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Ohio State '66; USAFR LtCol; IBM Retired; run a global non-profit; Phi Kappa Tau; been to 42 countries.


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Comment 24 hours ago

Hey, from Atlanta, the Georgia State game was everything college football should be. Man, what a game. Young program, lots of local kids. So, not the Buckeyes, granted. But, a hell of a game.......

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I'm staying with friends fortunately, but in any case, I'm parking my car at a Light Rail station south of Baltimore and using Light Rail and Uber (which triples costs during game days and hard to get) for flexibility. I'm meeting an OSU Phi Tau brother at the game and playing it by ear afterwards. But knowing my car waits for me at the end of the rail line takes a lot of anxiety out of the day. As it turns out, apparently one can walk to the stadium from the Inner Harbor also. I also really like the pay-in-advance parking. Good idea. I have a very very good feeling about this year's team, JT and all. GO BUCKS !!!

Comment 24 Mar 2014

After $5M, who's counting? Seriously. Like they said on HOUSE OF CARDS, power trumps money, until one day you don't have power. Urban is from modest roots, galactic ego, but modest roots. He give back, not gives away, but gives back. He's provided for his family, rediscovered them actually. Good for him. He's in this for the long haul. He delegates well, but he never forgets. He sleeps better at night than those of you who throw rocks. For the vast majority of Buckeyes, the new generation, these ARE the good 'ol days right here right now. Nice 'problem' to have. Never forget, you COULDA had to go to Purdue. So shut up and live good.

Comment 13 Dec 2013

I feel your pain. For 4 years, I worked for IBM in Detroit. Half the office were _ichigan alums, the other half MSU. They hated one another. I was the unifying force - they all hated me. Since 1983, I've lived in Atlanta. My 3 kids went to non-SEC colleges, one even graduated with honors from GaTech (who's headline whenever they play Georgia at home is GEORGIA GRAD GETS JOB). Listen, Ohio State is easy to hate. For the entire state of Ohio and especially Central Ohio, Ohio State is all they have. No pro teams, no real global identity, no tourism per se, no identity for sophistication (which is not true obviously). Ohio State is IT. It's in your blood when you're born. Your folks headed to a 'game' is one of your first memories. THEN you move South which is SOUTH (even though its growth was from those of us transferred here, many from Fortune 500's) and you, being from Ohio, have quite possibly the worst variant of Yankee in the land where the War of Northern Aggression is rumored to be approaching a counter attack and you have NO CHANCE. So do what I do. When someone comes back at you, unfriend them. It hurts them long term more than you know.......GO MY BELOVED BUCKS