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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002. Gambles pick return against PSU. Also, Galloway ripping his helmet off and holding it high. 2005 world series.
  • NFL TEAM: Seahawks
  • NHL TEAM: Pens
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Comment 21 Nov 2015

These are funny. 

Comment 20 Nov 2015

Tell me when you see the flash, these dang walrus fins make it hard to hit the button.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

So Clemson is going to lose? I don't see it. I think it would be Ohio State vs ND - Alabama vs Clemson if things ended up like this. Or swap ND for Oklahoma. The committee in their final rankings will get the match ups they want, and they will not want Ohio State playing Bama in the first round. 

That at being said who cares, we got three huge games to win. 

Comment 16 Nov 2015

Agreed, best since Santonio for sure. Michael Jenkins will always have a soft spot in my heart too, but thinking about Glenn Galloway and Boston, they way they dominated games, makes me happy. 

Comment 04 Nov 2015

I've always wanted dreads dude! I wear a hard hat for a living so I really can't though

Comment 03 Nov 2015

Triangles if you are referring to one diagonal cut per sandwich. Peanut butter on one slice, jelly on the other. None of this "both on both" tomfoolery. 

Comment 03 Nov 2015

Facial makes all long hair styles look better because you're less likely to be confused for a girl in the mall across the food court. If I could grow anything other than a Luigi mustache I would. 

Comment 03 Nov 2015

I agree it's goofy if it's done ironically. There can be room for man buns in a professional setting.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

I laugh at farts, always, and clap with dignity; though I usually only clap for farts, so I laugh and clap at the same time.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

A man bun. As long as you can "bun" it up. Just a single tie around the ends of your hair constitutes a knot. 

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Yet there is reason to think Thomas won't continue his steady ascent to the NFL.

DJ, wondering if I read this sentence wrong, since I don't see a reason and there also wasn't one explained on why he would not continue his ascent to the nfl. Great article tho! Stoked to see how this talent is used with new OC.