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Comment 29 Jan 2014

The timing for this seems off, while OSU still has an interim president and is hopefully close to getting a new one. Why would you give someone under them a long-term deal like they are? It just doesn't seem right.

Comment 16 Jan 2013

Mike and Mike might be interesting considering both of Golic's sons are team-mates. At least they will hopefully stop talking about Lance Armstrong.

It is amazing (and amusing) how all these "legitimate" media outlets were completely fooled and Deadspin got the real story.

Comment 10 Dec 2012

To be fair both Holmgren and Belicheck failed there. I think there may be something in the water.

Comment 10 Nov 2012

My opinion is that its just too bad that the Common Man is still on. I want to listen to sports during drive time, but with less anger.

Now I see pictures of Torg on the web, and I'm thinking - they did a lot of unfunny schtick about how ugly some women celebrities were. I always cringed at that, but dude, did you ever check out a mirror?

Also Torg thought he was a great reporter and would rant and rave about how bloggers didn't  know anything even when he was getting totally scooped by said bloggers.


Comment 30 Oct 2011

That was a great game. Probably the only game I'm going to get to this year, and first ever for my friend who grew up in Columbus.

How about Jordan Hall making up for his fumble with the long return to put us in position?

Comment 27 Oct 2011

I just hope the officials call offensive holding against Wisconsin. They were so blatant against Sparty, with no calls.

Comment 23 Oct 2011

It made me laugh the way Musberger and Herby were talking about how MSU had "dominated" OSU too. I can kind of see it for the one side of the ball, but to me dominating does not mean trying to hand the game over to an opponent that is too incompetent to take it.

Comment 23 Oct 2011

I can't get excited about OSU's chances for the B1G championship, unfortunately. OSU needs to beat Wisc and Penn St, hope for someone else to beat Penn St., hope for tie-breakers, and hope the NCAA doesn't bring the hammer. (I went there).

That's a lot of different things falling our way. If it ends up a 3 or more way tie, I don't think the tiebreakers are going our way.

Comment 13 Oct 2011

Truly sad that [Name Redacted] is thought of as heading up a better coaching staff than ours.

Comment 13 Oct 2011

Kind of funny how lots of other fan bases are fantasizing about hiring Tressel, while we dream about Urban, Jon, and Tony. Probably all about as realistic.

Comment 07 Oct 2011

I voted someone else, two observations.

As an announcer, Gruden is horrible. He doesn't seem all that bright. He is supposedly an offensive guy but his Superbowl team was heavy on defense (carryover from Tony Dungy?).

Chris Peterson loves it in Boise (it's beautiful there, if you haven't been) and has been turning down offers left and right.

Maybe Patterson, but he has turned down a lot of offers, too.


Comment 04 Sep 2011

Kirk Cousins had the privilege of throwing for 222 yards and a TD.

Very good! By the way, is Minnesota really better or is USC just pretty bad?

Comment 23 Dec 2010

I would be nervous having a tattoo done in that part of town.

By the way, for some relief check out Devin Barclay's flowers.

Comment 20 Dec 2010

I like what you did there with Coach Hazell's picture doing double duty, as it were!

Comment 20 Nov 2010

Only two things to say:

  1. A win is a win, plus away from home, come from behind, against a ranked opponent. So it wasn't pretty - who cares?
  2. Beat Michigan!! 
Comment 20 Nov 2010

It is crazy after a game like that, but yeah. A good way to start Michigan week.

Comment 20 Nov 2010

Can't they just run one more play and use the clock- punter running backwards or something?