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Comment 14 Feb 2014

DJ funny you linked to that tiger woods article! I work in NYC and JUST visited the head of school at Horace Mann. They've consistently had scandals like this the past 3 years. I never saw the tiger woods look a like but that's pretty damn funny. What an ass clown.

Comment 14 Dec 2013

Here's a link for those like me stranded in NYC and other places without the BTN!

Comment 12 Nov 2012

Manny's is FANTASTIC.  Great wings.  wish I still lived on the UES.  Just moved around 56 st midtown east if anyone knows of any spots/deals.  

Comment 07 Jun 2011

How is he a "douche"?  If you've heard the personal regards of Terrelle from the many I've spoken with, I think your opinion would be very different.  Its easy to jump to misguided conclusions when your sources are really only the others on this thread and the links to the broadcasting websites/twitter accounts they provide.  But I guess thats just my opinion.  Just trying to add some perspective, thats all.


-Not herbie (but close)

Comment 07 Jun 2011

Thats a good point.  But do you really think there was any uncertainty?  Fickell & Co probably knew for certain that TP was going to be out of Columbus now for weeks.  In fact, I'm going to say Fickell asked Pryor to leave.  

Comment 07 Jun 2011

Lol.  But we agree he was right, no?  Now the cards are on the table as of two hours ago, and herbstreit was correct.  in fact you could say he was passively whistle-blowing the whole situation.  Was ashame to see him leave UA.  And I really don't see how you can be frustrated with him speaking the truth about Pryor and the University, even if it is on national television.  herbstreit is the man.

Comment 07 Jun 2011

Of course herbstreit knew more.  I guess no one can prove it unless he speaks out, but just read between the lines.  He knew how bad of a fit Pryor was for tOSU.  Like mixing oil and water.  "addition by subtraction"...  

Comment 27 Apr 2011

Epitropoulos*.  Myself being Greek, this is huge milestone for the greek athlete.  Used to go to grade school and church with him and his family..He really grew up.


Comment 20 Mar 2011

Oh word.  Do you ever go to Manny's on 2nd ave and 92nd?  I just moved here two months ago and haven't made it to the OSU bar yet.  I'm actually going to the game friday but may hit up the side bar post game.  

Comment 20 Mar 2011

So whos going to be in Newark?  I'm living on the upper east side of manhattan for this semester and my cousin and a bunch of guys are coming up for the game.  If anyone wants to meet up friday night I know a great sports bar that has $1 drafts and $4 pitchers during friday nights.  If you're unfamiliar with new york city prices, that is f***ing unbelievable.