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Comment 07 Nov 2013

The past month I've entered this zen-like state where I really don't care what happens to these other teams. Usually I would be hyperventilating tonight, but I've come to the conclusion that if we get into the NCG, I'm going to be simply fortunate as a fan.

Otherwise, the best case scenario outside of that is we go undefeated, find ourselves in a BCS bowl with a highly regarded Top 5 team (an SEC opponent would be nice) and we kick the crap out of them. And then next season I can have a heart attack when we have those close games against inferior opponents.

I think all things are cyclical and I really believe the SEC reached its peak last year. Alabama truly hasn't played all that good competition and they might sleepwalk through the NCG. We'll see the PAC-12 emerge as the elite conference in the next few years and the B1G probably climbing out of the hole its in.

Comment 25 Nov 2011

Bold prediction. That's why I always love you guys here - you're not afraid to be brutally honest and don't lay thick on hyperbole about what lies ahead. ANYTHING can happen in this game, but sadly I think the prediction is right. I will hold out hope that we will make this probably the most exciting Game since 2006.

Comment 07 Jul 2011

I really don't understand why anyone would think the NCAA would levy a television ban. Where's the precedent? I have yet to see anyone bring up any other school's TV ban and has there actually been one before?

Plus, if you do a TV ban, doesn't that punish the fans, too?

It's funny that suddenly every blogger becomes an expert in these matters once a scandal hits.

Comment 10 Oct 2010

This is probably the most logical ballot I've seen. I cannot fathom why in the official polls Bama stays ahead of South Carolina. It's completely irrational. I agree with your whole ballot! Things are looking good for the Bucks and the B10 in general. It's too bad that the media will chalk up the SEC's losing ways to how strong their conference really is. Which is entirely false.