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Comment 23 Mar 2014

As a fan,  we need to try and put ourselves in the players shoes and really feel out their personal situations. To be honest, I will not be surprised if LQ goes pro, I will be surprised if he stays. If I was LQ, and I had a family that needs care, this would be my best decision. LQ leaving and going pro is a no risk scenario, LQ staying is a risk and a gamble to an extent with injury possibilities, I don't blame him for making the choice, it's best for him. If I am a second round pick, and I have great earning potential, I will take it. We are fans of a University, he has a child and a family, which doesn't mean he doesn't love OSU or wouldn't mind or think that staying another year will most certainly improve his game and increase his earning potential.  Although, I don't have kids yet, but I can imagine that they would come before any team or any company that I worked for, no matter how big or small. If you have children, you can probably relate or agree with that.

Comment 24 Feb 2014

I've never seen a conference this volatile and this competitive. Early in the season, losing to Nebraska, I had too many doubts to even consider Ohio State making a tourney run. However, Nebraska then turned around and beat MSU at HOME.  Since, the Buckeyes have put together some good winning streaks in THE toughest conference in CBB, I think they make it as far as their scoring can carry them. I think that any B1G team that gets a tournament bid will do relatively well in the tournament. But as I mentioned above, as it always seems to be the last couple of years, especially this year, will OSU have one of those nights where they can't score the basketball? That will be the biggest problem, and may likely end their run early..

Comment 24 Feb 2014

Great pick up! Hopefully he follows the steps of his former Cass Tech Buckeye greats Jonathan Hankins and Vernon Gholston.

Comment 24 Feb 2014

Yes, he was charged with assault with intent to cause great bodily harm, which is a felony charge. He picked the security guard up off of the ground then slammed him into the floor after the security guard asked him to report to the office after asking him several times to remove his hood.

Comment 19 Jan 2014

Yeah real head scratcher by the TTUN Ath. Director.. I can only imagine the snickering happening on the App. State side of the phone when Dave Brandon called up and said "Hey guys, whadda ya say we try this whole thing again?"

Only bad things happen when you schedule an FCS team

The worst possible thing first: You somehow lose..., the season is automatically in the drain, team confidence and morale is at an all time low, fans start calling for the coaches head, and you're on sportscenter for the rest of the year, if not eternity as "greatest upsets ever".  Following the worst case scenario, if you don't have the game in hand by half way through the second quarter, people are going wonder what the major malfunction is. If you win by less than a two score margin it's viewed as a loss. If you win by 50, you impress no one because that's what you were supposed to do, and not to mention your athletic department pissed away $900,000 to Southwest Montana State.

Oh and not to mention, specifically as Buckeye fans, ... we'd have to hear the lovely Mark May casually mention that we played an FCS opponent every broadcast for the remainder of the 8 or 9 weeks left in the season.




Comment 14 Jan 2013


Ohio State has never had a problem getting ppl from the Public school league in Detroit.. V. Gholston.. Big Hank.. Not surprised by the pick up. His competition in HS isn't superior .. but he's super talented and has all the tools.  very impressed with his highlights. NICE !