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Comment 04 Apr 2014

He had way too many turnovers. He lost the ball several times. He scored, but he took a lot of shots. He even was upset with his game. I hope he comes out great guns tomorrow. 

Comment 04 Apr 2014

Russell didn't seem to have his best game last night.  I hope he comes out strong tonight.


More importantly, I hopes he comes out strong next year.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

Grant was but one of 7 men born in Ohio to become President (The first Harrison was born in Va. but lived in North Bend). He was also 1 of just 43 men born in the USA to become president. That is quite the feat and known in not just the US, but in all the world. While president, he defeated the first wave of the KKK and fought for civil rights. In 1859 Grant freed his only slave when he was flat broke and could have used the money. His civil rights views were more than political it seems. Grant also fought for the reversal of Indian Policy. He was against removal of the tribes and wars of extinction. He has them protected as wards of the state and thus educated them. As you can see, Grant was more than just a General. he was an early day civil rights hero in America. His actions are just now being seen and his reputation as a President has grown. Plus the park by his birthplace is a wonderful place for a picnic and to watch the Ohio River. I can also see him as a sideline to sideline lb captain of the Silver Bullets.

The Wright Brothers built the plane mostly in Ohio , but flew it in NC.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

Meade was at Gettysburg but his refusal to finish Lee off there caused the war to go on almost 2 more years. Meade also failed in the fall of 1863 to bring the war to a close.Sherman just executed Grant's plan. Grant came in and fought unlike the previous Generals. He also won at Vicksburg which was almost as crucial as Gettysburg.


Comment 04 Apr 2014

Uhm Grant brought victory in the Civil War. This is far greater than any other accomplishment.  His end to the war saved a million or so soldiers killed or maimed and families torn apart.  What could be better than saving lives.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

I like it very much. i was feeling down for the next year.I just hope he fits in before conference games start. The bucks still have to get a big for the following years though. Overall, this will make bb season a bit easier to watch next year especially with Russell coming in.



Comment 23 Mar 2014

I am just bitterly disappointed in this year's team. I see good Ohio kids playing elsewhere and it makes it worse. I guess I will get over it if next year's frosh pan out. As for now, I am a little disappointed in Thad and with the breakdown of each year's class. No juniors. I am trusting that Thad will have a secondary plan and have a tuff JC big ready to sign on. I just hope that there is one good one left or a fifth year transfer.


I am spoiled with the sucess of both the football and basketball teams. Until this year, we were Kings of the Big. I really liked that.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Jesse was a world known historical figure. I was a Royals fan so I just loved Jerry growing up. It is just like Tress vs. Pete Rose. I live in NJ and I asked two peers of mine who are both faculty at a college this question. They both could care little, if anything, about sports, but they both had heard of Rose and neither of themTress. Only at tOSU would Tress beat Rose. That would go for Luke beating Jesse.


I am really hating this poll as great native Buckeyes are getting slighted. Everyone of the people here are winners. 

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Archie had a great career, but Brown changed football forever and won as many NC's at tOSU as Tress did. I hope the younger voters will look up what Brown did.  The game we see today is from Brown including the west coast offense which should be called the Cincy offense designed for ken Anderson.


Archie won 2 trophies, but Paul Brown was the most influential man ever in football. He recommended Lombardi to the Packers and Landry to the cowboys. Offseason workouts, playbooks,nose guards, t formation, film study, coaches calling every play through messenger guards and many other things. He put Massilon on the map, won a NC at tOSU and started 2 pro teams.


Paul Brown is modern day football.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Hard to believe that we won't see Craft anymore. I am with the others and fear for next year's team unless there is some major talent development.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

Seriously folks, Tressel was great, but Pete Rose is an all time great. I can't see this for tress with rose colored glasses either.


Pete was an all star at 5 different positions. He won mvp's and  all time leader in making outs. 


Both of them did wrong which tarnished their reputations., but Pete excelled for a couple of decades. Tress won at YSU which was great, but Pete refused to make the last out in the world series.


Hard, but Pete Rose is known world wide.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

They claim Custer cause he led their calvary for a couple of years. New Rumley, Ohio is in that state I guess. They will resort to anything to make themselves look good.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

U.S. Grant - still owns west point record for horsemanship, the general who won the civil war, author and a mediocre president.

Sam Shepherd - wrestler, doctor and inspiration for a couple of tv shows and a movie.

Neil Armstrong - Professor & moon walker

William Jennings Bryan v.Clarence Seward Darrow  - Bryan politician saved us from the monetary crisis - Darrow ACLU  they fought in Dayton TN

Doris Day - America's sweetheart

George Armstrong Custer - Many movies made of him plus his charge helped win at Gettysburg

Ted Turner - he changed the news and cable tv - plus he nailed Jane Fonda

Gloria Steinem - former playboy bunny

Kenisaw Mountain Landis   - he changed baseball

Orville Wright - he made good bikes

Tecumseh - makes good motors

Prescott Bush senator and his family has done well

William Howard Taft - President and chief Justice of the supreme court - his family also did well

Alan Freed DJ coined rock & Roll reason for HOF in Cleveland

Bob Hope - decent fighter (Packy East) and a funny guy

Pete Rose - great handwriting for autographs

Bobby Knight - chair thrower

Thomas Edison - train worker

Cy Young - they named an award after him

There are so many. History was one of my majors so I just love it. I left off so many .

Paul Brown - Inventor of modern football, two NFL teams, and former coach at OSU

Last but not least  -  Wayne Woodrow Hayes Head football coach at Denison and Miami among other schools

Comment 13 Feb 2014

They do have a good history. Some guy named Urban Meyer captained their team in '85. Shelley Meyer also went there. urban's sister works for UC. I don't think that they are nobodies, especially around the WHAC & the shoe.


I doubt if Urban wants to put them in their place. A good win perhaps, but Urban was on their sideline the year he was out of coaching.


It would be a great rivalry. I would also like to see the bb teams play.

Keep the money in the state.