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Comment 10 Dec 2012

To be fair both Holmgren and Belicheck failed there. I think there may be something in the water.

Comment 10 Nov 2012

My opinion is that its just too bad that the Common Man is still on. I want to listen to sports during drive time, but with less anger.

Now I see pictures of Torg on the web, and I'm thinking - they did a lot of unfunny schtick about how ugly some women celebrities were. I always cringed at that, but dude, did you ever check out a mirror?

Also Torg thought he was a great reporter and would rant and rave about how bloggers didn't  know anything even when he was getting totally scooped by said bloggers.


Comment 27 Oct 2011

I just hope the officials call offensive holding against Wisconsin. They were so blatant against Sparty, with no calls.

Comment 13 Oct 2011

Truly sad that [Name Redacted] is thought of as heading up a better coaching staff than ours.

Comment 11 Oct 2010

On Spielman- I liked his take on the "world record" meatball, too.

On Michigan- I kind of figured Denard had some INTs in him. That said, I don't think MSU totally stopped him- other than the picks he had a decent day, it just wasn't crazy huge which they kind of need cause their d is so bad. And how about Rich Rod punting down 17 with 6 minutes left? Just pathetic.