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Comment 26 Apr 2013

Will Ulmer also committed to Maryland recently. He looks like he was a fantastic athlete on film and could a lot of good things as a dual threat QB but did need to improve his passing but very Braxton-like running the ball.

Comment 26 Apr 2013

Fantastic write up on small town football. I live in northwest Ohio around those parts and football is absolutely huge here. Any ideas what some of the other towns are going to be?

Comment 16 Apr 2013

Very nice article. I've said it forever, Craft is a consistent jumper away from being an All-American player. I really hope he develops that jumper this off season.

Comment 11 Mar 2013

Not to be forgotten was at the bottom of that first article was Sam Thompson being named one of 12 players to receive one of the Sportsmanship Award. Always nice to see our players recognized for good sportsmanship. 

Comment 22 Feb 2013

He did tweet a long time ago when he signed if Buckeye nation had any nicknames for him. I would like it if the annoucners said ADV for 3! But i cant think of something other than the Italian Stallion which obviously is taken.

Comment 07 Feb 2013

I dont know about you guys but that Randy Edsall story of getting chased out of a recruits neighborhood is pretty insane if you havent read it yet. 

Comment 23 Jan 2013

I hope Kiffin loses his whole recruiting class now that people are finally wising up to how he is as a person. But heck, we've known that since he was at Tennessee.

Comment 22 Jan 2013

That Aaron White is a solid player. Im guessing Sam Thompson might have him so hopefully he can make liife difficult for him with his athleticism.

Comment 20 Jan 2013

Ok i dont get what is wrong with that Collin Klein picture? Anybody care to explain it?

Comment 28 Dec 2012

The admin sec. husband was not coaching last night. He was just writing down formations for the defense. Anybody could have been brought in to do it. Just thougth i'd clarify

Comment 26 Dec 2012

That Margus Hunt was a monster against Fresno State. Completely unblockable and definitely proved that he is one of the freakishly athleitc players in the nation. 

Comment 11 Dec 2012

Nice to hear a good tid bit on how Aaron Crafts sister is doing since, i will admit, i do not follow womens basketball near as closely as mens. And I'm really hoping Roby stays one more year. Could be the best CB in college football next year. 

Comment 28 Nov 2012

At Bowling Green Meyer used one of his Qb's like Braxton and that was Josh Harris who actually came there to be a RB. He was a very good college QB from what i remember.