of a game.......

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I'm staying with friends fortunately, but in any case, I'm parking my car at a Light Rail station south of Baltimore and using Light Rail and Uber (which triples costs during game days and hard to get) for flexibility. I'm meeting an OSU Phi Tau brother at the game and playing it by ear afterwards. But knowing my car waits for me at the end of the rail line takes a lot of anxiety out of the day. As it turns out, apparently one can walk to the stadium from the Inner Harbor also. I also really like the pay-in-advance parking. Good idea. I have a very very good feeling about this year's team, JT and all. GO BUCKS !!!

Comment 24 Mar 2014

After $5M, who's counting? Seriously. Like they said on HOUSE OF CARDS, power trumps money, until one day you don't have power. Urban is from modest roots, galactic ego, but modest roots. He give back, not gives away, but gives back. He's provided for his family, rediscovered them actually. Good for him. He's in this for the long haul. He delegates well, but he never forgets. He sleeps better at night than those of you who throw rocks. For the vast majority of Buckeyes, the new generation, these ARE the good 'ol days right here right now. Nice 'problem' to have. Never forget, you COULDA had to go to Purdue. So shut up and live good.

Comment 13 Dec 2013

I feel your pain. For 4 years, I worked for IBM in Detroit. Half the office were _ichigan alums, the other half MSU. They hated one another. I was the unifying force - they all hated me. Since 1983, I've lived in Atlanta. My 3 kids went to non-SEC colleges, one even graduated with honors from GaTech (who's headline whenever they play Georgia at home is GEORGIA GRAD GETS JOB). Listen, Ohio State is easy to hate. For the entire state of Ohio and especially Central Ohio, Ohio State is all they have. No pro teams, no real global identity, no tourism per se, no identity for sophistication (which is not true obviously). Ohio State is IT. It's in your blood when you're born. Your folks headed to a 'game' is one of your first memories. THEN you move South which is SOUTH (even though its growth was from those of us transferred here, many from Fortune 500's) and you, being from Ohio, have quite possibly the worst variant of Yankee in the land where the War of Northern Aggression is rumored to be approaching a counter attack and you have NO CHANCE. So do what I do. When someone comes back at you, unfriend them. It hurts them long term more than you know.......GO MY BELOVED BUCKS