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Comment 05 May 2015

That hell no we won't go was very selfish. What consideration was given to those who went. It was the in thing sorta like a rite of spring to many protestors. Thankfully streaking replaced it the next spring.

Most didn't understand why they were really protesting. I wish that they had pub crawls back then. I agree with the above that there were many professional protestors, but a lost life regardless is unacceptable.

That was the me generation to the max. Civil unrest was fun for some till there were consequences. Then there was streaking.

I saw many "brave" people talking about the meaning of it all later in the safety of the classroom etc., but these were just sentimental viewers and music lovers.

The real protest song by country Joe and the fish wasn't the upbeat "Fixin to die rag" but  this one  "who am I"

Who am I to stand and wonder, to wait
While the wheels of fate slowly grind my life away?
Who am I?

There were some things that I loved one time
But the dreams are gone I thought were mine
And the hidden tears that once could fall
Now burn inside at the thought of all
The years of waste, the years of crime
Passions of a heart so blind
To think that but even still
As I stand exposed, the feelings are felt
And I cry into the echo of my loneliness.

Who am I to stand and wonder, to wait
While the wheels of fate slowly grind my life away?
Who am I?

What a nothing I've made of life
The empty words, the coward's plight
To be pushed and passed from hand to hand
Never daring to speak, never daring to stand
And the emptiness of my family's eyes
Reminds me over and over of lies
And promises and deeds undone
And now again I want to run
But now there is nowhere to run to.
Who am I to stand and wonder, to wait
While the wheels of fate slowly grind my life away?
Who am I?

And now my friend we meet again
We shall see which one will bends
Under the strain of death's golden eyes
Which one of us shall win the prize
To live and which one will die
'Tis I, my friend, yes 'tis I
Shall kill to live again and again
To clutch the throat of sweet revenge
For life is here only for the taking.

Who am I to stand and wonder, to wait
While the wheels of fate slowly grind my life away?
Who am I?
Who am I?

Comment 04 May 2015

I was in the Marine corps dealing with some very unfriendly people. I didn't get to protest much as I had to do my duty.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

First of all I bought a blue pair of those shoes. Second, anyone whostayed in the game long enough to have made the most outs, deserves in the hall.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

Seasons were shorter back then. They had no conference tournaments either. Fewer teams were in the big dance so no easy cupcake wins.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

Will Sanders - captain and fullback on the early 60's teams- a Woody favorite which should say a lot about his toughness. He blocked and rarely, if ever, fumbled.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

This one is easy. There have been many, many tough Buckeyes, but Randy Gradishar was the toughest. Two time consensus all-american being unanimous first-team selection in 1973., sixth in the Heisman voting behind John Hicks and Archie and he was the backbone of the great Broncos defenses. Randy did all this with only one good knee. He was known as the backer who covered others mistakes. The linebacker award at tOSU is known as the Randy Gradishar Award.

Randy was also an academic all-american. 

To see him hobbling from sideline to sideline with one good knee and still making tackles for losses was special.

Once again, there are many, many Buckeyes worthy of this name, but he was very, very special.

Comment 01 Mar 2015

When I was younger, the bucks played on tv for the -ichigan game and perhaps one other (if we were lucky). If they didn't win the Big 10 there was no bowl game. The basketbucks had the Big Ten game of the week so the Buckeyes were shown a few times. This was in Cincy.

I grew up listening to the Bucks on radio.

Cable was a great invention as well as all the new bowl games.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

If Aaron doesn't go into medicine, I think you have another great coach in the making.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I was at a gas station in Cincinnati. It was 1973 and in came a beat up old 58 chevy. The driver wore a stupid hat, but the passenger was Pete Rose. I went over and Pete said hi. I saw him wearing two World series rings and he said they were both losers. They pulled over and we talked for about 15 minutes. he was just one of the guys.

I was at the spring SMU football gane. I sat down and I was startled. Forrest Gregg sat next to me (his son played for SMU). I told him I saw the new unis and wondered if Verser was gonna be his pick. Forrest was my favorite coach. He was very nice and his wife was also very nice.

I met Johnny bench and Cris Collingsworth, but they were rather conceited. Lemar Parrish of the Bengals was very nice. I met Chris Christie, then Govenor Jimmy Carter, Richie Furray from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and a few others.

Overall meeting Pete (my favorite player) and Forrest (my favorite coach) were tops.

I had an operation In Dallas and in the same unit was Jim Palmer, Buddy Bell and Roger Staubach. My surgeon was the cowboys Dr. and he was formerly the red's.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Another fact. _ichigan  sucked once again.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Most Jersey kids are nice. I have 3 of them.