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Comment 31 Aug 2015

Gallo as a new center will be a big factor I think. I know that he has game experience but as starting center I don't know if he does? Definitely not in anything like this game that much I do know so the nerves, crowd, pressure could all get to him possibly. Or he could be an all-american. Who really knows?

Comment 31 Aug 2015

VT definitely has the better D line for this game. All 4 of their starters were named to the DL trophy watch list. And we don't even have Bosa for this game. Not even close man. 

Comment 31 Aug 2015

Ravens fan through and through. Unless you are a Patriots (cheater) or Seahawks (fair weather fan) fan your team hasn't won the big one since the Ravens have. 

Comment 31 Aug 2015

Watched the first episode of Narcos last night myself. Hooked already. Who doesn't love a good mafia/drug cartel show? The fact that Netflix makes each episode 56 minutes since there are no commercials is pretty cool too. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Warriner should have been offered a head coaching gig probably after this last season. I'm wondering though if Urban asked him for a two year commitment with his promotion to OC. 

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Small update regarding the wrapped hand from the Roanoke Times:

5. Dadi Nicolas might just have to get used to having his hand wrapped.

Nicolas sat out of the first scrimmage after showing up to media days with his hand heavily wrapped. Tech was dodgy about the exact injury and its severity, but it doesn't appear to be insignificant.

Whips coach Cornell Brown, who works with the d-ends on occasion, said the cast is something Nicolas might just have to get used to.

"I know initially it’s a factor just because you’re not used to your normal movements," he said. "And being able to grab people, that’s a big factor for the position he’s playing, use your hands, so that’s the biggest change for him and just getting overall adjusted. I think the best thing is that it happens now. Gives him some time to adjust and see how he can use it, what he does strong and the weaknesses and try to improve on using that hand. ...

"He had an issue with his hand last year as well and he was able to play through it. And just this time now where he can learn to play with it and continue to improve and be the player that he is."


Comment 17 Aug 2015

Damn, if true that will hurt. Luckily he will have time to heal and learn with all the great Slobs we already are training: Knox, Jones, Schmidt, Prince, Burrell, Feder, Bowen, Taylor, etc.

Comment 16 Aug 2015

Why mixed feelings? The 3 guys mentioned are already hurt/coming off of major injuries. There are a couple programs that have lost starters to season ending injuries already. See: MSU LB, ND DT, and Xichigan DT. 

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Settle should be promising for you guys. OSU was up there in his recruitment early but fell by the wayside I think when Vrable left. He should be doing well this year if his endurance can hold up. 

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Good looking out sir 

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Good looking out sir