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Comment 12 Sep 2014

Pretty much took his take on it as hoping that he gets knocked down into a wake up call and that he then has to work hard to get back. Based on his first chance (possibly) not being taken seriously I don't find his comment to be too bad.

I believe he actually pulling for him but in the tough hard and you'll value what you had a lot more, way.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

Lol. All is well. Before everyone rips him, he has a job to do and to be objective. The facts are that we have a redshirt frosh QB, 4 out of 5 OL gone and no proven RB...yet. Not to mention last years defense.

I'm sure we'll have growing pains but in my humble opinion I think we'll be fine. Fact is we lost the B1G last yr and MSU won.

I actually find it refreshing to be the hunter and think when the young talent buys in that this team could be great. This is NOT an easy schedule this yr and am tired of hearing otherwise. VT, UC and Navy are very good teams and while not being marquee names are very tough games none the less.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

You defend your right to have a location like 11W to express YOUR opinions and then post a bile filled angry comment on someone else's opinion????

Anyone else get a chuckle out of this?

And following your precedence...Go stand on your porch and yell at kids to get off the lawn....while watching him mow his hehehe

Comment 21 Aug 2014

JT has talent and him and Cardale have been taking almost if not all the snaps w the first team since the end of last year. So, in a sense this whole preseason has been like Brax went to NFL early, except they haven't, until now, had to be under the media/fan microscope.

I was excited when they signed him and think he'll do well. I just hope he isn't compared to first.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

M Man for full disclosure...can't stand your school, state, joke of a coach, stupid get the picture, but, I believe your prediction is 100 percent spot on! I expect them to go full fire and brimstone! This has been nagging them too long and I don't believe they'll let the chance pass the rest of your season???

Comment 19 Aug 2014

And when you say "darkhorse" it makes my old self think of Katy Perry and well....theres a couple things to like about her. So, thanks DJ! Turning lemons into lemonade the Marionaire way!!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Can't believe no one got this ......and what do I win w/ said prediction??? KERRY F,ING MONSTER DRINKING COOMBS! That was too easy.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Agree w that! Sure it's a great D line but if we don't have the middle/ interior line anchored down then Spence and Bosa don't get there pressure and that's the key for the LB's and back field! Sacks get headlines but the middle makes it happen and although we've got some talent in back that SHOULD be good, they'll need time.

Not to mention the senior leadership he brings also.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

Sparty is the tougher team and it'll be tough away from home, but if we are undefeated for that last game the ttun will bring it! They''ll be more than likely playing their "bowl" game against us and we could be hearing about the first playoff in history...could set up as incredibly tough game.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

This is great for the conference! I don't see it helping w/ their recruiting yet though and that is where I see the problem. I think we all agree they do a great job of developing talent and turn 2-3 star athletes into great players. But, I feel they need to also take some of this success and start using it to get some better talent level for depth.

Look forward to seeing them grow and help w/ the B1G turn around.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

For sure number one is Ohio State football. As, I'm sure for a great number of fans here, it all starts from sitting on the floor in front of an old black and white tv with Dad. He was taken way too soon and oh how I'd like to see how excited he'd be for what this team has been doing.

Now the tradition continues w/ me and my sons and hopefully passed on to their kids when they come along.

Number two w/o a doubt is the Reds. Living in Cinti and having the Big Red Machine growing up was just incredible! My greatest memory was the 1990 World Series game 2. Me and my buddy had tickets, paid the Hudepohl beer vendor guy to stay w/ us, drank all his beer and had to have him get another case, never made it to our seats, ended up standing watching game in SRO section and watched as Billy Bates scored in the 10th inning.

Number 3 is too hard to call. Its between Xavier basketball and the incredible run that they've had going for the last 25 yrs. The little Jesuit college continues to put a quality team every year on the floor. The intensity of the Crosstown Shootout is something that unless you live here its hard to understand how strong it is.

Tied for 3rd is Friday night high school football. I know the NE Ohio guys on the site are always talking about their HS football but I don't think you can beat Cinti HS football. This is another one of those Dad memories. Can remember every Fri dad taking us boys to the HS football game and then to Frisch's or LaRosa's afterward. The type of thing that as it's happening you don't realize how special it is....then as you grow older and they're no longer w/ you to share it, you realize how much of a positive influence that was!

Comment 19 Jun 2014

A little raw but looks like he has excellent upper body strength. ND at @ichigan have always had presence here but Kerry is changing that drastically.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

Pretty surprised by his athleticism. Kept hearing he needs to work on his speed but from the highlights he's not exactly a three toed sloth. But from the highlights he has pretty decent speed on a few of those TD runs...nice hands out of the back field too!

Comment 18 May 2014

Absolutely agree Cin!! All the comments on the B1G lagging behind in recruiting, competitiveness, facilities etc. We have a historical program that is taking the steps needed and suddenly it's time to start calling them names and acting like a bunch of school girls talking about the new pretty girl in school.

This IS what the B1G needs and he is rocking it on the recruiting side. They aren't supposed to be doing this well w/ historically harsh penalties imposed on them. Yes, I think we'll stomp them this year and yes I'll enjoy it. But, this is about them rebuilding and about them laying a foundation for the future.

As for the timing of commenting/starting the process of facility upgrades? When is a good time to ask? After a season? A season in which the deck is stacked against you. Maybe two seasons? Three? That's crazy, and if I was him I'd start asking now and continue until I got it.

Urban has come in and drawn a line in the sand for sure and now we have someone attempting to step up. Perfect! We need more of this. I don't need more of an Iowa being just good enough every 3-4 years or a Wisconsin acting like they're IT but losing (seemingly) every non conf/ non cupcake on their schedule.

A stronger B1G makes for an even stronger Buckeye team and removes any doubts come playoff time and any argument if a B1G/ tOSU deserves to be among the four teams.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

This kid drove me crazy in playoff game w Colerain and that's what has me now excited! As everyone has seen he has an incredible skill set that I definitely think will translate to college ball. And as a extra bonus his family is great and that maybe just as important.

Comment 26 Feb 2014

How can anyone NOT be excited about the Ben Edwards commitment? The way he attacks the ball and he doesn't tackle, he blows up the ball carrier. Very excited to see him patrolling the backside of our defense daring anyone to go ahead and make the catch!