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    - Seeing Eddie George's 314 yards against Illinois live in the Shoe
    - Rushing the field after 2002 win over scUM
    - 2007 Final Four and National Championship Run
    - Evan Turner buzzer beater against scUM in B1G Tourney
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Comment 19 Oct 2014

I love everything about the stat line - dominant Buckeye performance!  

Only gripe is where are the inside LBs in leading tacklers?  I would expect at least one of them to be 10+ given the amount of times Rutgers ran the ball.  I love seeing Buckeye linebackers eating up the run at the point attack...

Comment 19 Oct 2014

Teams call themselves national champs without winning conference all the time in other sports that have a playoff...happens in Hoops, soccer, lacrosse, etc.  Hell the NFL has seen its fair share of Wild Card teams go on to be Super Bowl Champs.  It's cetainly important, but not the end all be all.  Going to 8 team playoff would be better BC then conference champs get in automatically, and you then have committee there to select 3 at large teams and for seeding.  Top 4 teams play first round at home...

Comment 14 Oct 2014

Let me help you with that....

"and MSU still won. comfortably"

MSU's pick six made the score look better than it otherwise could have been.  Sparty made the big play late to seal the victory, but they sure did do some dumb things to let Purdue back in the game, i.e. fake punt.  If that games goes to overtime, MSU still wins, but man they had a bit of a scare.  This performance comes off of the Nebraska game where they almost blew a similar lead in the 4th quarter.

Sparty has come out and jumped on teams in the 1st half only to fade late...Cornchuckers and Purdookie, in particular.  Without the sizable lead you wonder how those games may have turned out....especially Nebraska.  Oregon game was similar in that they hung with the Ducks on the road until late in the 3rd and early 4th quarters when some defensive breakdowns cost them.

(1) Buckeyes need to match MSU's energy early...they hit hard, Silver Bullets and O Line hit harder -- win in the trenches.  (2) No short fields for MSU...take care of/ possess the football on offense, no mistakes on special teams.  (3) Have more left in the tank for the 4th quarter where Sparty has proven to be vulnerable.  I think our team speed and depth could prove to be too much for Sparty defense that is not quite as strong as last year's unit.  I do expect them to be very well prepared for the Bucks...

Comment 03 Oct 2014

Looking forward to watching the Buckeyes play in Byrd may be half the size of the Shoe, but will not be a hospitable place to play with the sellout crowd albeit ~1/3rd Buckeye fans.  I've been to Ryan Field (twice), Ross-Ade (twice) and Memorial Stadium at IU (once)...all of which are "easier" places to play and their capacity is about the same.  I also watched the Bucks lose in two of those stadiums not including PurdueHarbor 2009.

Turtle fans can be a tough crowd if they want to be....think Duke basketball rivalry and JJ Redick.  

I also played lacrosse at Duke and lost in Byrd twice in front of tough crowds (certainly not 50,000+ though)...we got payback later in the season both years.  There is plenty of pride to win at home for UM....

Don't look down at the Turtles...they thrive on it!  Their players, coaches and fans relish beating teams like Ohio State, Duke, etc. whether it is football or basketball.  This could turn into a nice rivalry in both sports...especially hoops.

Comment 03 Oct 2014

Did I miss the follow-up tweet where you provide instructions as to where I shall send my $100 to make the billboard a reality?  PO Box, wiring instructions, PayPal...

Given the election cycle we are in....the sign should read something like this on the bottom right:  "Ad brought to you by OHIO Fans for Rich Rod" Throw in the 11W seal and I think its a go!

Comment 14 Feb 2014

How many of you have been to a Division I lacrosse game?  I played defense in college and will tell you that we LOVED the opposing fans trash talk.  Like Aaron said, you know you're doing something right when they can't help but say things about you they'd never say in the grocery store or on a bus!

In a physical game like lacrosse (collision sport) where the fans are allowed in similar proximity to the field as basketball, the talk gets you fired up to lay the WOOD on one of "their guys".  Best feeling is when their fans stop talking because (a) you're killing them on the scoreboard and (b) you're physically dominating them.  A couple big hits, maybe a knock out blow and they usually shut their yappers!

On a side note, too bad the Lax Buckeyes couldn't take down Hopkins....would have been a very strong start to the season and a nice welcoming to the B1G lacrosse conference for the Shit Birds.

Comment 12 Feb 2014

10 years ago, I'd watch this highlight real and just admire the beautiful display of I am distracted by how many of these slobber knocking, decleater, knock out hits were penalized.  What a shame!

Silver Bullets need to be more prominent on next years highlights!


Comment 09 Feb 2014

Eff scUM...they're not winning a damn thing this year.  Basketball Bucks will hold serve against those bums on Tuesday night at home.  It's going to be a rocking crowd!

Comment 30 Jan 2014

This loss for me is on par with the football loss to Indiana in 1987...a very "dark day" for Buckeye Basketball.

Here's to the team playing their hearts out the rest of the way and making some noise in the B1G tournament!

Comment 29 Jan 2014

I show Malcolm because he could have easily played safety at tOSU as he is now in the NFL.  The guy played with aggression, anger and a ton of energy.  He didn't just want to make the tackle, he wanted to take your soul

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Devastatingly violent...absolutely, but given rule changes since that magical '02-'03 season, I want a guy that is nasty with sure tackling and good pursuit angles.  Too many times our safties misjudged the opponents' speed and/or their own in breaking up plays / making tackles.  Give me a guy that plays smart, diagnoses the play, is blazing fast in pursuit, arrives with his head up, secures the runner and brings him to the ground!  

Here is my favorite about physical!  Love Malcolm...there's a reason this guy has a Super Bowl ring and is still dominating as a safety in the NFL!

Comment 24 Jan 2014

Agreed...remember Keith should have won the Heisman trophy if it weren't for Flutie's hail mary against the U.  Just another reason to dislike those bums in Miami!

Comment 21 Jan 2014

Not sure when you moved to Colorado, but I've lived here for 3 years to experience Tebow mania and PFM at his finest.  Not sure where the dislike for Broncos fans comes from....who is your team?  

I moved from Columbus and have to say it's awesome to have a pro football team that has competent management and coaches and players that love their city/fans.  Love the passion, even if it is a bit fair weather.  I flew through DIA yesterday (1/20) and 2 out of 5 people were sporting their gear...reminds me of Buckeye fans in that regard.