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Comment 10 Feb 2014

So was it Michael Sam who came out - as in the initial statement - or was it Michael Smith, as stated in the following two statements? I'm confused...

Comment 07 Feb 2014

At first blush, I likey. The comment editor could be a little better-behaved in iOS 7, though...

Comment 15 Jan 2014

Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I have to confess to being a little bit (a *little* bit) of a dick tonight. I tweeted this after the touchdown following the muff:

I was frustrated and thought he should have known better; it's a bowl game, after all. But I forgave him, forgot about it and moved on. It's over, it's done with, here's our situation, and let's git 'er done. 

To Philly, I apologize: I shouldn't have told you "not cool..." That was out of line.

Sword, meet belly.

Comment 02 Dec 2013

My only issue, should our beloved Buckeyes take home the crystal football, is that I'm going to have to shell out a bunch of dead presidents for a couple of new jerseys: seven buckeye leaves on the back collar just ain't gonna cut it.

Comment 03 Nov 2013

That giant sucking sound you heard last night was Brady Hoke finally realizing that he didn't have enough BBQ ribs for lunch.

Comment 22 Sep 2013

Just saw a thread on Facebook from a Michigan fan page. They're acting like they're all king sh*t and all because they came from behind to win. Never mind that it was UConn...

They're like Pittsburgh Steeler fans, constantly living in the past.

Honestly, ttun needs work on both lines. Linebackers are questionable, at best. Gardner has no confidence, and Toussaint has issues running and holding onto the ball.

The Bucks are going to grind ttun into mincemeat, and quite quickly.

But, then again, so will Nerdwestern, and possibly Minnesota. Indiana has a good shot at them this year, as well...

Comment 19 Sep 2013

Credit to Scott Westerman for handling a puerile act with the utmost class. He just gained a whole lot of my respect.

...and Michigan *still* sucks.

Comment 15 Sep 2013

Defense needs to improve tackling. That's something that can be fixed. The schemes appeared to be working as white shirts were there, we just were not tackling well.

Have to agree here, mostly. I saw a lot of white jerseys where they were supposed to be, but instead of wrapping up the ball carrier and bringing him down, they were trying to hit them down. That never works. Hit the guy, and if he has any semblance of balance, he just runs for another 10-15 yards. Happened several times tonight. This bothers me. Had it not happened, we're looking at 52-14-ish. Urbz, Vrabel, Fickell & Co. need to refresh the tackling drills, IMHO.

Comment 08 Sep 2013

Further proof that ESPN hates tOSU.

First, they throw Beth Mowins into the press box to do play-by-play (she's a horrible play caller - gimme Paul Keels any day!); then they splash graphic on the tv screen while a play is in progress, talking all the while; and then they dis TBDBITL.

Comment 03 Sep 2013

...and beat the absolute hell out of an overmatched Central Michigan squad that wasn't prepared to handle to the pure adult contemporary fury that is Michigan football.

Nice one. Had me rollin' on the floor with this one...

Comment 31 Aug 2013

And I will repeat: 11W is not mobile-friendly. Please take that into consideration if there's a weird typo in one of my comments; lots of trial-and-error going on here that wouldn't on a desktop...