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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Keith Byars run out of his cleat, in Homecoming game at my first ever visit to THE SHOE!!
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Comment 15 Jul 2015

Me and my wife both got ring finger tattoos of each other's first intial. I work as a maintenance technician at fedex and have always feared getting it stuck on some type of something and ripping my finger off! I love never having to wear the uncomfortable thing ever again!

Comment 14 Jul 2015

i'm thinking (11),000 stickers

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Comment 14 Jul 2015

what, the walk up not considered a LB anymore. Theres NO WAY hes not included in that list.... Must be edited by Sec guy

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Totally gonna put Will Arnett out if his misery in a second!! Here's hoping she wears something short!

Comment 30 Jun 2015

um, might get shit on for this but, White Castle is one place i hit when back in the C'bus. Donato's pizza, and Schmidt's sausage Haus are all three places I hit when back home from GA. There are white castles in ole blue grass state on way up 75 but, I will not give that state any of my hard earned money!  Also take home a few bags each of Ballreich and Mike Sell's chips.

I've never heard of "Adiraticos" but it sounds like I would love it. I'll have to try it when I'm up this fall.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

"Clinger" would love you if you brought me some 0f this!!!  

Also, some Bahama Mamas from Schmidts in German Village! best sausage in the world! At least my world

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Try  I haven't checked myself yet but they are a little cheaper than that. It's kinda like You can name your price. But don't expect to get 50 yarders for $25

Comment 21 May 2015

Dang it hurts! Can't imagine the pain and angish his parents are going thru. I dont know if I could make it through something like that with one of my 6 kids. Prayers definetly going up for his family and loved ones still left here on this mostly miserable earth. I can only hope its better where your are now B-ROCK. thanks for sharing guys! Much Love for my Buckeyes out there!

Comment 17 Feb 2015

of course. Totally forgot about these, but that plate wouldn't be enough.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

pep and sausage from Donatos, a bahama mama, pineapple upside down cake made by my wife, chocolate covered p.b. ritz crackers, also by my wife and a 6'er of sliders to wash it down!!

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Any Qb in the league "should be able" to get the ball to him. It really depends on O-line to block long enough to get him the ball.