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Comment 01 Oct 2014

I'm not much on todays country...I like the old stuff, but definitely enjoyed this one.

Comment 01 Oct 2014

First let me say I do think the defense is getting better...however slow it may be or at least feels it is.

But, it doesn't seem the D line is as dominant as we thought it would be or maybe not as consistently dominant through the game. No one can deny Mr Bosa's blowing up UC qb as a early turning point in the game.

It's said that the QB's are getting rid of the ball too quickly...doesn't that then feed right into a closer pressing system we supposedly now have? I still have questions about the LB's as they seem to be there and making some plays but not ever influencing a game ie... our CB's spying in the backfield?? With dominant LB's they wouldn't even be thinking that and wouldn't (hopefully) then be taking peeks into backfield.

Comment 01 Oct 2014

I have to agree with this. I'd have to think that a different better helmet that not "drastically " outside the current version can be designed. I also think a helmet with some kind of protection around the lower front of the face (Similar to motorcycle helmet) would help on some of the hits that it seems QB's (Shane Morris) in particular take.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

Then she probably wasn't knocked out/ concussed...EVER! Not saying there isn't a remote chance after being concussed of remembering "memorized" answers but it isn't that easy after seeing stars. Had it happen and I talked and functioned but couldn't tell you a thing I said...much less pre-rehearsing answers.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

Pretty doubtful as then they'd have to show his intent and knowledge. Show me any coach who has the professional ability to diagnose any injury much less a concussion. Then it would drag into the whole team trainers/ doctors and why they didn't prevent or at least consult Hoke. I haven't seen all of the coverage, but the parts I did see, I didn't see him (Morris) getting treatment from any Dr's. It really goes into a very gray area at that point. Much easier to just cut ties and move on

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Now that's what I like! A fellow buckeye trying to improve themselves and learn....

Cinti is the correct abbreviation of Cincinnati and variations such as Cincy and Cinci are slang variations that in last 20 yrs or so have become more popular.

That's what a guy from the Toledo Holiday Inn express confirmed....

EDIT: forgot to add Lincoln sucks,,,you should be part of Kansas.........

Comment 27 Sep 2014

I was just wondering Oldschool, I was just wondering that's all. And I do stand by the premise that a lot of our fans are lacking in self big deal.

What methinks is, that its been really weird and odd to see some of these comments and have never had any conversation in my life about another city in Ohio in that light. I can't speak for the city (as 11W doesn't for the state) but there appears to be a significant bias that matriculates in grade school name calling. Again, just wondering why?

I get talking about the Bearcats football team, for the most part, on game week...but the city? That's kinda odd. Damn you Bloomington! You suck Madison! Champaign sucks... wouldn't you chuckle and wonder why, if you were at Eddie Georges or wherever, if that was a "prevailing" thought and trash talking process.

As far as saying DJ (sorry DJ) I meant Mr Green and must've just been thinking its DJ's article and wrote his name. I need DJ's editor to proof read my comments....I know you'll get that DJ.

Go Buckeyes and you suck you suck Chicago! You should be part of Indiana...hehehe I'm getting there

Comment 27 Sep 2014

My my! Living in Cinti and I've yet to hear anything like what appears to  be just fictional hearsay on all this Bearcat fan trash talk. Just my opinion but some of you dudes need to lighten up and stop acting butt hurt about the Bearcats! DJ seems delusional (along w/ a few others) in making silly grade school comments about the actual city of Cinti. We know the Bearcats don't have the history or tradition of the Buckeyes, but I for one am happy that they've had some degree of success. Are they not supposed to be excited for they're team? It's a measure of our tradition and history that they do gun for the Bucks. If we were say...a team like Purdue or wouldn't be exciting and no one would be aspiring to be/beat us.

Are some of you that sensitive and lacking self confidence in our program that the best you can do is take grade school shots at a in state school? Appears that way from this view point.

So, I guess the down votes begin...but in the words of another Ohio football legend "act like you've been here before!"

I've got Buckeyes winning by 17 in this game and when/if a Bearcat fan here does finally talk some trash...I'll just talk history, tradition and of course let the final score speak the loudest.

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Now that was funny!!! Not sure on the down votes? They all talk about uptight UC fans and then can't have a good chuckle? In the words of Sgt Hulka "Lighten up, Francis!"

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Pretty much took his take on it as hoping that he gets knocked down into a wake up call and that he then has to work hard to get back. Based on his first chance (possibly) not being taken seriously I don't find his comment to be too bad.

I believe he actually pulling for him but in the tough hard and you'll value what you had a lot more, way.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

Lol. All is well. Before everyone rips him, he has a job to do and to be objective. The facts are that we have a redshirt frosh QB, 4 out of 5 OL gone and no proven RB...yet. Not to mention last years defense.

I'm sure we'll have growing pains but in my humble opinion I think we'll be fine. Fact is we lost the B1G last yr and MSU won.

I actually find it refreshing to be the hunter and think when the young talent buys in that this team could be great. This is NOT an easy schedule this yr and am tired of hearing otherwise. VT, UC and Navy are very good teams and while not being marquee names are very tough games none the less.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

You defend your right to have a location like 11W to express YOUR opinions and then post a bile filled angry comment on someone else's opinion????

Anyone else get a chuckle out of this?

And following your precedence...Go stand on your porch and yell at kids to get off the lawn....while watching him mow his hehehe

Comment 21 Aug 2014

JT has talent and him and Cardale have been taking almost if not all the snaps w the first team since the end of last year. So, in a sense this whole preseason has been like Brax went to NFL early, except they haven't, until now, had to be under the media/fan microscope.

I was excited when they signed him and think he'll do well. I just hope he isn't compared to first.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

M Man for full disclosure...can't stand your school, state, joke of a coach, stupid get the picture, but, I believe your prediction is 100 percent spot on! I expect them to go full fire and brimstone! This has been nagging them too long and I don't believe they'll let the chance pass the rest of your season???

Comment 19 Aug 2014

And when you say "darkhorse" it makes my old self think of Katy Perry and well....theres a couple things to like about her. So, thanks DJ! Turning lemons into lemonade the Marionaire way!!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Can't believe no one got this ......and what do I win w/ said prediction??? KERRY F,ING MONSTER DRINKING COOMBS! That was too easy.