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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Woody swinging on Charlie Bauman. (I live in South Carolina now and it is always fun to remind Clemson fans of who made them relevant.)
  • NFL TEAM: them all and cheer for old Buckeyes
  • NHL TEAM: None......really?
  • NBA TEAM: None.....who cares?
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Comment 03 Apr 2014

Mike Bennett, my new favorite buckeye.  He gets it.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Quick fix.  Void all athletic scholarships and propose student-athlete loans.  If pay for play it is, then use the interest generated from the loans.  All sports and schools pay the same and the consumer is not drilled for the payout.  The athlete pays back the loan just like any other student going to college on loans.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Yawn.  NJ, your article sucks.  How about some facts?  The fact is Dabo is a coach.  He paid his dues.  He applied for a coaching JOB.  It is a job that pays great.  With great success salaries increase.  He has a JOB, no longer an athlete.  As for college athletes, it is not a JOB!  It is a choice to play.  If you don't like the system, take your ball and greed and go home.  Sick of this generation of people looking for "fairness" and handouts.  Who will pay for this?  It won't  be those greedy Colleges or highly paid coaches, it will be the consumer, just like any other increase ( like taxes ).  Your double standard is comical.  You want them treated as employees but point out the monitoring of the social media.  Fact, in real life, if I write something on my social media outlets, my boss may see it, not like it and fire me.  The real issue is money, PERIOD!  Saban & Bert just used the injury aspect to pursue changing the game.  Wondering your opinion on that crap?  Think before you write stupid stuff like this.  Peace Out!

Comment 14 Feb 2014

Reagan Williams LB/TE - Jackson, OH (6-3, 232).  Recruiting underway by Herman.  No offer yet.  Being recruited by several B1G teams and some already offered.  Listed as a 4 star junior.

Comment 28 Jan 2014

Unintended consequences.  They are and will still be greedy billionaires and we will fort their bill and the player's bill.  Great thinking.  No body gets cut but the outsiders (the consumer).

Comment 28 Jan 2014

And we thought ticket and tuition costs were high now (and cable packages).  Just wait.   The NCAA will not suffer from this.  Wake up people!  Someone will pay and it won't be those greedy high ranking officials, it will be the consumer.  Think about it before you buy into this stuff.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

One of the sloppiest games I've ever watched.  Both teams have horrible team discipline. Penalty after penalty.  And they were actual penalties, not shit calls.  Both teams were horrible and it became obvious that the last quarterback to make a mistake would be defeated.  Both quarterbacks are sloppy and struggle when under pressure.  Braxton is very fortunate that the overwhelming majority of defenses he has faced suck.  But it sucks for all of us because we've now lost two in a row.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Clemson's rush defense and coverage secondary sucks.  Boyd is very average under pressure.  Not worried if we play smash mouth run offense with some over the top passes when they load the box.  They really struggle with mobile qb's too.  Our wr's are miles apart from their secondary.  Offense will succeed very easily.  The D has to bring heat early and often.  Boyd is shakey under pressure and when getting hit.  It should be fun!  Let's Go Bucks!  Woody Revenge!

Comment 01 Dec 2013

I have the same problem.  My thoughts.....  Spend a Saturday evening with people I work with all week and pretend they are my friends outside of work or watch the Buckeyes?  Easy....  Buckeyes win again!