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Comment 08 Apr 2014

Besides the fact that this was a baaaad idea from the go, it might be a home job 'cuz that line work SUCKS!!!!

Comment 22 Jan 2014

IMO, i don't think UFM just goes for players cause they have four or five stars next to their names. He is particularly looking for something that fits his mold and prototype of the players he wants to build a dynasty around. If he can get those with three stars, then he'll do that!!

Also, believe that if you go after three star athletes consistently, it would be harder to "convince" out of state athletes to come North! Harder to show the nation we have a chance of being relevant if we don't have a top 5 recruiting class. Kinda goes hand in hand!

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Is it just me or should we have someone else returning kickoffs besides Wilson? He seems to run the ball right at the first WALL of defenders. He might be fast but he's more shifty than fast. His straight line speed isn't Teddy Ginns!! IMHO

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I was expecting XBRAX to come back after that performance fell short!

Glad to see it, For sure.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I'll never forget the first 24 games of Urban's career at tOSU. Last night though, thats one i want to forget NOW!! We had a great regular season and then slacked off at the wrong moment in time!!

Lets Go Bucks! Beat Clemson or whoever stands in our way next!!


Ps.-----Give Carlos the damn ball 35 times in bowl! THANKS  

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I hate that the Bucks have to win every game every season to have any kind respect around the nation. If we win, 'we don't play anybody', if we lose, 'well they have been suspect all season'! I'm sick and tired of the media being down on the Buckeyes EVERY damn year!! It's all Bullshit!

We played hard last night, Not hard enough. They out played, out coached us in every aspect! Kudos to MSU, their defense is legit!!

heres to wishing we get BAMA in our bowl game!

Comment 04 Dec 2013

When we win the championship game in Jan. why the hell would you fire anyone!!?? Yeah, the defense is suspect most games but they are 'mostly' young, except  the DB's and we will have new guyscoming in that have only ben coached by Fick. I say, give him one more year together if he doesn't go for another HC job. But, he is a lifer at The Ohio State University so....... we will see