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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Pete Rose from the blue seats on September 11, 1985 when he broke Ty Cobb's hit record. I was with my dad, was 7 years old, and was an amazing day that I will never forget.
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Comment 17 Apr 2014

Don't feed the trolls people, grow some thicker skin and stop letting every single thing bother you so bad and this will dissipate.  So what, the guy thinks it is pompous to say "The" prior to Ohio State University.  I get it, I don't think it is pompous, but the emphasis is always on the word "The" which does at times sound arrogant.  I understand it is the actual name of the university but I can see his point.  No need to get all up in arms over it.  The guy is an unbiased broadcaster and does in fact love Ohio State and Ohio State football.  It's his job and I think he is very good at that job.  Don't really understand why so many people on here lose their minds over him.  

Comment 11 Apr 2014

I thought two was the hardest, the numbers change and are evened up.  I have five now with my youngest being born a little over a year ago and I still believe that two was the toughest for me.  Three is interesting because you have to change from man to man to a zone defense but in reality it is just more of the same.  Kids are the best, I have four boys and a girl smack in the middle, she doesn't stand a chance with boys with two brothers in front of her and behind her, and I am perfectly fine with that.  She currently has a teacher who is a Michigan grad and has Michigan items all over her room.  The second day of school my daughter wore her Buckeye shirt to class and walked in booing Michigan.  The teacher sent me an email saying it was going to be a long year and was joking about the situation, really had a great sense of humor about it.  All I replied with was it will get even longer after November and I wouldn't have it any other way.  OH!!!  Best of luck with number 2!

Comment 26 Feb 2014

I second what Fido has said. I enjoy and value the perspective and discussion that MMan brings and contributes here. Hope he keeps it up. 

Comment 26 Feb 2014

Classy enough to rig a raffle and sweep violations under the rug as well.  Time to let it go....



-Thanks for pointing out the lack of sarcasm font before I was rightfully roasted at the stake.

Comment 26 Feb 2014

Hahahaha.  No just a poor miss on my part not using the sarcasm font.  What a crappy job that would be though.

Comment 26 Feb 2014

I think Roby and Shazier could go first round but don't see Hyde going until the late second or third round.  With Hyde's poor combine coupled with how the NFL has moved to pass happy league  I just don't see him going in round one, not happening.

Comment 20 Feb 2014

Reminds me of Miami Ohio losing the NCAA hockey championship to Boston University in the exact same fashion.  Disappointing, and that soft slashing penalty was brutal.  

Comment 20 Feb 2014

I love the new site when I on my computer but on a mobile device (phone or tablet) it is not a great experience.

Comment 20 Jan 2014

What a great way to start out a Monday!  Congrats on the offer Brady!

Comment 30 Nov 2013

Overreact much?  Let's trade in a coach who hasn't lost yet and is in a close game on the road to our number one rival. While we are at it let's get Bollman back to and run around yelling the sky is failing. 

Comment 12 Sep 2013

That's a good question.  I would think you would want to slow it down a bit and keep Cal's offense off the field and try to disrupt Cal's offensive rhythm.  Sort of the same strategy deployed when we played Oregon.   Just don't think a shoot out is what Ohio State really wants to get into with a top offense (Statistically speaking), especially when our D still has some question marks and may not have completely shored up the soft coverage and tackling issues that have plagued this team in the past.