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Comment 15 Feb 2017

You think LeBron could have played all 5 positions in Jordan's era? You're nuts. Ewing, Hakeem, Robinson; almost every single team had a capable center that LeBron couldn't play the post on. The NBA is different, that 5 positions thing is weak. LeBron may be the best athlete, but Jordan was absolutely the best. His training and mindset. Look at what the guys that played with him say about him as a player, and these guys are basketball royalty. What LeBron does is amazing but it's just absolutely apparent that MJ was better. 

Comment 15 Feb 2017

MJ transcended the sport and made the NBA what it is today, almost single handedly. I don't care if LeBron can play every position or he turned a shit team into a championship team. MJ turned a playoff team into the greatest team of all time. The championships LJ won he had arguably a better supporting cast than MJ did. I'd take Kyrie over Pippen on any day. Wade too.

Comment 05 Feb 2017

In the 90's they had the Home Game cups, and my grandparents got one every year. My family still has a bunch of them and we use them like regular drinking cups. 

Comment 08 Jan 2017

With following TG for a couple years now, and living in Ohio for 29 years, there's really only one reason for him to come to Ohio in early January. Anyone that says Cincinnati is dumb. If he was going to play at a smaller D1 school it would not be there. He could go play qb for lane kiffin. He's a Buckeye. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

I thought he was gone for sure, but mcshay has 3 safeties projected in front of him. Which to me is completely hilarious. Especially since one of them is Peppers. Seriously someone with a pulse thinks Peppers is a better safety than Malik Hooker? I've seen it all folks. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

You're ridiculous. I thought ward held his own. He gave up a couple catches but NFL corners will be giving up catches to Williams also next fall. Plus he had great coverage on him multiple other plays. For a kid that young to play that well, we should be thankful. Williams didn't kill us, and neither did Ward, not sure why this is even relevant.  If we were a less talented team we could shadow a guy over their best player and leave ourselves vulnerable. Our defensive game plan was pretty good. On the Silver Bullets it's "next man up", that's why we develop so well on the back end. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Dude a Rueben sounds so good right now. But I think Wilson would come in as more of a consultant and less of an OC going into recruits houses based on his past. I'd be extatic if they hired Tebow as OC I just think there needs to be change.